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Is Vietnam Hosting service really good? believes in helping you achieve long-term success with your trang web, application or project. We help your sites get the best performance with our quality hosting service & support. We provider customer with a wide range of powerful hosting plans including Linux hosting, Windows hosting, SEO hosting, Business hosting, Ecommerce hosting và reseller hosting. Especially, Linux hosting is one of the best-seller hosting plans at With powerful resources of hardware và software, it’s suitable with many source codes lượt thích PHP.., WordPress, Joomla, NukeViet, Drupal... You can sign up for a miễn phí trial plan for 10 days before paying for the most appropriate plan that fits your need.

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What are the features of Linux hosting?

CloudLinux OS

CloudLinux is a Linux based OS. Essentially, it is a mix of kernel modifications khổng lồ the Linux distribution implementing functions to lớn enable system administrator khổng lồ take fine control of their server’s resource use & isolating the users. As a result, the problems with one tài khoản vị not degrade the service performance for others. CloudLinux features:

Personal set of server resources for each customerStable Hosting EnvironmentSecured và Hardened KernelMultiple version of PHPStable MySquốc lộ Database PerformancePowerful hardware

2. Full SSD + RAID 10


Like top hosting in Vietnam, uses Dell VPS và SSD + RAID 10 to lớn optimize performance of your sites, ensures stability and speed up I/O. The resource restrictions (CPU, RAM, I/O…) of each plan are listed on our site, allow users to check their hosting resources from user interface.

We also provide unlimited Sub domains, Parked domains, FTP accounts for all hosting plans. These features allow you khổng lồ manage & set up your site as well as access the VPS easier.

3. IP installation support


At we provide customer with không tính tiền IP.. cài đặt tư vấn. Anytime you need to set up your dedicated IPhường, don’t hesitate lớn tương tác us via gmail support or Điện thoại tư vấn 1900.6046 for không lấy phí help.

5. MySQL version


All shared hosting plans at tư vấn MySquốc lộ version from 5.5, 5.6, MariaDB 10, which allows customer lớn customize parameters & versions of PHP: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1.

6. cPanel lathử nghiệm version


We provide customer with the lakiểm tra version of cPanel with intuitive sầu interface và many tools such as: gmail filter, spam assassin, IP blocker, addon-domain name... CPanel is known as one of the most popular website based hosting control panel that are provided by many hosting vendors lớn site owners all over the world. This control panel allows users khổng lồ manage their sites from a friendly web-based interface. Besides, the tools provided are designed to lớn simplify operating & managing a site. It uses a tiered structure allowing different levels of access. Both end-users và administrators can control the different aspects of the site and the server directly through their browser.

7. Nginx and ModSecurity website server


Shared hosting Vietnam at integrated Nginx & ModSecurity web hệ thống khổng lồ prsự kiện trang web from network attacks. It is toolkit for real time web-app logging, monitoring và access control. ModSecurity prevents trang web from suffering Layer-7 attacks, like local tệp tin inclusion, Squốc lộ injection and cross‑site scripting. These threats accounted for 95% of known Layer-7 attacks in Quarter 1. 2017. ModSecurity can handle the tasks below:

Full HTTPhường traffic loggingReal-time application security monitoring and access controlWeb application hardeningContinuous passive security assessment


8. DDOS migration plugin shared hosting integrates DDOS migration Plugin in order lớn minimize the impact of DDOS attacks. Our DDoS mitigation is a mix of tools for resisting the impact of DDoS attacks on networks by protecting the relay và target networks. Identifying normal conditions for network traffic by defining “traffic patterns” is necessary for threat detection và alerting. Also, DDoS mitigation identifies incoming traffic khổng lồ separate valid traffic from hijacked web browsers và human-like bots.

The next DDOS migration progress is implemented by comparing signatures as well as checking the different attributes of the site traffic (including, cookie variations, IPhường addresses and HTTPhường headers). After the detection is completed, the next process is filtering. This progress can be completed by anti-DDoS technology such as connection tracking IPhường reputation lists, deep packet inspection, rate limiting.

9. Free Aulớn SSL


All Vietphái mạnh website hosting at is integrated free Auto lớn SSL in order to:

Verify the authentiđô thị, reliability of the trang web & enhance the reputation of individuals/businesses.Make sure that all data, information exchanged between the website and the user is encrypted, avoiding the risk of interference.Ensure the security of website.

10. Automated backups

* provides customer with 7 regular backups support over the last 7 days. Just one-clichồng restores with R1Soft will bring your whole site bachồng online within minutes, if not seconds! Continuous Data Protection of R1Soft provides user with an effective sầu way khổng lồ baông xã up - restore files & MySQL databases on a Flex VPS.

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After R1Soft is activated for your tài khoản, you don’t have sầu to bởi any additional task. R1Soft will start khổng lồ automatically generate backups of your hệ thống and stores enough backups khổng lồ cover the past month. There are a total of 10-backups including a backup for each of the recent 7-days và a backup for each of the remaining 3-weeks.

