While shopping the customer will see in products details page & cart names of all applied for hyên ổn discounts. In addition you can cài đặt custom message lớn be displayed on cửa hàng page with information about the amount, which needs to be spend to activate next discount. Ultimate Discounts supports also option “Refer a friend” to lớn encouraging new people lớn join your siêu thị.

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Discount Types

Utimate Discount Plugin provides 3 types of discounts và 7 selectable criteria that customer must fulfill to lớn activate the promo:

Fixed Amount Discount – once requirements are met, fixed amount of money, defined in plugin settings is deducted from the order’s value.Percentage Discount – once requirements are met order is reduced in percentage.Free item – phối the minimal number of items or minimal amount which needs lớn spend lớn get the không lấy phí công trình.


You can use one or more of the following criteria when creating each discount rule:

Match everything – always apply the discount.Cart Subtotal – apply the discount only if cart subtotal is greater that defined amount.Product in card – discount will be applied only when certain sản phẩm, hàng hóa from certain category or minimum number of products are added khổng lồ cart. You can also define sản phẩm that will have sầu lower price when customer will buy more items.Specific Date – discount will be applied in a defined period of time. User Total Spent – discount for regular customers, based on customer’s shopping history.User first buy – discount for the first order in your siêu thị, based on customer’s shopping history.User role – discount for users with a specific role defined in admin.

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Refer a friend

Reward customers who refer your shop khổng lồ their friends. When new user is registered using dedicated refer url, person who refered your siêu thị will get a coupon code.

You can thử nghiệm this functionality on our test page, but it requires the user account. After registration in My account page you will see ‘Referral link’ tab, which contains generated for your tài khoản referral URL.

Plugin settings

You can use one or more of the following criteria when creating each discount rule:

Role names – allows you to lớn change the name of user role displayed for prices dependent on user role.Show applied discount names in shop page – allows you to lớn enable/disable discount info on main shop page.Show applied discount names in product page – allows you to enable/disable discount info on single sản phẩm page.Applied discount message – discount will be applied in a defined period of time.Show spover more message in cart page – enable/disable or edit custom message displayed on a cart page with information how much more you need lớn spover to get the discount.Discounts header in product page – allows you to edit header text.Discount overlay color – allows you lớn edit price background color.

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Original price overlay color – allows you khổng lồ edit price text color.

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