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Whether you want lớn establish your personal br& or chia sẻ your passion for travel or cooking, a personal blog is the easiest way khổng lồ get your writing out inkhổng lồ the wild.

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A personal blog can be a great way build your authority và showcase your knowledge on a particular topic. It can also help you create an additional income source. 

Malimãng cầu - Personal WordPress Blog Theme

It’s no secret that some of the most successful writers out there started out as personal bloggers. Over time, they built their brand và reputation enough lớn be able to monetize their passion and generate a full-time income. And many of them did it with WordPress; a platkhung built on blogging.

Make a Great Personal WordPress Blog with Themeforest

If you want khổng lồ see any kind of success this year, your WordPress blog needs a few crucial things:

Engaging contentSocial sharing featuresResponsive sầu designEasy lớn use theme

Without these features, your blog will go unnoticed & you won’t enjoy blogging if you constantly struggle with customizing your theme lớn make the simple changes needed khổng lồ reflect your brvà. 

Luckily, there is no shortage of excellent personal blog WordPress themes in Themeforest, geared for personal bloggers in 2021. Today, we giới thiệu the best of them right here:

Get the best personal blog WordPress themes from ThemeForest

Here are a number of great personal blog WordPress themes that you can set up on any chất lượng hosting provider that supports WordPress.

Managed WordPress hosting can make a lot of sense. In this case the host takes care of security, updates, và a lot of the other behind-the-scenes stuff, leaving you to focus on producing great nội dung and building your audience. Envato lớn has a partnership with SiteGround that offers you up to lớn 70% off managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting from SiteGround

25 Best WordPress Themes For Personal Blogs in 2021

This curated danh sách includes the best personal blog WordPress themes that come with plenty of features to make your blog stvà out in 2021. You’ll find themes with multiple layout options, stylish sliders, elegant featured images, beautiful typography.

1. Rosemary - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme


Rosemary is one of our best-selling và top-rated personal blog WordPress themes. This WordPress blog template stands out with its clean, bright and fresh thiết kế. 

If you want to lớn see how this personal blog WordPress theme looks, check out the live sầu pReview here. This cool theme also features:

Gutenberg supportWooCommerce supportFully responsive sầu design5 different blog layoutsElegant full width Instagram feed in footerCustom social truyền thông media widgets

2. Malimãng cầu - Personal WordPress Blog Theme


If you"re looking for the best WordPress blog themes, you"ve sầu got lớn check out Malina. This personal blog WordPress theme has a five-stars rating & a stunning, fresh-looking thiết kế. 

See this WordPress blog"s chất lượng 15 homepage layouts in its live pđánh giá. Other cool features include:

Responsive designFull WordPress 5 compatibilityFull Elementor compatibilitySocial truyền thông media widgets Full WooCommerce compatibilityFull Gutenberg compatibilityGDtruyền bá ready

3. Hemloông xã - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme


Hemloông xã is another top-rated personal blog WordPress theme. This WordPress blog features a clean và minimacác mục aesthetic that will make your content pop.

The creators of this WordPress personal blog aimed to remove distracting elements & make a sleek one column the center of attention in this blog layout. See how it looks in its live preview!

This personal blog supports Gutenberg and WooCommerce, và it"s well liked by users. Idleglory said:

Love sầu everything about this WordPress theme :) very easy lớn navigate, edit thiết kế, and it loads quickly on di động devices.

4. TinySalternative text - Personal Food Blog WordPress Theme


TinySalt is one of best the WordPress themes for blogs we"ve sầu got. It was designed specifically for a food blog with a fresh & elegant look.

This blog theme comes with a variety of rich blog styles và layouts. And it makes it easy for you lớn create & manage recipes. The theme is compatible with popular plugins such as WooCommerce, MailChimp for WordPress, Contact Form 7, & more.

5. Soledad - Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme


Looking for the best multipurpose WordPress blog templates? Soledad is a big one. A multipurpose WordPress theme which includes a range of different personal blog templates, such as fashion, travel blog, retro, minimacác mục, tech, cookery, you name it, there are literally thousands. Soledad is right up to date, supports Gutenburg blocks, & performs quicker than Usain Bolt back in his heyday.