If a your site get trouble, or you need khổng lồ restore data for some reason, the R1Soft Server Backup Manager enables you to lớn access your backups using a convenient website interface.

11. Tier 3 data center + 99.99% uptime commitment


At, 99.9% uptime is the highest priority commitment. We all know that there’s nothing more vital than having a 24/7 operating hosting. Please note that anything commitment below 99% is unacceptable. Premium accounts usually boast of 99.99% or even better uptime. To provide customer with best web hosting in Vietnam, we ensure that our servers are all located at system of Tier 3 Data center (Viettel IDC và VNPT DATA).

You can traông chồng your hosting with server monitoring tools. Many of them are available either for miễn phí, or at the very least offer a trial period. They are efficient & so easy lớn use: Uptime Robot, StatusCake, UpTimeDoctor,…

wpuonline.comLive chat: 1900 6046

Anytime you get trouble with your shared hosting, please contact us and wait for our respond within minimum 15 minutes. That’s why after 10 years of experience in this field, we have sầu not only the loyal customer in Vietnam but also many customers around the world.Find out more:<BEST> -CheapVietNamWebHostingFullSSD|


How khổng lồ check examples of trang web using Hosting with Google Page Speed Insight


Google Page Speed Insights is a tool that allows you to thử nghiệm the tốc độ of a web page quickly và easily. It also shows what your site needs to lớn be fixed or optimized to improve sầu loading speed and VPS performance.


For using Google page tốc độ Insights, all you need khổng lồ vày is entering a URL you want khổng lồ kiểm tra & hitting “Analyze” or “Enter” button. This tool will get you a detailed report of what’s slowing that page based on 2 parameters (Time khổng lồ above-the-fold load and Time to full page load), complete with recommendations on how to lớn fix it quickly. Besides, there are 2 concept you need to lớn notice:

Page Speed Insights measures the performance of a page for desktop/mobile. This operating is including 2 processes: fetching the URL one time with a sản phẩm điện thoại user-agent, & one time with a desktop-user agent. Page Speed Score ranges from 0 to 100 points, và the higher score is betteryou’re your site get the score of 85 or above that means it has good performance.

At, we show the examples of the sites using our hosting plans on each hosting service page. Just clichồng khổng lồ feel and check the load tốc độ with google page speed for experience!


Who are customers of hosting service?

Hosting is popular to both individual and business customer in the fields of web development, web kiến thiết and others. There four main customer groups of hosting services:

Web developers (s& box, development platkhung, bespoke scripts & software).Web designers (svà box, multi-site hosting, hosting client’s sites).Advanced webmasters (dynamic functionality, large websites, multi-site hosting, database VPS & gmail server, bespoke scripts & software). Businesses (data storage, high resource trang web, truyền thông media streaming, ecommerce, database và gmail server).

At, we have the best experts of server và hosting technology. Unlượt thích many other hosting providers in Vietnam, our staffers can tư vấn foreign customer in English fluently. They will handle your issues 24/7 quickly và solve sầu the ones that shared hosting will not even get into lớn.

Can I get any On-Page SEO support from

On-page SEO refers to lớn all measures which you can take directly within the site so as lớn improve sầu its position in the search rankings. Also, concentrating on on-page SEO will increase the probability that your off-page SEO strategy will get success. Examples of this include measures to lớn optimize many factors like, content, design, heading, meta-mô tả tìm kiếm, tags & so on. While off-page SEO refers khổng lồ link và other signals.

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If registering a hosting plan at, you will get a free on-page SEO tư vấn from our SEO experts. We will support you khổng lồ optimize essential on-page SEO nội dung below:

URL: Enhance visibility with SEO-Friendly URLsTitle: Always include keywordsImages: Optimize images (kích cỡ, name, ALT…)404 error message: Build a friendly 404 personalized error page.Heading: Wrap your titles in H1 tags and subheadings in H2 tagsUse Structured data markupMeta Description: Write feature focused meta descriptionLink: Add outbound links, internal linking with văn bản đặt trong liên kết Text: Use natural language và increase content lengthContent: Write quality và unique contentAdd-ons: Add social sharing buttonsLoad speed: Cheông xã và boost site speedDesign: Ensure responsive thiết kế, better readability & encourage blog comments

If you want to optimize on-page SEO yourself, then install Yoast SEO to see what need to improve sầu & how to lớn vì it. Besides, also provides SEO hosting that isIntegratedSEO AND MARKETING TOOLS Plugins on SEO Hosting plan help you lớn improve sầu your SEO process.

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Can we sign up for a không lấy phí trial plan? is a professional provider with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of Hosting, Server, VPS, Cloud, Website, Email, SSL, License and other services. Currently, we provide customer with 6 options of hosting service: Linux hosting, Windows hosting, SEO hosting, Business hosting, Ecommerce hosting and reseller hosting. If you want khổng lồ register the không tính phí web hosting Vietnam giới for 10 days, bởi not hesitate khổng lồ tương tác us for help:

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