Astra child theme download

Want to update your Astra wordpress Free theme regularly, then make all your custom modifications in Astra child theme., So that you can update yourtheme without any problem & you won"t lost your changes.

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here you can tải về the Astra theme"s child theme for không tính tiền. or using our Child theme Generator you can create your own child theme for any other themes.

Using the Astra Child theme you can edit or modify or delete your theme header và footer files., also you can include new features and functions to lớn your theme.


How lớn Install và Activate the Astra Child theme

There are 3 simple steps to lớn make your Astra child theme works.Download the About attached child theme of Astra theme Login to lớn your wp-admin panel, gokhổng lồ Appearance - Theme , Click "Add New"Upload the child theme you download và activate it
Astra child theme included the following files.

style.css functions.php screenshot.png Parent theme css was inherit using functions.php code., not import in css for better performance.

Note: Make sure the parent theme already in your Themes thư mục, if child theme was not working(Parent theme/Folder name may be changed) Use our Child Theme Generator to create your own child theme.

Astra Child theme Header và Footer Custom Modification

Want lớn modify or Customize Astra theme hình ảnh sản phẩm , Menu or Footer ? Just copy và paste the header andfooter files in the child theme then make your edits. Make sure the files directory structure will be same as parent theme.

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mô tả child theme generator...



What is Child Theme ?

Child theme is a theme inherits its functionality from a theme (Parent theme)., It allow user to lớn make custom changes that will not affected by updating parent theme.

Why use Child Themes ?

If you are not using child theme, you are making all tweaks & customizations in your main theme., when you update the theme you lost all the modification.,files are replaced by new files. so avoid these things using child theme is the best solution.

How Child Themes Generator works ?

Just fill the child theme generator khung , Download the zip theme tệp tin it generates, Upload the theme file và activate it.This is not a plugin, you can Generate child theme without using Plugins.

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This child theme zip tệp tin contains "style.css", "functions.php" và "screenshot.png" files. then you can start add your custom changes in style.css and code in functions.php file., these 3 files are the basic files. style.css is the Required file.