Connect & activate your license key

After installing Pro, you need lớn activate your license. To activate your license key, and get automatic updates, go lớn > License. Click Connect và Activate


You’ll be redirected to log inlớn your account. Click Connect. After you log in, your licensewill be activated automatically.

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If the license key was installed correctly, the message on the top of your dashboard should disappear.

If youget an “Invalid redirect URI. Try to reconnect” error, or any similar “Error Occurred” message, when attempting khổng lồ activate Pro, please go to Settings > General và kiểm tra the URLs that are listed there as yourWordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL). Both URLs should be exactly the same. If they are different, you can get this error.

If you are still having issues with activating your license key, check to lớn see you haven’t copied any spaces or other characters.

For any other issues liên hệ our tư vấn by using the khung on the tư vấn page.

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Note: Pro is an extension of It means that Pro will not work if you bởi not install the không tính tiền version of

As of version 2.9, Pro widgets are not draggable unless your license has been activated. Please seethis documentfor more information.

Using Pro On Local or Staging Sites

When building a website using a local machine or on specific staging sites, Pro doesn’t register as an install, meaning you can install Pro on your local machine or staging site and on your online trang web at the same time, without making use of an additional license.

For instance, if your site is, then installing Pro on will not be considered an additional license use.

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TLD (Top-màn chơi Domains) that are not considered as a license use:

*.dev (*.local (example.local)*.staging (example.staging)*.thử nghiệm (example.test)*.example (example.example)*.invalid (example.invalid)

Subdomains that are not considered as a license use:

dev.* (* (ạy thử.* (kiểm* (

See more information about using local & staging sites here.

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