6. CheerUp - Modern Personal WordPress Blog Theme


The CheerUp WordPress blog theme has a lot to lớn offer to lớn personal bloggers. Starting with a modern & clean design, the theme includes features that will help you build a beautiful personal br& và help your content get noticed on social media. Some of the core features are:

Compatibility with MailChimpBuilt-in sharing buttonsHundreds of layout optionsLive sầu customizationBeautiful galleries

On top of all that, the theme has been optimized for SEO as well as to load fast, so you can rest assured your search engine rankings will not suffer. This is one of the best personal WordPress blog themes to lớn use in 2021.

7. Amory Blog - WordPress Theme for Personal Blogs


With a five-star rating và comments lượt thích “...the best customer support and an amazing theme!” it’s easy to lớn see why Amory Blog is one of the best-selling WordPress blog themes. 

Aside from stunning thiết kế, social truyền thông integration, gorgeous sliders, and numerous customization options, the theme also has dedicated blocks for Google AdSense, making it easy to lớn monetize your blog with ads.

8. Writing - Personal Blog


Writing is a nice & clean WordPress blog theme. As its name indicates, it was designed with writers in mind.

This blog theme will come especially handy if you don"t have much experience setting up a WordPress page, as it"s very easy lớn use and you"ll get a great result.

9. Wanderlvà - Travel Blog


Wanderlvà is a great travel blog theme & one of the best blog themes out there. 

It comes with all the elements a travel blog can ever need, including destination layouts & a fine selection of blog page templates. The best: it"s highly customizable & you don"t need coding knowledge!

10. Flow - Creative Blog


Flow is a lively và artistic theme that comes with nine distinct homepage layouts that are sure to lớn make your content pop! 

It"s easy lớn use, has a powerful Admin Panel and an Instagram Feed Widget. All in all, this is one of our best blog themes.

11. Sprout và Spoon - Best WPhường Blog Theme for Food Bloggers


Food bloggers rely on images to lớn showcase their culinary creations và this theme allows you to lớn nội dung recipes in a beautiful fashion. Clean lines, stunning featured images, and a recipe index are what makes this theme a perfect choice for all the foodies out there. This is one of the best WordPress blog themes for food bloggers in 2021.

12. Gossip - Simple WordPress Theme For Personal Blog


Gossip is a wonderfully simple theme for personal blogs with plenty of whitespace to bring out your content. It’s one of our best blog themes, và it"s loaded with features & unlimited styling options: 10 custom widgets, 9 custom page templates, a built-in subscribe page, custom galleries, & more. It also supports WooCommerce, which is perfect if you want to sell your own products at some point.

13. Camille - Stylish WordPress Blog Theme for Personal Blogs


The Camille theme has a unique thiết kế with a plethora of options for customizing fonts, colors, layouts, post views, và more. It features a stunning slider and creative sầu promo boxes which allow you to lớn showcase your content in different ways with responsive layouts optimized for all devices.

14. The Blogger - User-Friendly WP Personal Blog Theme


Try out The Blogger theme if you want a personal WordPress blog theme that’s very easy to lớn customize và includes thorough documentation that will guide you through the setup process. On top of that, The Blogger integrates fully with MailChimp và has the ability lớn display featured posts along with tư vấn for all WordPress post formats.

15. Laurel - Best Elegant WordPress Blog and Shop Theme


Laurel comes packed with customization options along with support for WooCommerce và beautiful featured images. Other notable features include:

Grid và menu layoutCustomizable promo boxesVariety of blog and post layoutsTranslation-ready

Comments from other users who purchased this theme praise the ease of use & its beautiful design: 

“Design is fresh và modern with lots of customization options available. Works great as a Photography trang web with woocommerce too!”

Pair that with nothing but 5-star ratings & you can’t go wrong with this theme for your personal blog. This is a one of the best WordPress themes for blogs in 2021.

16. Carrie - Customizable, Personal WordPress Blog Theme


If you want khổng lồ start a personal blog that covers a variety of topics, consider the Carrie theme khổng lồ use in 2021. The layout is perfect for a magazine website featuring a quality Editor’s Piông xã section lớn highlight popular stories. The theme is also fully customizable, responsive, và has all the features needed for a successful blog.

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17. Soigne - Minimal & Functional WordPress Blog Theme


Consider the Soigne WordPress blog template if you want khổng lồ convert your readers inlớn gmail subscribers or even potential clients. The theme comes with a plugin that shows your popular posts in the sidebar, as well as a view count in the Posts section. Widget areas can easily be customized, allowing you khổng lồ create a unique layout for your blog.

