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Are you an affiliate marketer who needs khổng lồ increase the overall revenue? Typically, affiliate marketers will make revenue from Review articles, YouTube videos, or even sponsored posts. But, there is a simple way available for increasing your overall income.

If you can offer some discount codes for the premium products, customers will always use your affiliate liên kết for purchasing the products. Using WordPress as our blogging platsize, we can quickly create giao dịch & coupon sites using any dedicated coupon plugin or a dedicated coupon WordPress theme.

CouponXL theme is a popular theme for the coupon & deals sites. So, I decided lớn write a blog post on this theme và nhận xét this theme.

Note: This reviews is meant for identifying the pros và cons of the CouponXL WordPress theme. You can consider trying out this product in your own interest. If you are looking for our recommendations for creating a trang web, don’t hesitate khổng lồ check our danh sách of recommended tools.

Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions

Features of CouponXL theme

Pebas create the couponXL theme. This theme is designed specifically for Coupons and Deals sites and has more than 2000 sales in ThemeForest. This theme has some cool features, which we will look at one after the other.

1. Full Membership System

This theme has a full membership system. Therefore, you can decide if you want members khổng lồ register on your trang web or not, or you could simply allow affiliates to lớn register on your website. Opening registrations are an easy way to build your gmail các mục. You can use the emails for promotions, sending custom khuyễn mãi giảm giá notifications, etc.

2. Random Code Generator

Using this theme, you can generate automated random codes on a purchase. Website owners generally use these random codes for vouchers. This theme will save you from this tedious task.

3. Predict Based AJAX Search


CouponXL has a built-in AJAX tìm kiếm that will predict results based on your customers’ stores & locations. And thankfully, using the AJAX tìm kiếm, customers vì chưng not need to lớn go to another page for search results. When they enter the keywords inkhổng lồ the search form, they will filter results accordingly.

4. Customer Protệp tin Dashboard


If you choose lớn allow members khổng lồ register on your site, then your customers will use this feature. They will manage their protệp tin, track their vouchers/codes & kiểm tra these statistics.

5. Deals và Coupon Front End Submit


You can allow your customers/ members to submit coupons và đơn hàng from the front-end. Allowing users lớn send coupons và giao dịch from the front end is a useful feature that will save sầu a lot of time. The coupon code won’t be available on the site instantly. You will have full control of it.

6. Fixed & By Percentage Submit Fee


You can always let your customers submit coupons from the front-over for free. But, you can also charge them for adding coupons lớn your site. You can mix a fixed price or based on percentage. This is a helpful feature when a brvà needs to lớn promote its product for a discounted price.

If your coupon site receives a fair amount of traffic, the brands will get exposure. By promoting their coupon codes through your coupon site, they will reach more customers. Charging for coupon listing is a good way.

7. Different Types of Coupons

This theme offers you three different types of coupons:

Print CouponAffiliate links CouponCode Coupon

You can use these different types while posting coupons.

8. Different Types of Deals


Just like different types of coupons, you also have sầu đơn hàng. You can choose between paid đơn hàng & affiliate giao dịch. Apart from these, you can mix up đơn hàng based on the time left or items left.


9. Visitors Social Register


It’s a psychology that many people hesitate lớn register using an gmail address. To make this registration simple, you can let your visitors register using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google. This will help you to lớn have sầu more customers.

10. Simple Custom Mega Menu


Usually, when we need khổng lồ add a mega menu lớn our WordPress site, you will probably need lớn rely on a WordPress mega thực đơn plugin. There are many WordPress, mega thực đơn plugins available lượt thích the QuadMenu.

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But the CouponXL theme will let you add unlimited custom mega menus without using any additional plugins. The development team got added a mega menu feature to this theme! You can add up to 4 columns to lớn the thực đơn.

11. Custom .XML Import


You need not spkết thúc hours creating coupons and giao dịch. You can now import your coupons and giao dịch from .xml files with few clicks using this import feature. Saves a lot of time.

12. Deals và Coupons Rating System


Customers like khổng lồ rate the chất lượng of coupons & đơn hàng after using them. This theme will allow your visitors to lớn rate your coupons và đơn hàng. The rating system will let other visitors know that someone has already enjoyed using these coupons, thus increasing your coupons’ trust.

13. Smart CTR Statistic

When your members post coupons/ giao dịch, they would be eager lớn know how many people used these deals. You can’t implement this feature in WordPress without using any plugin by default. This theme has a built-in CTR tracking system that will let your members know these statistics.

So they will be able to find the top-performing coupons và poorly performing coupon codes. Thus, they can work on the poorly performing coupon codes, optimize them & make them better.

14. Easy One Cliông chồng Demo Install

Installing this theme is not so difficult. Now, with a one-cliông chồng kiểm tra install, your website will look just lượt thích in the demo version shown. It will save you time.

15. Premium Design PSD Included

This theme also comes with CouponXL PSD, worth $13. If you are so creative and capable of editing PSD, you can create your unique trang web. All you need is the Adobe Photosiêu thị Software and some kiến thiết skills.

16. Support Child Theme

Whenever you can want lớn make changes khổng lồ your website’s code, use a child theme. So that even if your theme breaks, you will have the option lớn restore lớn the parent theme. This theme does tư vấn the child theme.

You can easily create a WordPress child theme using any plugin like Child Themify. Or, you can contact the developer team và ask for it.

17. First Class Dedicated Support

This theme has a dedicated forum for discussion, where you get your queries solved with a maximum of 24 hours of waiting time. Also, you can tương tác the support staff via the ThemeForest ticketing system.

One of their experienced tư vấn engineers will help you personally.

18. Easy lớn Translate and Translate Ready


This theme is fully translatable, and you can translate complete CouponXL with .po & .mo ready files. A plugin lượt thích Weglot is recommended for translating your nội dung, đơn hàng, & coupons.

19. LightSpeed, Fast & Reliable

This theme is swift, reliable, & secure when you view it on desktop, di động, or tablet devices. You can demo your WordPress installation speed by using any speed testing tools like GTmetrix/ Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights.

However, we recommend using a WordPress caching plugin, an image optimizer, và some other speed optimization tricks to keep your site optimized for speed.

đôi mươi. Stores or Deals Geolocation & Map


By adding your stores’ longitude và latitude, you can point lớn your stores on the bản đồ. You can place this maps on the homepage or use the shortcode & insert it on any page you lượt thích. Thankfully, this is a coding-không tính phí method. You can also add this widget lớn your sidebar widget areas, footer widget areas, etc.

21. SEO Custom Pretty Permalinks


Your permalink can be converted khổng lồ pretty permalink and used with convenience. You will be now able khổng lồ turn đơn hàng, coupons, offers, & signs into lớn SEO optimized links. It won’t harm your SEO. It helps you.

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22. Make Profit With Your Website

Thus by allowing members khổng lồ submit deals, advertise their services and products, you can make money out of your website and control payments smartly from your trang web. On top of that, if you wish, you can always use any display advertisements for extra income.

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