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Published On:14th May 2019

Buying a new WordPress theme for your trang web is an important step in your trang web development process that requires careful attention. Because buying và using a bad theme can not only cost you money, but it could also potentially harm your website and your business.

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Whether you’re in the market for a new WordPress theme or just bought a new theme for your existing website, there are a few ways you can demo your new theme lớn make sure it functions properly without putting your live sầu website at risk.

In this post, we’ll show you a few methods you can use lớn chạy thử drive sầu a WordPress theme before và after buying the theme.

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Why Test WordPress Themes?

Imagine you’ve sầu just downloaded a new WordPress theme after paying a hefty price for it. Obviously, now you’d want to see how it looks lượt thích & phối it up as your default website design.

You upload the theme and activates it only khổng lồ discover that the theme is not compatible with the lakiểm tra version of WordPress. It messes up your entire website thiết kế. Your customers & trang web visitors are starting to lớn complain about difficulties in navigating the trang web. And you over up reverting bachồng to the old theme design.

That’s just one of the mild nightmare scenarios you could face when installing new WordPress themes. So it’s usually a good practice to lớn demo a new theme before installing it as your website’s mặc định design.

How To Test A WordPress Theme

There are many different ways you can thử nghiệm drive a WordPress theme. You can even thử nghiệm a theme before buying it as well. We’ll walk you through each method, step by step.

Note: Before you proceed with any of the testing, we recommend that you back up your trang web & active theme files just in case. Follow this guide to learn how to backup a WordPress website.

Method 1: Test Theme Using PReviews Website

Just because a theme design looks pretty doesn’t mean it’s suitable for your trang web or functions properly. So before you hit the buy button to lớn get the WordPress theme of your choice, there are few tests you can run lớn make sure it’s up to the lakiểm tra standards.

Step 1: Check For Compatability

First of all, you need to make sure that the theme you’re about buy is compatible with the lademo version of WordPress, different browsers, và popular third-buổi tiệc nhỏ plugins that you’d want khổng lồ use. For example, if you plan on setting up a siêu thị, you’d want lớn buy a theme that’s compatible with WooCommerce or a theme compatible with Elementor page builder if you want to lớn easily customize the theme thiết kế.


You can kiểm tra for theme compatibility by carefully checking the theme page on the marketplace. For example, on ThemeForest, you can find compatibility details on the panel on the right-hand side of a theme page. Or you can directly tương tác the theme developer to ask them specific questions.

Step 2: Cheông chồng The Responsiveness

The next step is khổng lồ see how the theme looks lượt thích on mobile devices & in different resolutions. The easiest way khổng lồ vày this is khổng lồ use your browser’s built-in development tools to manually demo the theme under different device resolutions.


First, open the chạy thử trang web of the theme by clicking on the Live PReview button on the marketplace page for the theme. Then open the browser developer console by pressing Control + Shift + I on Chrome or Control + Shift + M on Firefox. From this page, you’ll be able to choose different device settings khổng lồ pReviews the theme.

These are some of the most basic tests you can use to thử nghiệm the kiến thiết và the responsiveness of the theme before buying it. Once you buy the theme, you can thử nghiệm it even further.

Method 2: Test Theme With A Plugin

If you’ve sầu already bought a theme và have it downloaded on your computer, you can now kiểm tra the theme on your own trang web. Don’t worry, it won’t affect your trang web. The method we’re about khổng lồ show you will allow you to test và pReviews a theme without changing the mặc định theme of your trang web.

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Step 1: Install WP.. Theme Test Plugin

WP Theme Test plugin allows you to install a different theme on your WordPress trang web without changing the default và currently active sầu theme. This way, your trang web visitors will see the same old theme thiết kế while the administrator gets to lớn demo new themes.


To install the plugin, login to your WordPress dashboard và go lớn Plugins >> Add New. Then search for WPhường Theme Test và cliông xã Install & Activate the plugin.

Step 2: Install Your New Theme

Go ahead và install your new theme on your WordPress trang web. Follow the usual steps lớn install the theme by navigating to Appearance >> Themes >> Add New.


After the installation is complete, make sure not khổng lồ activate the theme!

Step 3: Install The Theme Using WPhường. Theme Test

Now go to the WPhường Theme Test plugin page via Appearance >> WPhường Theme Test.


From here you can choose which theme you want to lớn chạy thử. Using the Test Theme drop-down menu, choose the theme you’ve just installed.


Next, change the Current State khổng lồ ON. And Save the changes.

Go visit your website while staying logged-in to lớn WordPress & you’ll see the new theme in action.

This allows you to lớn view and chạy thử the new theme without changing the mặc định theme. This means, only logged-in users và administrators can see the new theme. Ordinary trang web visitors will still see the old theme design.

Method 3: Test Theme Using A Local WordPress Installation

There are some themes that require a proper cài đặt lớn test a theme. For example, themes built with page builder plugins & shop themes that use WooCommerce requires additional plugins to function properly. So, the previous methods won’t work with such themes.

To take things further and demo your theme on a complete WordPress installation, you can use a local WordPress installation.

You can setup a localhost using a software like XAMPPhường or MAMPhường. These software lets you make a localhost environment & install a fully functional WordPress trang web environment on your computer.

For complete beginners, we recommover using Bitnangươi WordPress installer. It’s the easiest option for setting up a localhost environment. You can follow this video clip tutorial lớn see how lớn install it.

With a local WordPress installation, you’ll be able khổng lồ kiểm tra your theme with plugins & even import chạy thử nội dung lớn customize the kiến thiết further without risking your live website.

In Conclusion

These are some of the beginner-friendly ways to demo a WordPress theme. You can also look into setting up a WordPress staging website if you’re serious about testing the new kiến thiết in a live environment with website nội dung.

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In general, it’s always best khổng lồ avoid miễn phí, outdated, & pirated WordPress themes to ensure your website safety. And consider buying WordPress themes from a trusted marketplace that sells themes built with the latest code & technologies.