18. Noemi - Powerful Lifestyle và Fashion WP Blog Theme


The Noemày personal WordPress blog theme has plenty of white space khổng lồ put emphasis on your nội dung and highlight your imagery. It comes with a custom slider, featured categories, và a customizable kiến thiết. This is one of the best WordPress themes for blogs that need khổng lồ feature great style against a clean kiến thiết.

19. Thành Phố New York - Modern Personal Theme for WordPress Bloggers


A clean & minimal thiết kế paired with an easy thiết đặt & plenty of customization options are just some of the reasons the New York theme belongs in the best-selling category of personal WordPress blog themes. Buyers have nothing but glorious Reviews for this theme:

“With it’s easy khổng lồ read / follow along documentation và minimal but gorgeous design you can’t go wrong with this if you’re into lớn blogging or sharing stories for a simple look..”

Here are some of the features found in this theme:

Three different blog stylesWooCommerce integrationLive sầu theme design và editsMasonry grid layout

To top it all off, the theme also includes security precautions & is completely translation-ready. Make use of it in 2021 khổng lồ build your personal blog.

trăng tròn. Writer - Personal Blog Theme for Writers & Journalists


Give sầu the Writer theme a try if you want to lớn establish yourself as a professional blogger or writer. Aside from a modern và functional design, the theme comes with its own bookstore so you can make your dreams of being a published author a reality. This is one of the best WordPress blog themes for writers, bloggers and authors in 2021. 

21. Escher - Feature-Rich WP Theme for Personal Bloggers


If you’re on the lookout for a theme that is loaded with features, be sure lớn kiểm tra out the Escher theme. You’ll find features like:

Multiple homepage and inner page layoutsSupport for custom post formatsParallax effectsCustom Edge slider

Along with responsive sầu design & a powerful theme options panel, the Escher WordPress blog theme certainly will satisfy even the most demanding bloggers in 2021.

22. Setwood - Lightweight Blog Theme for Creatives & Bloggers


Check out the Setwood theme if you want a personal WordPress theme that will load fast and still have sầu plenty of styling options to satisfy your creative blogging needs. It also includes custom widgets which will help you thiết lập your blog quickly.

23. Storyteller - Content-Centric WordPress Blog Theme


The Storyteller theme is another excellent choice for personal bloggers, thanks to its content-centric kiến thiết & a strong focus on typography. It’s customizable and comes with several layout options và strong social truyền thông media integration. It’s a great, modern WordPress theme to lớn use khổng lồ build your personal blog this year.

24. Pluto - Personal Masonry Blog Theme for WordPress


Plukhổng lồ is one of the awesome blog themes we"ve sầu got in ThemeForest. This personal blog WordPress theme is perfect if you"ve got a food blog, but you can adapt it to any kind of nội dung thanks to the Masonry style.

See how this WordPress blog looks in its live sầu pnhận xét. Other features include:

Powerful admin optionsImage copy protection Monetization with ads8 post formats QR code readerUnique reading mode

25. Read WPhường - Minimacác mục WordPress Blog Theme


For the lovers of minimacác mục WordPress personal blogs, this theme is for you. If you"re looking for a clean personal blog WordPress theme, no fuss with images or clutter, và focused on readability, you"ve sầu found it here.

Read WP features a five-stars rating and more than 3,000 sales. Cheông chồng out the live sầu pđánh giá and some promising user reviews:

User trust1n said:

The best theme for blogs. Beautiful look with good customizability. Superb tư vấn from the devs. 

User 17degree said:

This is the best theme I"ve sầu bought so far. It"s easy lớn use, not overloaded with features, extremely fast & easy lớn customize. The support is great too!

5 Free WordPress Blog Themes khổng lồ Download in 2021

I"ve sầu shown you some of our best WordPress blog themes lớn get from Themeforest. You won"t regret buying a premium theme that"s stunning, functional & easy khổng lồ customize.

But don"t bít tất tay if you don"t have money khổng lồ spkết thúc on professional WordPress personal blogs. You can still create a nice blog. I’ll show you some cool WordPress không tính tiền blog themes.

Note: don’t forget lớn check our không tính phí WordPress themes on Themeforest, which change every month. 

