30 Great Examples Of Websites Using Betheme

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The multipurpose WordPresstheme that helps you buildANY type of websitein a few hours

Adapts lớn every website. For every client. Every time.

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Build a full websitein 4 hours or less withzero coding needed


Hotel 5

Start your own website easierwith Betheme

Buy and install with just 1 clickbuild a full website in a few hours

Buy Betheme now

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All pre-built websites are included in a one single theme

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It is by far the biggest of the premier wpuonline.com in terms of functionality & number of ready-to-use pre-built websites that cover almost any theme...


All of the Betheme pre-built websites listed above can serve sầu as excellent starting points for your creative sầu journey.


Fall baông chồng on 200+ shortcodes and weekly updates. Wow your clients with plenty of integrated goods lượt thích MailChimp, Yoast SEO, bbPress, & more...


In the world of premium WordPress wpuonline.com, Betheme is living proof that bigger can be better...

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Choose and install a pre-built website with one click

Your trang web is ready to use. It"s that simple!

Modify và adapt websitesor build from scratch

Customize your website as you want using Theme Options

Use Theme Options khổng lồ globally phối the look of Blog, Portfolio, and Shop pages on your website. Built-in 600+ settings allow you to modify colors, fonts, grid kích thước, layouts, & extras such as SEO, social truyền thông, sidebars, translations, và footer.

Create headers using pre-defined layouts or the Header Builder

Choose from 16 pre-defined header layouts or use the Header Builder plugin to make any header you want. You can create different menus for each page. You can also select a custom menu just for Smartphone devices.

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Sidebars & widgets

Use single, dual or no sidebars on any post or page. Control the sidebar width, position & much more. You can also place specially-created widgets inside the sidebar, in the footer columns or even in the nội dung.

RTL tư vấn

This theme fully supports RTL (Right-to-left). You don"t need to lớn worry about it anymore because this works automatically.

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Discussion forums

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All-in-one kinh doanh platform


Dynamic WordPress Sites

Yoast SEO

SEO for everyone

Masonry blog style
Masonry tiles
Phokhổng lồ



Portfolio WordPress Theme

Pick the Portfolio WordPress theme that suits you best, whether you need a portfolio or resume for a photographer, a gallery, an illustrator, a videographer, a web designer, a website developer, a marketer, an architect, a small ad agency, a musician, an instructor, a coach or a service provider such as a carpenter, an interior designer or a babysitter. Every pre-built trang web is built khổng lồ make every single type of portfolio or resume shine.