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Theme Installation

Once you purchase the theme from themeforest, you"ll be able to load 2 file type.All Files & documentationInstallable Wordpress Theme FileIf you select to lớn download all files and documentation ( the zip name will be ), you have sầu to lớn extract it out ( to get file ) before installing it lớn wordpress system. Install theme via Wordpress Dashboard
Go to lớn "Appearance > Theme" sectionCliông chồng "Add New" & select the "Upload" option Upload the zip fileAll Done :)Install theme via FTPAccess to the file on your VPS using ftp editor programGo to lớn "wp-content/themes" folderExtract the zip tệp tin & put the themename-vxx_xx thư mục thereGo to lớn "Wordpress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme" section to activate the themeAll Done :)Install PluginsAfter you install the theme, there"ll be a list of suggested and recommended plugins at the top of the wordpress dashboard.
If you already hide it out, you can go khổng lồ "Appearance > Install Plugins" section instead too.

Importing Demo Content

After activating the theme, there"ll be suggested plugin listed at the top (if there aren"t, you can go to "Appearance > Install Plugins" section as well ). Try installing and activating these following plugins ( as it effects the importing process ). You can also install all suggested plugins at this step as well.

Note:All of your old data will be remove sầu if you use this function.

Then, go khổng lồ " > Install Sample Data > Choose Elementor or Visual Composer > Import"Follow the steps mentioned on the screen, then, you"ll get the site lượt thích the chạy thử :)

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Theme Translation

Try installing the "Loco Translate" plugin. ( Can be found in "Plugin > Add New" section ) or You can download plugin at here- After installed plugin go lớn "Loco Translate" section. And Cliông chồng to lớn "Theme > New Language"
Select your language to lớn translate
Translate texts
You can learn more about how to localize / translate the wordpress string from here as well

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General Layout

- Content Width

- Boxed Layout

- You can use Custom CSS style if you want overwrite style of theme & your customize code keep in database so you can update theme in future without change

- You can add Google Analytics code to lớn manager, track your website


Header Settings

1. Header Layout Options

- You can choose 1 in 5 header layout options to display on your website.


2. Logo Settings

- You should upload both regular hình ảnh for normal device và retimãng cầu logo sản phẩm (2x) for high resolution as macbook retimãng cầu, Smartphone devices

3. Header Top Settings

- Have options for you can customize text display on header top "Content Left" (phone number, tin nhắn, socials that"s help your customer easy tương tác with you) or you can display promotion message for your customer with header top "Content Center" html, add short code to display language switch on "Content Right"

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