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Dooplay is undoubtedly the best và most powerful framework, with access to lớn a large volume of nội dung with a single click, completely optimized.

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DooPlay is created to lớn facilitate the work of creating content with requires little effort, uses powerful tools that provide data, texts and images from very reliable sources, also gives you all the options to customize your website without touching lines of code.

Dooplay 2.5.2 has a persistent cache system, which allows you to minimize queries khổng lồ the database, it is the fastest and most stable version we have achieved, it also has new và improved options that will give you absolute control of your trang web.

Dbmovies our import tool, has also had very important changes, providing improved access to lớn a large volume of nội dung in different languages.


WordPress native sầu code.Clean và neat kiến thiết.Fully Responsive sầu Design.Child-theme tư vấn.Widgets tư vấn.SEO optimized.Translation files.Available translations ( English / Spanish ).API dbmovies plugin support.API Themoviedb Suppot.API IMDb scraping data ( rating / votes ).Import data và image ( movies / tv shows ).Season generator.Episodes generator.Player streaming.JWPlayer support.Fake Player.Shortener liên kết integration.Glossary filter nội dung.Rating page.Trends page.TOPhường IMDb page.Account pages.User ratings.User favorites.User List marked as seen.Related content.Featured Content.Theme options.Homepage modules.Contact size.Login form.Sign Up khung.Report video clip error form.Security forms Google reCAPTCHA.Support Comments with facebook.Support Comments with Disqus.Social buttons.System lớn share links.Post-types permalinks customizable.Taxonomies permalink customizable.Free Updates ( Lifetime )Access lớn exclusive nội dung.Access to lớn offers.

DooPlay has custom fields that will give order và good looks khổng lồ its content, for the SEO we have precise taxonomic filters to improve the performance and positions in the main search engines.

All updates are không tính phí after purchase, you will also get access to tư vấn & exclusive nội dung only for customers, all this is for lifetime.

Server requirements

WordPress 5+PHP. 7.2 +MySQLi PHPhường ExtensionPDO PHP ExtensioncURL PHPhường ExtensionOpenSSL PHPhường ExtensionMBString PHP Extensioniconv PHPhường ExtensionIMAPhường PHPhường. ExtensionGD PHP.. ExtensionZip PHP Extensionallow_url_fopen

Additionaly you will need mod_rewrite enabled in your VPS. (this script unable lớn kiểm tra if mod_rewrite extension is allowed in your server, consult with your hosting provider for this extension)

Download this file to kiểm tra required extensions directly in your VPS.

2.5.2 – Released: April 06. 2021

Stable version.Fixed: Issues navigation with firefox.Fixed: Translations.Added: Codestar Framework 2.2.2.Added: New heading style on tệp tin pages and taxonomies.Added: Slider module on pages of Movies và TVShows.

2.5.1 – Released: March 19, 2021

Stable versionFixed: All CSS issues.Fixed: CSS Responsive sầu.Fixed: Items Home page order.Fixed: wp-json/dooplayer Ajax Response.Removed: URL Field on Comment Form.

2.5.0 – Released: March 08, 2021

Added: wp-json/dooplayer API V2 (new).Added: Support Font Awesome Icons (new).Added: Front-end styling improvements.Added: Improved integration with Codestar Framework.Added: Lazy Load Support for dafault.Added: Content purge messages, reports & tương tác.Fixed: PHP.. warnings.Fixed: JavaScript dependencies of third-buổi tiệc ngọt libraries.Fixed: CSS Responsive sầu DIV element distribution.And more changes.

2.4.3 – Released: January 01, 2021

Added: Codestar Framework 2.2.1.Added: Dbmovies 3.3-RC.Added: Gutenberg Support.Added: Classic Editor Optional.Added: Glossary Optional.Added: Forms optionals, Contact và Reports.Fixed: Trending Query.Fixed: Critical Error ( ?ver= parameter ).Fixed: Minor bug fixes on JavaScript.Fixed: Dbmovies Importers nội dung.

2.4.2 – Released: December 27, 2020

Added: WordPress 5.6 compatibility.Added: Dbmovies 3.2-RC.Added: Codestar framework 2.1.7.Added: New Reports module.Added: New Liên hệ module.Added: New Dashboard Widget.Added: Scrolling Video OptionalFixed: Scrolling Video Sourses.Fixed: Debug Mode Crashes.Fixed: Minor bug fixes on Javascript.Fixed: PHPhường Warnings.

