Astra pro addon

Get access khổng lồ powerful features for painless WordPress designing, without the high costs. With all the time you will save, it’s a hàng hóa that pays for itself!
With a variety of site layouts to lớn choose from, Astra Pro lets you kiến thiết và build websites lớn suit your needs and the niđậy you are serving.

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With over 800+ Google fonts added to lớn the menu & a number of typography options you can make sure you use the best typography that stands out on your trang web.

With Astra Pro you can manage the colors and the background of any area on your trang web. The theme gives you complete control to manage every section carefully.
Create a beautiful blog with countless variations of layouts. Create a better impact on your audience with a blend of content with trendy designs.
Astra Pro gives you a variety of headers you can choose from. You now place a header above & below the primary header, or make it transparent or sticky as per your needs.

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Customization with Astra Pro is applicable to the footer as well! You can select a footer layout to lớn add the number of columns that best suits your trang web needs.
A rock-solid foundation you need to build a faster loading, high converting and best shopping experience e-commerce store, without a line of code.
The Astra + LifterLMS integration lets you host the best online learning experience for students accessing your trang web. Astra makes sure you get complete kiến thiết freedom khổng lồ customize everything on your trang web and make it look good.Features like distraction free learning, conversion oriented checkout page & more let you create a targeted website that focuses on learning and bringing in higher conversions.

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The Astra + LearnDash Integration makes it easier for you to create & design a beautiful trang web for offering an online course. Astra gives you several kiến thiết options và features that focus more on providing a better learning experience.Want khổng lồ create a distraction không tính tiền, conversion oriented website for your next online course with LearnDash? Combine that with Astra và explore many customizations that will help you vì chưng so.
With Astra Pro you can take complete credit in building & designing a trang web. With the White label feature you can flaunt Astra to lớn be your own!
The theme is focused on performance from day one. And it has been built by Brainstorm Force, a company behind some awesome products!

Be among muốn the first to try the beta version of Astra’s Header Footer Builder. Filling the khung will ensure you’ll be the first to learn about updates & features.

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