Learn how lớn easily customize your Hestia Pro powered website by visually editing each element. You"ll just need to install và activate the WordPress plugin.

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About this ThemeHestia Pro is a multipurpose WordPress theme made by the ThemeIsle team. The theme is great for startups businesses, freelancers, bloggers và ecommerce sites.

As soon as you install the theme it looks lượt thích a one page template with sections dividing your content.



All of which you can enable/disable và change order.

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Here are some demos of the sections and how easy & fast you can customize them

Features Section


Hestia Pro features section


Hestia Pro pricing section

Testimonials Section


A major difference with other themes that use sections is that you can use this layout in all your pages. You can have sầu a trang chính page lượt thích this và any other page you need to create an interesting browsing experience for your users.

The authors chose a Material Design Kit for Bootstrap to style the template making it sliông chồng & modern.

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Main Features

SliderAdvanced customization optionsSection re orderingCompatible with Elementor, Jetpaông xã, WooCommerce,Updated documentationGreat supportTranslation readyIf you use (or plan lớn use) this Theme...

CSS Hero can help you deeply và quickly customize the Hestia Pro Theme, solving some comtháng issues like:

How to lớn customize fonts in the Hestia Pro WordPress Theme, lớn make fonts biggers or change typeface for titles and header textsHow to lớn change CSS background image on the Hestia Pro WordPress Theme and build background fadesHow to change colors and styles on Hestia Pro WordPress Theme How khổng lồ change form size of page widthHow lớn change CSS style of top navigation buttonsCustomize the CSS style of navigation thực đơn on the Hestia Pro Theme How lớn customize the footer on the Hestia Pro WordPress Theme
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