Beaver builder framework theme for wordpress

There are many WordPress themes và templates built specifically for Beaver Builder lớn help you quickly create professional websites. Using such a theme or template makes the process a lot faster without compromising on design.

In this article, we will share some of the best Beaver Builder themes & templates that you can use.

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What is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is the best drag & drop WordPress page builder plugin on the market. It allows you to easily create beautiful websites & landing pages without writing any code.


Using the point and cliông chồng tools, you can create highly engaging designs with a live sầu pnhận xét. You can customize every aspect of your layouts including custom headers, footers, sidebars, và widgets.

By mặc định, Beaver Builder comes with dozens of ready-made templates that you can use as a starter point. It works with any WordPress themes, but using Beaver Builder ready themes gives you even more flexibility.

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Difference Between WordPress Theme vs. Template?

A WordPress theme is a complete package including the design, layout, features, và web pages for your site. You can use the theme khổng lồ create your trang web without the help of any other resource. A theme comes with all the coding files và CSS that you need to style your trang web.

On the other hand, a page template is a single page layout that you can use lớn create landing pages or other custom pages such as a coming soon page, about us page, etc.

You can also make single page websites with WordPress templates. However, you’d still need to lớn use third-tiệc ngọt WordPress plugins lớn add features và functionality to lớn your site.

Now that you know the difference between WordPress theme vs. template, let’s take a look at the best Beaver Builder themes và templates for your website.

Note: You also need a domain name và web hosting for your trang web before you can install a theme. A domain name is your site’s address on the web, lượt thích or Web hosting is the storage for all your trang web files.

If you don’t yet have web hosting, Bluehost is offering a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá for readers. This gives you cheap web hosting plus a FREE domain name name and SSL certification.


Once you have your web hosting tài khoản phối up, you need to lớn install WordPress. Then, you can choose from our best Beaver Builder themes and templates.

Best Beaver Builder Themes

There are hundreds of WordPress themes that are compatible with Beaver Builder. However, the themes below have gone through additional đánh giá lớn make sure they have sầu the best compatibility with Beaver Builder.

1. Astra


Astra is a popular WordPress multi-purpose theme built for all types of websites. It’s fully compatible with drag & drop page builders, including Beaver Builder as well as other options like Elementor. It also comes with dozens of starter sites & demos that you can import with 1-clichồng và edit with Beaver Builder.

Astra is one of the best WordPress themes. It’s feature-rich with paid extensions & add-ons khổng lồ add more options to lớn your WordPress trang web. Every aspect of theme thiết kế can be fully customized & you can even create your own custom layouts.

Even the không tính tiền version of Astra is designed for good SEO (search engine optimization). This helps your website rank well in Google and other search engines.

2. Hestia Pro


Hestia Pro is a powerful WordPress theme that works great with Beaver Builder as well as with other popular page builder plugins.

With Hestia Pro, you get a 1-cliông xã test content installer to help you get started right away. You can use Beaver Builder to lớn change the content và images on the website pages.

This theme works with all popular WordPress plugins khổng lồ extkết thúc the functionality và add more features. Hestia Pro also fully supports WPML to lớn create a multilingual WordPress site.

3. OceanWP


OceanWPhường. is an excellent WordPress theme that fully integrates Beaver Builder khổng lồ customize your trang web. It’s packed with dozens of layouts & templates. You can install a website template to mix up the structure of your website & make changes to the layout using Beaver Builder.

It comes with multiple color schemes, fonts, parallax scrolling, background image, and custom widgets. It’s highly optimized for SEO to help you get more traffic from search engines.

4. Sydney Pro


Sydney Pro is a stylish WordPress Beaver Builder theme designed lớn create beautiful websites. It ships with homepage content blocks to add images, elements, widgets, và nội dung in an organized way. It also allows you lớn include a featured nội dung slider in the header section of your trang web.

The theme offers space for a custom logo, navigation thực đơn, call-to-action button, & social truyền thông media icons. It’s easy lớn set up with Beaver Builder & the WordPress customizer.

5. Potenza


Potenza is a one-page WordPress theme crafted beautifully for all kinds of websites. It’s fully customizable using the Beaver Builder page builder. This theme has a flexible layout with proper sections to lớn add a navigation menu, image slider, nội dung elements, widgets, testimonials, & footer on the homepage.

The theme can be customized for color choices, font styles, background image, & more. It supports WooCommerce & can be used khổng lồ start an online store.

6. GeneratePress


GeneratePress is a Beaver Builder theme for WordPress websites. It has a modern & stylish layout with all the features you need. It also comes with paid modules & extensions to lớn add more options to your trang web.

You will find extensive sầu theme options khổng lồ control colors, fonts, background, & other layout settings. GeneratePress is optimized for performance & tốc độ, improving your site’s user experience và search rankings.

7. Customify


Customify is a simple WordPress theme designed for page builder plugins including Beaver Builder. All thiết kế elements are easy to lớn customize using the drag & drop page builder. It gives you the option for real-time editing too.

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It comes with multiple pre-built trang web demos that you can use lớn quickly start a blog or trang web. Customify also allows you lớn create your custom layouts using Beaver Builder.

8. Page Builder Framework


Page Builder Framework is a WordPress theme built specifically for page builders lượt thích Beaver Builder. It comes with flexible layout settings & an impressive set of features. It also offers premium extensions for transparent header, sticky navigation, and Adobe Fonts.

It can be used khổng lồ create a website for any business niche. Page Builder Framework is optimized for SEO and supports WooCommerce out of the box.

