Ok so I have sầu only watched narukhổng lồ fully and finished the manga. I tried watching bleach. After about 140 episodes I started feeling crap this shit is becoming linear. Among muốn the five which is best according lớn you. Also suggest me the next series after narukhổng lồ. Tell me why too. I heard loads about gintama but the first two episodes din seem that promising..should I endure like 50 episodes or something before it becomes better. What about one piece & fairy clue. Of course generally heard about them.

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I always knew the MC would win no matter what. It was more obvious than narulớn which made me sad. Narukhổng lồ though just talks his way out & converts every hitler to lớn buddha


Gintama is definitely my favorite out of those. The first two episodes aren't meant to be watched first - they're non-canon canon specials. The story starts at episode 3. Be aware that there's a slow start and many people don't really get inkhổng lồ it for a few episodes.

I'd suggest watching an episode or 2 a day until it clicks. That's what I did và eventually, I was binging 5 or more episodes a day.

That said, I really enjoyed One Piece as well - although in my opinion, it has a slow start as well, but not everyone agrees with that. It does have some of the best world building và character interactions I've sầu seen in an anime. It has a perfect mixed of action, comedy, và hype moments.

Gintama lớn me is 11/10. If you don't understand the comedy too much or are not fond of it you may have lớn endure that, but I promise you When you reach any of the arcs, you'll be mind blown and shittin bricks. Besides the obvious comedy and rip offs from other anime, the action , plot và emotion are very on point. Also love the graphics Especially with the newest season . It's worth the 312 episodes in my opinion but it's just me ,

I'd rank them something like:

Gintama | One PiecevvNarutovvNarulớn Shippuden | Bleach | Fairy Tail

Personally, I think Narukhổng lồ, Bleach, and Fairy Tail all start out pretty great but then at some point they just start getting worse & worse.

Noice shitpost, but if you're serious Gintama is probably the strongest overall, và I'd at least try some canon episodes of that before coming khổng lồ any conclusions regarding its unique. One Piece is also allegedly really good, though I haven't actually soldiered through khổng lồ the good parts yet.

In my own personal opinion, One Piece is the best out of the ones you listed. It excels in so many categories. It has great characters, constant development in story & characters, best world building I've ever seen và has some comedy along with the feels which it pulls off perfectly. Also should mention the author is a genius who clearly knows how he wants things khổng lồ go & is committed to bringing us the best content he can. The only downside is the anime isn't near the quality of the manga but it's worth it to lớn still watch & read it

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I haven't watched Gintama and liked Fairy Tail until I just didn't have time for it anymore but One Piece is the most fun of all of them. I started 650 episodes late and powered through khổng lồ about 380 skipping alot of the "filler" episodes before I got too busy with a new job and I miss watching it. I definitely rate it as the best overall of the bunch of the ones I've seen. Bleach và Naruto suffer from the DBZ syndrome of drawing things out just to milk it. I feel Fairy Tail does a bit of that too but the characters are more tolerable despite that I feel

Fairy Tail is repetitive sầu as fuck.

Bleach is mediocre.

Naruto lớn và One Piece are bad adaptations of good manga.

Gintama is a great adaptation và a great show, but is very different from the others you listed.

Most people on this sub generally avoid long running shonen shows because of the amount of investment they require và most of the times only kết thúc up being mediocre anyway.

That being said, the best out of the biggest ones will always be One Piece regardless of who you ask and if you're looking for a suggestion on what to watch next in terms of long running shonen, look no further than to lớn watch the following masterpieces:

Hunter X Hunter

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

YuYu Hakusho

Fma is the best. Perfect mixture of drama action comedy & most of all good one piece is then?

Tldr the other posts so this might be already said; with gintama, you can literally skip like 40 episodes in và start there, the first 2 episodes you saw should've sầu given you a vague intro to some of the characters, gintama is more episodic than arc-based, that being said, the arcs are amazing as well.

Gintama would pretty much be the best. You can't understand the jokes in the manga as they are mostly cultural but you can kind of understand them in the anime. The first two episodes are not that good but from episode 3, it's quite funny. And it has tons of badass fights. The arcs are also pretty interesting. The best arcs you'll find are the Afro arc, the Shogun Assassination arc, the farewell shinsengungươi arc, the shinigami arc, the soul switch arc, the screwdriver arc, the benizakura arc, and well, there are others. And of course, it has cool openings.

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Naruto's a decent show. It did have cool moments (I lượt thích the last 2 movies though). Bleach was lượt thích a trendsetter at the beginning, but after the first 2 or 3 arcs,the shit couldn't be called anime anymore. Same issue with fairy tail, but it lasted a bit longer. One piece is something I haven't watched yet but I heard many positive sầu comments about it & am thinking of watching it.