2.4.1 – Released: June 05, 2020

Added: New option ( Hide video clip domain name source ).Added: Reload Change embed on player Mode no-ajax.Added: Cabít Genres List Widget.Added: Cabịt Years List Widget.Added: Quiông xã links for cleaning transient data on admin bar.Fixed: Laout Sidebar postion on all pages.Fixed: Player Sources.Fixed: Metabox add video Sources.Fixed: All theme options.Fixed: Delivery type data on Player Mode Ajax.Fixed: Page templates sidebars.Fixed: Minor bug fixes on Javascript.

2.4.0 – Released: June 01, 2020

Added: Absolute WordPress 5.4+ compatibility.Added: Video Player AJAX optional.Added: Views Counter AJAX optional.Added: New customize options.Added: New Player options.Added: Player Ajax mode optional.Added: View Count options.Added: 3.6.2Added: Google reCAPTCHA v3Added: Codestar Framework 2.1.5Fixed: Minor bug fixes & improvements.Removed: Google Drive sầu dependencies.

2.3.3 – Released: December 17, 2019

Fix, Dbmovies Error Message (The title is not defined)

2.3.2 – Released: December 14, 2019

This version integrates DooPlay with WordPress 5.3+, has minor changes và repairs the errors that were reported since April 2019.

Stable version.WordPress 5.3.1 tư vấn.Fix, Minor changes with the new WordPress 5.3 design.Fix, Responsive sầu thiết kế.Fix, Dbmovies Json Requests.Fix, Dbmovies Seasons Generator.Fix, Dbmovies Episodes Generator.Fix, Dbmovies Genres Generator.

2.3.1 – Released: April 25, 2019

Resolves a critical error in the TOPhường. IMDb module that can slow down the loading of the website.

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Fix, Slow Query TOPhường IMDb Homepage ModuleFix, Slow Query TOP IMDb Page.

2.3 – Released: March 23, 2019

Stable versionAdded, Cache Query System on Season ListsAdded, Cache Query System on Episodes ListsAdded, Cache Cleaner on DbmoviesAdded, Cabịt Cleaner AutomaticAdded, Option PReview Season and episode ImporterFix, Season danh sách SlowerFix, Season và Episodes SlowerFix, Season UpdaterFix, Episode Updater

2.2.8 – Released: March 19, 2019

Stable versionFix, Themoviedb API verificationFix, Dbmvs API verification

2.2.7 – Released: March 18, 2019

Added, Season UpdaterAdded, Episode UpdaterAdded, Season Generator in ListAdded, Episode Generator in ListAdded, Allow repeated contentFixed, Critical Error in Season GeneratorsFix, Critical Error in Episode GeneratorFix, Season listingFix, Episode listingFix, Cotent in all generatorsFix, Images in all generatorsRemove, Gutenberg Editor

2.2.6 – Released: March 15, 2019

This version incorporates our improved platform for Dbmovies and our new Dbmvs Service, with access lớn our board from where you can get real-time information about your Dbmovies activations.

Release Dbmovies 3 & Dbmvs ServicesCompatibility with WordPress 5.1.1Gutenberg EditorNew, Dbmovies ImporterNew, Dbmovies OptionsNew, Interface of the importerNew, IMDb Updater infoNew, Seasons GeneratorNew, Episodes GeneratorNew, IMDb trang chủ module OptionsMinor changes in Video PlayerFix, Links RedirectsFix, User RatingFix, User ReportsFix, User RequestsAnd many more changes

2.2.5 – Released: January 9, 2019

Compatibility with WordPress 5.0.3ADD Google Drive sầu Self check.FIX List episodes homepage.

2.2.4 – Released: January 8, 2019

FIX JW Player 8.FIX Google Drive videos.FIX Value 0 in Metaboxes.FIX Season composer title in single.FIX Episode composer title in single.FIX SMTP Action.FIX Youtube Empty field.FIX Episode danh mục code.FIX Season menu code.Showroom tư vấn.And more changes..

2.2.3 – Released: December 9, 2018

Absolute compatibility WordPress 5.0.Add new function static viewer() in DooPlayer PHP.. class.Add new Fake Player.Add new Fake Player Options.Add new RTL Support.Fix Requests page title with SEO by Yoast.Fix JavaScript for jQuery compatibility in Player Ajax response actions.Fix JavaScript for jQuery compatibility Auth Ajax response actions.

