The Bridge theme is a highly customizable, creative multi-purpose theme for WordPress and as of November 2019, it includes Elementor and WPBakery, two of the best page builders for WordPress.

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Quick Hits

Bridge is versatile andvery flexible.There are almost 500 "demos", or pre-built site templates that come with Bridge and Elementor that can be mixed and matched for almost unlimited design combinations.Documentation is exceptional.

Installation and Configuration

When you purchase and install Bridge, you"ll unzip the download file and choose the bridge.zip file to upload. You"ll want to ensure that your server allows for at least 35-40 meg uploads since this file weighs in at 32 meg. Installing the theme is like any other installation in WordPress.

Once the theme is uploaded and activated, you"ll be prompted to install all the required and optional plugins. You can choose to use Elementor (recommended) or WPBakery. All of the new "demos" are created and edited with Elementor and Quod Interactive created some new widgets that don"t exist in the basic version.

You"ll then be taken to the Bridge dashboard where you"ll see a report of any changes needed to your web server in order to run Bridge. You should not ignore these!


If you"re not sure about these settings, contact your web host.

When you click on Qode Options, you"ll see all the add-ons (including Qode Slider and Carousel) and all the configurable options you have. You"ll definitely want to read through theterrific documentation on the initial configuration of the Bridge theme athttp://bridge.qodeinteractive.com/documentation/2-getting-started/.


Integration with Elementor

One of the real strengths of Bridge is the seamless integration with Elementor. Elementoris adrag-and-droppage builder plugin for WordPress, with more than 3 million active installations. One of the factors that make Elementor so popular is that it’s alive page builder. This meanseverything is done right from the front-end. You get to watch your website take form as you drag, drop, style and rearrange elements on your pages.

You can start from a blank slate, or use one of the almost 500 demos to get you started.


The new demos are more than just a showcase of what you can achieve with Bridge and Elementor.

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Each one is a fully functional website. That means you can simply choose a demo, import it to your server, and customize it to your liking. Quod Interactive"s primary goal with the integration of Elementor into the Bridge theme is to make your website building experience as smooth and straightforward as possible. By combining different parts of the different demos, you have almost endless creative combinations and possibilities.

It"s important to note that you"re installing the free version of Elementor but that Bridge provides some new widgets that are not included in the free version. This is really helpful!

All the demos are built with Elementor. In fact, everything that was previously built with WPBakery can now be built with Elementor and you can still use the older demos built on WPBakery.There aredemos for app developers, non-profits, creatives, consulting agencies, architects, restaurants, catering businesses, and so many more.

You can view the demos online here.


There"s nothing more frustrating than paying for a plugin or theme and then running into questions or problems and having no-where to turn. When you purchase Bridge, you get really excellent documentation, lifetime updates and 6 months of support.

The Bridge documentation pageis thorough, with both written and video tutorials to get you up and running.


You can also submit a ticket from this page to get support.

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There are thousands of themes and dozens of page builders for WordPress. Bridge gives you an advanced themeand two great page builders in one easy to use, incredibly powerful and combined in just the right way.