Elegant theme

The Elegant theme is a simple yet elegant, multipurpose theme that removes all the fancy animations & graphic effects, and instead focuses more on your nội dung. Crafted with minimal design & great attention lớn typography, Elegant theme provides a stunning visual that displays & functions beautifully across all devices. With the bonus Portfolio and Team post type on top, new image filter feature, masonry và grid layouts, Elegant is the perfect theme for writers, artists, designers, agencies, editorial sites, & individual portfolgame ios.

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Responsive và Retimãng cầu Ready

The Elegant theme is completely fluid và responsive, displaying consistently on all devices and resolutions.

Designing with the Builder

Designing has never been this easy with the wpuonline.com drag & drop Builder. Design every single post, portfolio, và page anyway you want it to look by simply dragging & dropping modules on the page. Make your nội dung stand out like never before with the Builder. Below are samples of pages in the Elegant theme that are created using the Builder:

Beautiful Typography

The Typography in the Elegant theme is perfectly designed & balanced with White space, making each page look clean và pleasing lớn the eye.

Left or Center Layout

The Elegant theme offers left & center layout alignments which can be pre-mix for the entire site or adjusted per post/page. Both layouts work beautifully with or without a sidebar.

Image Filters

Auto-apply Grayscale, Blur, & Sepia filters khổng lồ your images without editing the original image source (no Photoshop needed).

Masonry và Grid Layouts

Inspired by Pinterest, the blog & portfolio posts can have sầu grid & masonry layouts, allowing your posts khổng lồ staông xã on top of each other.

Custom Header Styling

Style the header background, phông and color individually for each page/post.

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Portfolio Post Type

Creating a great portfolio is essential in order for you khổng lồ showcase your work và get noticed; the Portfolio Post Type allows you lớn vị just that. With built-in with masonry và grid layouts, và post image filters, you can design various project layouts allowing you to lớn show your work in a creative way. Now with the Counter Add-on (sold separately), you can even display animated numbers such as stats, number of followers, or featured work on your portfolio, allowing your content lớn st& out even more. See this sample project created with the Builder.

Team Post Type

The Team Post type is the perfect way for you to lớn showcase people in your team/company in a fun creative sầu way. It allows you khổng lồ place their picture, position, social truyền thông links, & personal mô tả tìm kiếm on a page. Also, with our Progress Bar Add-on (sold separately) you can even show team/individual skills, as well as, the progress of an ongoing project in an animated stylish way.


Use the Elegant theme that comes with the WooCommerce styling khổng lồ create an elegant eCommerce siêu thị. Sell your products/services in custom-designed product layouts with the Builder và its familiar drag và drop interface. Along with the built-in WooCommerce feature, we also created a WooCommerce Add-on (sold separately) that allows you lớn create magazine-lượt thích siêu thị landing pages, allowing you to lớn place your products anywhere on your site. Cheông xã out this sample cửa hàng page created with the Builder và WooCommerce Addon.

Màu sắc Skins

Not a big fan of blaông chồng và white? We have 6 more alternative sầu color skins that you can pick from.

Customize Panel

If you happen to be a creative person, you will lượt thích the Customize panel which allows you to lớn customize everything from header khổng lồ footer.

Requires: WordPress 4+Documentation: Elegant Documentation

Switch & Get 1/2 Off

If you are currently using another theme, switch lớn wpuonline.com to lớn get a 50% discount. Cliông chồng here for more info.

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Standard Theme Features

All themes are powered with the awesome wpuonline.com framework. Below are some of the standard features included in every theme.

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