2.2.2 – Released: November 21, 2018

Fix escape shorteners for magnet links.Add new URL escape shorteners double validation.Add new DooAuth PHP class.Add new Sign In Ajax action.Add new Login Ajax action.Add new Log Out Ajax action.Add new customize options for Fusion Style.Add new Requests page Options.Add new Requests nội dung controls.Restricts access lớn subscribers khổng lồ WP-ADMIN page.Google reCAPTCHA v2 integration.

2.2.1 – Released: November 5, 2018

PHP 5.6+ stable.Minor fixes PHPhường.Minor fixes JavaScript.Fixed the pagination in archives nội dung.Compress all JavaScript Files.Compress all CSS Files.Update the function that adding multiple link at the same time.Add double kiểm tra of links before posting.Add liên kết before of publish nội dung.Support Shorteners in links module (New).

2.2.0 – Released: October 29, 2018

Fix all PHP issues.Fix user register function.Fix form register.Fix form log in.Fix Link page redirection.Fix Ad banner click on Video Player.Fix User capađô thị on link editor.Fix Cast Permalinks.Fix Director Permaliên kết.Fix Creator Permalinks.Fix JavaScript issues.Fix jQuery compatibility.Add Clicks counter in links module.Add Options for sort the items in Homepage Modules.And more changes..

2.1.9 – Released: October 11, 2018

Required PHP. 7 ( Important ).New Ads Module ( Desktop / Mobile).Links Module table menu ( select columns lớn show ).Fix Images logo sản phẩm.Fix Episodes Slider disabled.Fix Seasons Slider disabled.Fix PHPhường. Warnings.

2.1.8 – Released: October 10, 2018

(Caution), database update.Player caching.Fix player waiting time 0.Player invalid re-cliông chồng đoạn Clip source.Add Player countdown.Scheduled cabít auto cleaning.Disable Slider, Homepage Episodes.New Dbmovies, Bulk import setting.New Dbmovies season generator.New Dbmovies episode generator.New Dbmovies customize titles.New Dbmovies API.New theme options ( Codestar Framework ).New Links Editor module ( Movies / Episodes ).New Links redirect page.New Links Admin options.Ad Desktop / điện thoại.Update CSS Files.Update JS Files.Update Languages.

2.1.7 – Released: August 15, 2018

Auto lớn Load Player.Aukhổng lồ Play controls for Player.FIX ( invalid Argument in Player ).Update Translations files.Update JavaScript files.Update CSS files.

2.1.6 – Released: August 14, 2018

Updated Video Player.Admin Options for Video Player.Fix Ajax response in cabịt for video Player.Fix Blachồng screen.Fix Liên hệ page.

2.1.5 – Released: August 12, 2018

FIX Delete expired cađậy for dooplay.Support JW Player 7/8 (optional in functions.php).Updated đoạn Clip player.Update JW Player Page.Update PHP/HTML code Single ( Movies ).Update PHP/HTML code Single ( TVShow ).Update PHP/HTML code Single ( Seasons ).Update PHP/HTML code Single ( Episodes ).Update PHP/HTML code Headers.Update report error size.Add Ajax results in Clip player.Delete IF function_exists verification.Delete Notice Report in single pages.

2.1.4 – Released: July 31, 2018

With this version we end DooPlay v2, drastically improve the delivery of the database, repair comtháng problems that were reported and update all new services for Dbmovies.

Optimize delivery of get_post_meta (Important).Add Database cabít system.Update JW Player 8.4.4Update Google Drive sầu scraper download links.Update Dbmovies services.Fix Episodes first_air_date field null.Fix Translations.Fix Admin bar ( hidden only for users ).Delete Google reCAPTCHA validation.Delete Google drive sầu JW Player page. – Released: January 29, 2018

FIX – API Image Sizes – Released: November 22, 2017

FIX – Security patch – Released: November 01, 2017

Địa chỉ cửa hàng – WordPress 4.8.3 Security Release (Important)Địa Chỉ – New Query_posts filter doo_first_letter (Important)Địa chỉ cửa hàng – Dbmovies 1.2.1 (Important)FIX – esc_sql() (Important)FIX – Dbmovies APP post contentFIX – Dbmovies register new API functionFIX – Define all existing functionsFIX – Responsive MenuFIX – Disable Live searchFIX – Dark Style (CSS)FIX – doo_glossary() function – Released: October 23, 2017

