Want lớn know what wordpress theme a site is using? Did you see a nice website & want to know how it was built? Just enter the site URL và our Wordpress theme detector will vì the rest.

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Elegant Themes - WordPress Themes và Page Builder

Elegant themes is the creator or the no. 1 Wordpress theme - Divi. Besides creating amazing themes & plugins, Elegant Themes is the no. 1 recommended theme vendor recommended by us.

Building Websites with Wordpress

Most people these days don"t just come up with a concept for a trang web và the entire thiết kế on themselves. Even professional designers & developers get their ideas from other sites they see on a daily basis. Most people who build Wordpress websites these days are not professional developers nor are they professional designers, they are just ordinary Joes lượt thích you and me.

The Era of Wordpress themes and Plugins

Not only vị most people copy each other"s ideas, but most Wordpress websites these days are not custom made, they are Wordpress themes that anyone could download either for miễn phí or for pretty cheap.

Extra Functionality

Most additional functionality you see on websites is either coming directly from the theme or as an addition from a Wordpress plugin.

WP.. Theme Detector is the New Designer

I remember the days when people tried khổng lồ build websites và had no idea how lớn bởi it. Simple sites filled with text and images were an impossible task for most. Some of these people ended up signing up to some low chất lượng website builder which gave sầu them a horrible looking site. Thankfully those days are over now that we have a WPthemeDetector.

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What Theme is this? What Plugin is that?

Nowadays we all look at a trang web built with Wordpress và assuming we like it, we ask ourselves "What Wordpress Theme is That?" & luckily we can actually know that answer at a clichồng of a button. Knowing what WP theme is being used on a given site and what Wordpress plugins are being used on that site are pretty much all you need khổng lồ know in order lớn build a site like that yourself.

Using a Wordpress theme Detector

Taking that in mind, most Wordpress sites out there can be duplicated pretty easily. All you need to lớn bởi vì is know which template is being used on a site you lượt thích, which plugins are being used for extra functionality & design và you can build the exact same site. If only there was a tool for that...

Wait... There is!!!

Just use our Scan WP. theme detector và figure all that out và much more! Now go build yourself a killer site!

What Wordpress Theme is that? How we vị it

We get asked how we do what we bởi, all the time. There are literally thousands of posts online with titles lượt thích "What Wordpress theme is that?" or "Is that site Wordpress" or "How lớn detect what Wordpress theme that site used". It"s a very much alive sầu subject that many people in the Wordpress industry are interested in. Well here it is:

There are a few ways we can detect Wordpress themes và plugins. We have sầu a head start since we have sầu thousands of themes & thousands of plugins in our database which not anyone could bởi vì. We won"t reveal every single method we use in our algorithm, however we will explain the most comtháng method. Within a Wordpress website, there is a known structure so knowing what khổng lồ look for in advance can save you a lot of time. Just look at the code of a given Wordpress website, look for something lượt thích this: /wp-content/themes/themename/style.css?ver=123and go to that tệp tin. Within the tệp tin there is a special Wordpress structure that states the theme name, parent theme name, tags & more. Depending on the theme, there could be much more information and there could be less. As we said before, since we have sầu lots of the themes in our database, if we detect a theme name that we recognize, we could give sầu you much more information than the css file reveals. For that reason - even if you could detect that theme name on your own with out the help of a Wordpress theme detector - you will still get much more information with the detector than on your own.

Who is Hosting that WordPress Website?

Scan WPhường can now not only detect the WordPress theme và plugins being used, we can now detect the hosting provider as well. So if you want lớn know who is hosting that WordPress website, now you can know. Just add a url to lớn the tìm kiếm bar và we will serve you the hosting company result, just lượt thích all the other results we usually do...

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In general - a "theme" is a thiết kế or a subject (lượt thích a theme of a party). In regards lớn WPhường. (WordPress), "What's a theme" - is a question about "WordPress themes". A WordPress theme is a combination of files that help our WP. website be consistent. Baông chồng in the day when all websites were built statically, you would need khổng lồ duplicate a file each time you add a new post or article. WordPress introduced us khổng lồ themes, which give sầu us the ability to just add the nội dung of a post và have sầu the thiết kế of the post be displayed dynamically và consistently on each post or page.