9. Lense


Lense is a WordPress photography theme designed to lớn create beautiful websites & blogs for photographers, portfolquả táo, & digital agencies. It’s compatible with Beaver Builder drag and drop page builder và includes multiple image gallery layouts, fullscreen templates, sidebar navigation thực đơn, và custom biệu tượng công ty.

Other important features include color selection, separate blog page, sidebar widgets, image archives, page templates, & featured content sections.

10. Neve


Neve is a lightweight và feature-rich WordPress theme. It fully integrates Beaver Builder khổng lồ customize each section of your trang web quickly. This theme has beautiful typography, a navigation thực đơn, a custom logo sản phẩm, a header background image, và parallax scrolling.

It comes with a 1-minute installer to lớn import the thử nghiệm content and replace it with your content lớn launch the trang web. Neve sầu has eCommerce settings and cart options khổng lồ run an online store easily.

Best Beaver Builder Templates

Beaver Builder offers beautiful ready-made templates that can be used as landing pages for any trang web niđậy. These templates can be edited with the drag and drop page builder.

To install và use the Beaver Builder templates, you need lớn tải về and activate the Beaver Builder plugin.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Beaver Builder templates.

1. Photography


Photography is a Beaver Builder template for photographers, artists, and bloggers. It has an attractive sầu layout khổng lồ create your photography landingpage. The dark color in the background makes the phông readable. You can use this template to get more leads online.

2. Creative sầu Agency


Creative sầu Agency is a colorful Beaver Builder template for kinh doanh và website agencies, small businesses, và online stores. It supports WooCommerce lớn showcase your products beautifully. It has a simple layout with a minimadanh mục design, which creates a nice user experience.

3. Small Business


Small Business is a perfect Beaver Builder business template. It has a minimal & sleek thiết kế to lớn promote business landing pages. The template comes with a fullscreen background image và call-to-action button. It uses beautiful typography with bold fonts which makes your text more noticeable.

4. Construction


Construction is a stylish Beaver Builder template for real estate, contractors, & construction businesses. Its modern layout creates a great first impression. With Beaver Builder’s Construction template, you can create beautiful landing pages lớn promote your business & services.

5. Fullscreen


Fullscreen is a minimacác mục Beaver Builder template suitable for any website. It can be used khổng lồ create fullscreen landing pages with text và call-to-action button. You can use the Beaver Builder drag and drop builder khổng lồ customize the colors, background, và fonts to match your br& colors.

6. Editorial


Editorial is an excellent Beaver Builder fashion template for bloggers, editors, online magazines, và authors. It offers a fullscreen background image for your landing page. You can also add nội dung in the sections below the header area. It’s designed to make your nội dung st& out and increase your pageviews.

7. Restaurant


Restaurant is a beautiful Beaver Builder template for food & recipe blogs, restaurants, and cafes. It has crisp typography và a dark background, giving your landingpage a very modern look. The template also has custom icons, elegant typography, and CSS animations lớn create an interactive sầu user experience.

8. Musician


Musician is a Beaver Builder music template for DJs, bands, artists, singers, and performers. It features large sized buttons for call-to-action & redirection to lớn your landing pages. It uses bold và bright colors to lớn create a casual & entertaining experience for visitors.

9. Crossfit


Crossfit is a modern Beaver Builder template for the gym, crossfit, yoga, and fitness websites. It features a stunning layout with an impressive fullscreen background image. It can also be used with any WordPress themes for crossfit & thể hình to lớn attract more customers.

10. Automotive


Automotive is a Beaver Builder template for autosản phẩm điện thoại businesses, oto showrooms, và sports cars related websites. It has a beautiful combination of fonts và colors, và has a custom background image and an attractive layout. You can add your own content & images with the Beaver Builder page builder.

11. Coming Soon


Coming Soon is a simple & neat Beaver Builder template for your coming soon page. It features a custom biệu tượng công ty with a tagline and an tin nhắn newsletter subscription box. You can use the WordPress customizer with its live sầu pđánh giá for easy customization.

12. Law Firm


Law Firm is the perfect Beaver builder template lớn create a beautiful trang đích cần seo for your legal firm’s website. It’s highly customizable using the Beaver Builder page builder, & you can easily change the background color, text, phông style, and more.

13. eBook


eBook is a professional Beaver Builder template for writers, bloggers, authors, online libraries, and literary websites. The template features a large image on the top with your hotline khổng lồ action text. It’s compatible with WooCommerce so you can showcase và organize all your ebooks. You can also use it to create a trang đích for a single eBook.

14. General Business


General Business is a Beaver Builder business template for online agencies, brands, và small businesses. It features a header section on the top followed by your most important nội dung. This template has space for your custom hình ảnh sản phẩm, full-width featured background, tagline, and call-to-action button. It can be edited with the Beaver Builder and WordPress live sầu customizer.

15. mobile App


Mobile App is a clean và sleek Beaver Builder ứng dụng template designed to lớn showcase your sản phẩm điện thoại apps, gadgets, and accessories. It offers a simple layout with a white background. It’s easy to mix up using Beaver Builder page builder. The mobile App template can also be used to promote your apps and boost the number of downloads.

16. Educational


Educational is an elegant Beaver Builder template for schools, universities, libraries, & private institutions. It can be used to create landing page designs lớn promote an online course, announce new classes, or attract new students. It’s fully customizable so you can replace the mặc định content with your own.

We hope this article helped you find the best Beaver Builder themes and templates for WordPress. You may also want khổng lồ see our ultimate guide khổng lồ WordPress security for your trang web.

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