An Introduction To The Extra Theme Demo


Category Builder

The Divi Builder has been extended to categories with a new mix of post-based modules.

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Post & Page Builder

Build beautiful story-driven posts with the Divi Builder"s advanced drag & drop interface.


Fully Responsive

Extra is fully responsive sầu, which means it will look great on any device and screen kích thước.


Ratings và Reviews

Use Extra"s home-brewed Review system và invite users lớn rate your articles as well.


eCommerce Ready

Extra has been built lớn work wonderfully with WooCommerce, complete with custom styles.


Elegant Design

Extra"s thiết kế has been tailored to px perfect perfection. Elegant to lớn its core.


Perpetual Updates

Rest assured that your website will always work with the lakiểm tra version of WordPress.


24/7 Premium Support

Having Trouble? Need help? Our dedicated support staff is waiting khổng lồ put your mind at ease.


The Divi Builder, Now For Categories

Extra takes the Divi Builder framework và extends its advanced Drag & Drop builder power khổng lồ work on your homepage và categories with a br& new set of post-based modules.


The New Extra Category Modules

Extra comes with a new set of Divi Builder modules built specifically for the needs of bloggers and online publications. These new modules can be used to lớn build a variety of different homepage and category layouts. Now you can build a post feed khổng lồ meet the needs of your unique nội dung.

Completely Customizable

Everything about the layouts built with the Divi Builder are completely customizable. Quickly adjust fonts, sizes, colors, spacing & more with just a few clicks. No coding is required! Using the Divi Builder"s Advanced Design Settings, you have complete control over the style & appearance of your page. You can even add Custom CSS.

A Layout For Any Situation

Extra is more than a theme. No longer are you limited to a single static thiết kế, or a set of pre-made layouts. Using the Divi Builder you have sầu complete control over the content và the structure of the category layouts you build.


The Possibilities are Countless

Through the combination of different column structures & modules a wide range of category and homepage designs can be created. Whether you are running a personal blog or a huge online truyền thông media giant, Extra can be tailored to lớn suite your needs.



Divi Builder Compatible

The Divi Builder For Posts & Pages

Extra comes packaged with the Divi Builder, bringing you advanced Drag & Drop building power for every post và page you create. Extra comes with over 40 quality nội dung modules, which are lượt thích building blocks for your page. Simply choose your desired nội dung elements, customize their content và design, and then arrange them in your desired order to build just about anything!

800+ Pre-made Layouts

Over 800 pre-made trang web layouts come packaged right inside of the Divi Builder for miễn phí. Brand new layouts are added weekly along with royalty miễn phí photos, icons, and illustrations. Learn How They Work!

Build Posts & Tell Stories Like Never Before

All of these great features come together in the form of amazing story-driven blog posts that your readers will enjoy. Push the limits of the web as a multi-media platsize and deliver to lớn your audience articles that inspire a new sense of wonder và encourage a higher level of engagement. These are the blog posts of the future.

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Show và Sell

Products và Projects

In addition lớn standard blog posts, Extra also expands on two other important areas: Projects and Products. If you are a designer looking lớn showcase your recent work, Extra makes it dead simple. Looking to lớn sell products to lớn your readers? Extra makes that easy too with perfect WooCommerce integration.

WooCommerce Ready

Extra has given special attention khổng lồ its WooCommerce integration. Everything about the WooCommerce storefront has been re-designed to look right at trang chủ inside of Extra"s sleek và modern design.

Live Demo

Gorgeous Project Portfolios

Extra comes with a new custom post type for Projects, making it easy to create beautiful portfolio pages lớn showcase your most recent work.

Live sầu Demo

Header Options Galore

Customizing your website"s header is easy with Extra. Choose from different layouts, customize fonts, adjust colors, change phông sizes & more. When combined, these settings allow for a wide range of different header styles.

Advanced Mega Menus

Extra comes with a set of custom Mega Menus that were built khổng lồ suit the needs of bloggers & online publications. Display your recent or favorite posts directly in the category drop-down menu!

Secondary & Footer Navigation

Extra comes with three different menu locations. In addition lớn the primary navigation menu, liên kết can also be added to the footer and secondary header locations.

Baông chồng to lớn Top, Fixed Navigation và Smooth Scrolling Link

Extra makes it extremely easy lớn navigate your website. Its fixed header ensures that your most important link are always accessible. If the fixed header is disabled, then the bachồng khổng lồ top button makes it easy lớn return to lớn your main thực đơn after reading long posts.

Tell Your Story

Gorgeous Blog Layouts

Extra places special attention on blog posts, giving you everything you need to lớn accompany your well-written articles. Post format support, user ratings, related posts & author boxes are just a few things you will come to enjoy.

Post Formats For Any Occasion

Extra comes with 7 different post formats, including: Video, Gallery, Map, Quote, Link, Audio & Text. This allows you to create a wide range of posts, each of which will have its layout tailored to the type of content you are publishing.

Live sầu Demo

Geared Towards Visitor Interaction

Extra comes with social truyền thông integration out of the box. All posts have sầu integrated nội dung buttons, and Extra"s Social Follow widget places your social truyền thông profiles & follower counts in cthua kém reach. Posts are augmented with lists of related articles, và author boxes are placed below each post.

Elegantly Responsive

Extra was built lớn look great no matter how you are viewing each. Everything has been built upon a fluid and responsive grid, which means your website will look great on every screen form size and every device.


Product & Post Reviews

Extra was built for bloggers from the ground up. This includes a unique & powerful built-in Đánh Giá system that can be adapted for reviewing any product or service. Extra also makes it easy for your readers khổng lồ rate your posts, providing you with useful feedbaông xã on the chất lượng of your content.

Add a Product Review khổng lồ Any Post

Extra comes with its very own review system, allowing you lớn write detailed sản phẩm nhận xét with custom breakdowns. Recent Đánh Giá are displayed in Extra"s custom Review widget, & nhận xét scores are integrated into all post feeds.

Live sầu Demo

Let Your Readers Review và Share Your Posts

Extra also opens the door for users to lớn rate your posts with a simple star rating system. Posts can then be sorted by rating, & the ratings received can give sầu you insight inkhổng lồ how well each of your articles performs with your particular audience.

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Premium Support

We take support seriously và we take a lot of pride in the level of support we provide khổng lồ our customers. Our team is available around the clochồng và our innovative Divi Support Center makes it easy to interface with our team và get khổng lồ the bottom of any issue.