1. Personal Blogily - WordPress Free Blog Theme

A clean and minimadanh sách WordPress miễn phí blog theme

This is a miễn phí WordPress blog theme with a beautiful & minimalistic look. It will work for you whether you"re a food, fashion, travel or lifestyle blogger. Free WordPress personal blog themes lượt thích this are SEO optimized, so your blog will show up in tìm kiếm engines.

2. Magic Blog - WordPress Free Blog Theme

A nice free WordPress blog theme, this easy-to-use template will transkhung your personal blog. It"s intuitive, well-structured and highly responsive, and it can be used for any kind of blog site.

3. Blogzilla - WordPress Free Blog Theme

Try this nice WordPress không tính phí blog theme for your next project

This cool free WordPress blog theme is a fast and lightweight option for those who want a minimalistic choice. It can be easily adaptable lớn any project, but this will look particularly nice for travel blogs, kiểm tra it out!

4. Blog Dairy - WordPress Free Blog Theme

This free WordPress blog theme can give your readers an immersive sầu browsing experience thanks to its layout. One of its best features is that it"s fully compatible with Gutenberg Content Editor. 

5. Maithân phụ Blog - WordPress Free Blog Theme

This WordPress không tính phí blog uses bold imagery khổng lồ catch your eye!

A không tính tiền WordPress blog theme that will catch the eye of your visitors with its impressive sầu and bold thiết kế. It"s fully responsive sầu & full of useful features, lượt thích SEO optimized and translation ready. Go give sầu it a try!

How khổng lồ Optimize Your Personal Blog in 2021

Once you’ve sầu chosen a personal WordPress theme for your blog, it’s time to optimize it so you can start building a community & establish yourself as the authority on your chosen topic.

1. Use Awesome Visuals That Tell a Story

Visuals are a great asmix khổng lồ any blog post. They add lớn the story and make it even easier to underst& what you’re aiming to convey with your blog post. Use photos or graphics in your posts và get creative with different ways of displaying images. Use a slider lượt thích the one in the Escher theme or consider creating custom galleries similar lớn the ones in the Gossip theme.

Multiple slider options are included in the Escher WordPress theme.

2. Make it Easy to Share Your Posts

One of the easiest ways khổng lồ get traffic khổng lồ your blog is to cốt truyện your content on social truyền thông. Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran blogger, adding social sharing buttons below each post or using a WordPress theme with social truyền thông media integration like Storyteller will allow your readers khổng lồ mô tả your posts through their social truyền thông profiles which can lead to lớn more traffic và help you gain new readers.

3. Reply to lớn Blog Comments & Build Your Community

Foster a community around your blog by encouraging readers lớn leave sầu a phản hồi on your post & replying to their comments. You can conclude a post with a Gọi to lớn action or a question that prompts readers lớn mô tả their thoughts. Participating in the comments will show your readers that you care about them and they will be more inclined khổng lồ keep coming back to lớn your blog. Learn more ways lớn build the community around your blog: 

4. Customize Your WordPress Blog Theme

No matter which theme caught your eye from our collection, they all have plenty of customization options which will help you brvà your blog và give it a quality style. Extover the same colors to lớn your social media profiles & stay consistent with the colors and fonts on custom graphics you make, too.

5. Practice Writing Compelling Headlines

Your nội dung may be great but without a compelling headline, chances are nobody will click through to read it. Spend some time crafting the best possible headline for your post & then take it a step further by using beautiful typography featured in the Hearthstone theme.

Hearthstone WordPress theme post styles & typography.

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6. Make Use of Various Blog Content Types

You can generate more interest for your blog if you phối up nội dung types and include Clip or audio posts. By doing this, you will give your readers a chance to easily consume your content, even if they are on the go và don’t have time khổng lồ sit down, relax, và read your blog posts. A theme lượt thích The Blogger will come in handy in those situations.

Discover More Stunning WordPress Themes 

You"ve sầu checked our selection of best WordPress themes for blogs & miễn phí WordPress personal blog themes. Now, let me cốt truyện with you more awesome WordPress themes so you"ll get inspired và build your own WordPress site today!

Build Your Blog With a Personal WordPress Theme

Whether you want to lớn breathe new life inkhổng lồ your personal blog or start one from scratch in 2021, check out more of our personal WordPress blog themes on ThemeForest lớn find the one that best suits your br& and your blogging needs. 

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