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Looking for the best Beaver Builder theme in the market? If yes, then you have sầu come to lớn the right place.

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Even though Beaver Builder works with all well-coded themes, it shows better synergy with certain themes compared to lớn others.

With this in mind, we have sầu put together a comprehensive sầu guide khổng lồ help you find the best Beaver Builder themes of 2021.

If you are in a hurry, kiểm tra out the best WordPress Beaver Builder themes comparison table.

Theme NameFree version Available?Pro VersionBeaver Themer SupportActive sầu InstallsFull Website Import
AstraYes. Pro Version Costs $59Yes1,000,000Yes
Beaver Builder ThemeNo. Costs $99YesN/ANo
GeneratePressYes.Pro Version Costs $49.95Yes300,000Yes
Page Builder FrameworkYes. Pro Version Costs $58Yesđôi mươi,000No
NeveYes. Pro Version Costs $47No200,000Yes
Genesis FrameworkNo. Costs $59.95YesN/ANo
OceanWPYes. Pro Version Costs $59Yes700,000No

What Is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is one of the most popular & powerful page builder plugins for WordPress. With it, you can create landing pages và websites without the need khổng lồ write a single line of code.

Beaver Builder gives you access to lớn a complete WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) drag-and-drop frontkết thúc editing experience.


You can use simple drag-and-drop controls to lớn move around UI elements including text và images and create awesome layouts for your trang web.

However, creating a complete custom layout from scratch is not easy.

This is why it is recommended that you get a Beaver Builder theme. With it, you will get access to a ready-to-use professionally-designed layout. You can then use Beaver Builder lớn fine-tune the thiết kế và make it more personalized lớn your online br&.

With this in mind, we have sầu put together a danh sách of the best Beaver Builder themes.

The Difference Between Builder Templates and Themes

A Beaver Builder theme is a complete bundle featuring all basic design layouts, niche-specific features, & so on. You will get access khổng lồ all the coding files as well as CSS that were used to style your website.

Beaver Builder templates, on the other hand, gives you a simple single-page layout that you can use khổng lồ create a custom page on your WordPress website. Templates are used lớn mix up a one-off page on your site, lượt thích a landing page, coming soon page, và so on.

In short, the theme gives you access to all necessary features and functionalities including the layout design for your website. Whereas, a template is only concerned with providing the kiến thiết layout of a single page.

What lớn Look for in Beaver Builder Theme

So, what things to look for in Beaver Builder themes? Let’s look at the desirable features that make Beaver Builder Themes worth your time & money.

Lightweight and Fast

Whether searching for the best theme for Beaver Builder or the best WordPress theme in general, it is crucial that you piông xã a fast và lightweight theme.

A big theme bloated with tons of features & functionalities won’t vì chưng you any good because it can slow down your website.

In fact, slow websites can increase bounce rate. This can result in bad SEO scores as Google always prioritize links that load quickly.

In the case of Beaver Builder, using a lightweight theme can help you keep your pages simple, fast, and functional. The aim is to lớn not piông chồng a theme whose features are duplicate of what Beaver Builder has khổng lồ offer.

Full Width/Stretched Layout

To make Beaver Builder work optimally, it is recommended that you go with a theme that offers a stretched layout or at least has the option to switch to lớn a stretched layout. This gives you much more screen real estate lớn work with, instead of being confined within a boxed layout.

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WordPress themes generally offer two different kinds of layout variations – boxed and full-width/stretched.

In the case of a boxed layout or fixed layout, the web page has clearly defined boundaries or padding. When the browser screen kích cỡ becomes larger than the box size, it appears as empty space surrounding the box. Generally, the box width is 80px more than the nội dung width.

Next, we have the full width or stretched layout. Here the web page takes up the entire width of the browser screen. It is designed to automatically rekích thước depending on the kích cỡ of the screen. Instead of having defined boundaries, full-width layouts take a percentage of the screen width.

Disable Title/Featured Image/Sidebar

On a typical page, WordPress themes usually display page title, content, featured image and may be things such as sidebar, breadcrumb, etc.

However, if you want to lớn design your pages with Beaver Builder, you mostly design these things yourself with it’s drag & drop editor.

So a theme that offers you flexibility khổng lồ disable page title, content, featured image, etc và have a blank canvas for page editing are ideal for Beaver Builder.

Beaver Themer Compatible

Beaver Themer is an add-on for the Beaver Builder plugin. It helps enhance the page builder’s functionality by giving it control over areas of the theme lượt thích headers và footers, post title, featured images, phản hồi section, sidebar, & so on. These are sections that are generally under the theme’s control, and Beaver Builder can’t edit them.

However, by installing Beaver Themer, you will be able khổng lồ use Beaver Builder’s point và cliông chồng interface lớn make tweaks and edits to almost every area of your WordPress theme. So what’s the catch? Well, only a limited number of themes are compatible with the Beaver Themer add-on.

So if you plan khổng lồ use Beaver Themer, make sure lớn choose a theme that is Beaver Themer compatible.

Global Options From Customizer

A theme with global options can help you make changes khổng lồ your whole site. This is important considering that you can make small tweaks khổng lồ pages or posts using Beaver Builder plugin.

In short, having global options present on your WordPress themes make the customization process a whole lot more convenient.

Smart Beaver Builder Detection

Since Beaver Builder is such a popular plugin with a large user base, many WordPress theme developers create their products with page builders in mind. As such, if you use Beaver Builder with a WordPress theme designed khổng lồ be compatible with the plugin, it can auto-detect it.

This smart Beaver Builder detection functionality will automatically configure the theme settings to lớn run the Beaver Builder plugin smoothly.

For example, rethành viên in one of the previous points where we advised disabling featured images, titles, và sidebar, all the while switching khổng lồ a full-width layout?

Well, if your WordPress theme has the smart Beaver Builder detection, then it will automatically make these tweaks without you having khổng lồ lift a finger.

Header and Footer Options

It is important you choose a theme that gives you comprehensive customization control over the header and footer area.

The Beaver Builder plugin doesn’t come with the option to lớn tweak the header và footer of the theme. However, it gives you complete control over the content. This can create thiết kế inconsistencies, if the design of your nội dung doesn’t match up with the kiến thiết of your header & footer.

This is why you need khổng lồ make sure your theme provides powerful options khổng lồ tweak and customize the header and footer as necessary. The theme can either come with a robust Customizer, providing access to lớn a rich theme options panel or simply let you add content lớn the header & footer using widgets.

Top 7 WordPress Beaver Builder Themes

Here, we have put together a danh sách of best Beaver Builder themes that fit our các mục of criteria và will help you get the most out of Beaver Builder.

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We have also provided a dedicated section going over some of the best Beaver Builder templates that you can try out as well.

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