How to build extra theme homepage

An Introduction To The Extra ThemeLearn the basics of the theme in this complete đoạn Clip overview. Newcomers, start here!

What Is Extra?

The first thing you need to lớn know about Extra is that it’s built on a rock-solid foundation, our Divi Builder. The Divi Builder allows you to create beautiful và unique post và page layouts visually, without touching a single line of code. It gives anyone the ability khổng lồ create truly dynamic websites with ease.

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In many ways, Extra was conceived as the counterpart to the Divi Theme. Extra does the things that Divi was never meant lớn bởi vì. Beautiful, versatile, magazine-lượt thích layouts that cater to lớn a variety of blogs & online publications are Extra’s forte. Robust customization options that allow for unique and elegant post feeds with a focus on social interaction và user engagement are Extra’s second nature. The bottom line is this: Where Divi’s primary focus is on the page, Extra’s focus is on the post feed.

Extra’s Category Builder The Divi Builder: Extended

Extra extends upon its Divi Builder foundation with a brand new phối of post-based modules. These modules bring the builder’s advanced drag-and-drop functionality to your trang chủ và category pages. Collectively, we Điện thoại tư vấn these new modules the Category Builder. Extra’s Category Builder gives you control over your trang chủ & category pages lượt thích never before, allowing you khổng lồ completely build them from the ground up. This lets you break away from the standard, prebuilt category pages, so you can create unique experiences on a per-category-basis.


Category Builder Modules

Extra comes with a new set of Divi Builder modules built specifically for the needs of bloggers & online publications. These new modules can be used to lớn build a variety of different homepage and category layouts. Now you can build a post feed to lớn meet the needs of your chất lượng nội dung.

There are currently two main types of category modules with which you can display posts:

Widget Style


Posts Carousel

Posts Slider

Tabbed Posts

Feed Style

Blog Feed

Blog Feed (Masonry)

Through the combination of different column structures & modules, a wide range of category and homepage designs can be created. Whether you are running a personal blog or a huge online media trang web, Extra can be tailored to lớn suite your needs.

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Creating A Category Layout

Creating a Category Layout is done much in the same way as you would create a new page or post. You will start by navigating to lớn Extra >> Category Builder in your WordPress Dashboard. You will then be presented with a danh mục of your existing Category Layouts. To create a new layout, clichồng the Add New button that appears at the top of the page, next to the title. Next, use the Divi Builder interface lớn create your layout. Hint: Start out by clicking “Insert Columns”.


Configuring A Category Layout

In the left column you will notice a box labeled Categories as well as a box labeled Layout Usage and a box labeled Extra Settings. They allow you to configure when và where your layout will be used on the frontover of your website & if/how the sidebar should be shown.


Products & Projects

In addition to lớn standard blog posts, Extra includes full tư vấn for two other important areas: Projects và Products. If you are a designer looking lớn showcase your recent work, Extra makes it dead simple. Looking lớn sell products to your readers? Extra makes that easy as well with built-in WooCommerce integration.

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Post & Product Reviews

Give sầu your reviews posts some extra polish using Extra’s custom review system. It includes a built-in User Rating System allowing your site’s users lớn rate posts as well. This fosters user engagement & provides valuable insight.