8 free fully customizable wordpress themes for 2020

You’ve sầu chosen a web hosting plan và domain name for your WordPress website. And (probably) with one clichồng, you’ve installed WordPress on your hệ thống.

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That’s the easy part.

Now, it’s time to start building & customizing your WordPress website.

In this guide khổng lồ WordPress customization, we’re going to show you how lớn take the default WordPress installation & customize it. You will learn how to:

Table of contents:

A Step-by-Step Guide lớn WordPress Customization

By the end of this 10-step tutorial, you’ll have sầu a basic yet fully customized WordPress website mix up & ready lớn go.

P.S. If you haven’t phối up a WordPress website yet, head baông xã to this step-by-step guide here.

Step 1: Configure WordPress Settings

There are a couple of different spots where you’ll find WordPress settings.

The first set will help you customize the look of WordPress itself. The second will help you customize the look of your website.

Customize Screen Options

The very first time you step inside of WordPress, this is what you will see:


This isn’t the only Google tool your trang web should be connected to though.

Set Up Google Search Console

Google Analytics provides you with data about how visitors interact with your trang web. Google Search Console, on the other hvà, provides you with data about how visitors encounter your website everywhere else on the website.

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If you have sầu a Google Analytics account already, setting Search Console up is easy.Your next step is to connect the Google Search Console.


Go to the Search Console trang web và cliông xã “Start Now”. It’ll take you through the quiông xã thiết đặt process & ask you to lớn verify your ownership of the account using a number of options. Google Analytics is one of the easiest ways to vày this, so take that option if you prefer.


It’s also important to lớn establish this connection from Google Analytics’ side. You’ll find this setting under Admin > Property > Property Settings:


You should see your Search Console tài khoản listed as an option. Select it and connect it lớn Google Analytics so you can start pulling in some of that search data under your Acquisition report:


Or you can always just log inkhổng lồ Google Search Console itself to get deeper insights into what’s going on with your trang web in search:


You can learn things like:

How many clicks and views your trang web và each individual page gets in Google — in web, image, và video searches.How many clicks & views come from users on desktop, tablet, & mobile.What the average rank is for the pages of your site.What the top tìm kiếm queries are for your website.What kinds of thiết bị di động usability, security, or tốc độ issues your trang web has (if any).Which websites have sầu the most links pointing to your trang web.How well you’re handling internal linking within your own site.

If you take some time to lớn get to know Google Search Console, you’ll be able to refine your tìm kiếm optimization strategy in WordPress (và beyond) for a better showing in search results.

Send Your Sitemaps khổng lồ Google

The last thing to bởi vì with Google Search Console is to upload your sitemaps. This way, you can create a direct link between WordPress & Google, telling Google where lớn find the nội dung on your website.

One of the nice things about using the Yoast SEO plugin is that your XML sitemaps are automatically generated. You can find a liên kết khổng lồ them under General > Features:


Clichồng the question mark khổng lồ get the links to your sitemaps. You can now return to lớn Google Search Console.

Open the Sitemaps tab:


For every sitebản đồ links, you got from your WordPress website, enter it into lớn the “Add a new sitemap” bar. Google Search Console will then process the sitebản đồ và all the page link within it. The next time Google’s bots get around khổng lồ crawling the website, your site’s pages will get picked up.

Since your sitemaps automatically updates whenever you add new nội dung khổng lồ your site, you won’t have to worry about Google missing out on important updates as it now has your sitemaps in Search Console.


One of the great things about building a website with WordPress is that you have total control over how you build it và how much customization goes into it. As you can see, there’s a lot khổng lồ customize in WordPress, from your theme lớn the layout of the navigation. You can even customize how và where your Google traffic data is presented khổng lồ you.

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Bottom line: if you’re going lớn make the choice lớn use WordPress, take advantage of everything it has to lớn offer. There’s so much you can vị with this nội dung management system to create a unique và powerful trang web you’ve sầu always wanted.

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