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Find what you need in one of our fully equipped demos. Easy khổng lồ import & highly customizable, they make your life easier.

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Front-end Page Builder

Allows you khổng lồ build/ configure your website pages at Front-End visually & friendly without having to log in the admin back-over & save you time to make a trang web as you want

It’s easy for you lớn cài đặt all features for your website such as layouts, background, colors, fonts, extensions, catalog… at Frontend
is properly compatible with third tiệc nhỏ extensions

Purchasing the Claue theme you will get the 10% discount on the above sầu Magenkhổng lồ extensions

Layered Navigation

For magenlớn 2

Multiple filters, including the custom ones.Two way to lớn apply filters: one by one or at once.Advanced filtering usability.

Automatic Related products

For magenkhổng lồ 2

Flexible conditions for related products.Custom layout & page positions.Performance Tracking.

Smart One Step Checkout

For magento 2

Interfaces Quiông chồng & straightfotward Magento lớn checkout.Detailed statistics of the customer’s checkout behavior và abandonment rates.Highly customizable checkout page.

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Lookbook Collection

Make your lookbook collection easy with Pin Sạc Maker plugin. Inscrease your sale with lookbook collection.

Instagram Shop

Sale your products over your Instagram Feed. Add more shoppable liên kết by clicking on your Instagram Feed tab.

Powerful Ajax Shop

You can add ajax filter for attributes, product categories, lazy load, infinite scroll, add khổng lồ cart.

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Developed & Tested

Claue is developed & tested with MageSpecialist DevTools for Magento2 & Magento Functional Testing Framework

Are You Looking For Online Store?

Beautifully designed, powerful, and easy lớn customize – Claue the best theme for online store.