FIX – IMPORTANT Doofields PHPhường ClassFIX – IMPORTANT jQuery conflictFIX – IMPORTANT Dbmovies (trailer in Array)FIX – Translations (Spanish)FIX – CSS codesFIX – Images (Alt Attribute)FIX – HTML5 ErrorsFIX – HTML5 WarningsĐịa chỉ cửa hàng – Dbmovies Process log panel

2.1.3 – Released: October 20, 2017

FIX – Upload image functionFIX – Remote nội dung (native sầu function by WordPress)FIX – Logic in function Trending contentFIX – wp-json for DooPlayFIX – isset($_POST)FIX – isset($_GET)FIX – isset($_REQUEST)FIX – Responsive sầu sidebar in Android divicesFIX – Users role CapabilityĐịa chỉ cửa hàng – Requests system ( Movies và TVShow )Showroom – Button (Go up)Showroom – Support wp_is_mobile()Showroom – New GlossaryĐịa chỉ cửa hàng – Completed Featured nội dung systemShowroom – Home module Featured contentADD – Widget Featured contentĐịa chỉ cửa hàng – New system for dbmovies plugin.Địa chỉ cửa hàng – New design in dbmovies pluginADD – Filter by Genres in dbmovies pluginShowroom – Filter by popularity in dbmovies pluginĐịa chỉ cửa hàng – Button (Import all) in dbmoviesShowroom – Button (Upload now) in Backdrop imageĐịa chỉ cửa hàng – New system (My favorites)Địa chỉ cửa hàng – New system (Content I already saw)Showroom – Function Clear database (postmeta)ADD – Function Clear database (Usermeta)Địa Chỉ – Custom Admin bar in all contentĐịa Chỉ – Report Content FilterADD – Performance optionsADD – Footer optionsMOD – Function Import episodeMOD – Function Import seasonsMOD – Account PageMOD – Protệp tin PageMOD – FooterDEL – Collection System

2.1 – Released: July 11, 2017

FIX – List the link (single pages)FIX – Redirect page responsiveFIX – Sidebar ResponsiveFIX – Upload image in Theme optionsFIX – Ratings súc tích (user / IMDb)Địa Chỉ – Dbmovies OptionsĐịa chỉ cửa hàng – Links torrents supportĐịa Chỉ – Redirect liên kết without waiting (Links module options)Showroom – New style (hover công trình info)Showroom – JW Player supportShowroom – JW Player Admin optionsADD – New parameters for DbmoviesDEL – MP4 Player.

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2.0.7 – Released: June 14, 2017

FIX – Insert geners.FIX – Translations files.FIX – CSS files.FIX – movies / tvshows – jQuery instructions.Địa chỉ cửa hàng – New opion for dbmovies generated content (publish date).ADD – New parameters DBmovies API.

2.0.6 – Released: June 10, 2017

FIX – Insert (genres)

2.0.5 – Released: June 8, 2017

FIX – Dark StyleĐịa chỉ cửa hàng – Insert (genres) Movies in Add new postShowroom – Insert (genres) TVShows in Add new postADD – New Parameters dbmovies API

2.0.4 – Released: May 28, 2017

 FIX – Error 403 dbmovies APIFIX – Live sầu search external URL imageFIX – Dark Style (Widgets và more)FIX – Button (Episodes list) in Episodes singleFIX – Sort menu of linksShowroom – Function get_dt_links()Showroom – Function return_links()DEL – Function of_links()

2.0.3 – Released: May 20, 2017

FIX – Database for DooPlayFIX – dbmovies options và functionsFIX – Trending paginationFIX – Rating paginationFIX – Spanish languageShowroom – Dark styleĐịa chỉ cửa hàng – Single, dynamic Background optionĐịa chỉ cửa hàng – Width player CookieShowroom – dt_http_api function (get remote content)Địa Chỉ – dt_cookie function (save sầu cookies)Địa Chỉ – New liên kết API (dbmovies)Showroom – Blueimp Gallery (backdrops)

2.0.2 – Released: April 15, 2017

FIX – Dbmovies API Access

2.0.1 – Released: April 14, 2017

FIX – Spanish LanguageFIX – java Script filesFIX – Ajax functionsFIX – CSS filesĐịa chỉ cửa hàng – Syn Dbmovies unofficial API (tmdb / imdb)Địa chỉ cửa hàng – New url API

2.0.0 – Released: April 7, 2017

New version DooPlay 2

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