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This article will guide you on how khổng lồ delete or uninstall an app from wpuonline.com 5.

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How can I delete or uninstall an app?

You can uninstall an ứng dụng in wpuonline.com 5 through either one of the two methods listed below. Cliông xã on either one of the link lớn view the steps for uninstalling an app.

Uninstalling an ứng dụng from the trang chủ Screen

1. Launch wpuonline.com 5 và hold the left-clickbutton of your mouse on the phầm mềm you wish lớn uninstall.

2. Now, cliông xã on the "Uninstall" option which will appear.

3. You will now have sầu to lớn confirm if you wish to uninstall the selected ứng dụng. Cliông chồng on "OK" to lớn proceed.

4. The phầm mềm you selected will now get uninstalled from wpuonline.com 5.

Uninstalling an ứng dụng from the Android settings

1. Launch wpuonline.com 5 and clichồng on the System Apps thư mục.

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2. Here, click on và open the Android Settings.


3. Clichồng on "Apps", as shown below.


4. Now, scroll through your các mục of apps và cliông xã on the one that you wish khổng lồ uninstall.


5. The App info tab for the tiện ích you selected will open. Here, cliông chồng on the "Uninstall" button, as shown below.


6. You will now have lớn confirm that you wish to delete the selected app. Clichồng on "OK" to lớn proceed.

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7. The ứng dụng you selected will now get uninstalled from wpuonline.com 5.


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