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A2 Hosting is the only host where you can use cPanel and host your sites on high-performance SwiftServers. Looking for abigger speed boost? Host on our Turbo Serversfeaturing page load speeds up khổng lồ 20Xfaster than standard hosting. Get started now risk free with our Money-Bachồng Guarantee!

Unlimited WebsitesUnlimitedSSD StorageFree và Easy Site MigrationFreeAutomatic BackupsMoney-Back GuaranteeKey Features
2XResourcesUnlimited WebsitesFree Server Rewind Data Backup ProtectionPerformance Plus Traffic Spike Protection OptionUnlimited Databases
Unlimited WebsitesUnlimitedNVMeStorageFree & Easy Site MigrationFreeAutomatic BackupsTurbo(Up To 20X Faster)Money-Baông chồng GuaranteeKey Features
2XResourcesUnlimited WebsitesFree Server Rewind Data Backup ProtectionPerformance Plus Traffic Spike Protection OptionUnlimited DatabasesUnlimited E-Mail Accounts
Up To 20X FASTER Page LoadsImproved Conversion RatesHigher SEO RankingsLower tỷ lệ thoát RatesHandle Up To 9X More TrafficUp To 40% FASTER AMD EPYC CPU PerformanceUp To 2X FASTER To First ByteNVMe Drive - Up To 3X FASTER Read/Write SpeedLiteSpeed Speed Enhanced Web Server
UnlimitedWebsitesUnlimitedNVMe StorageFree& Easy Site MigratiionFreeAutomatic BackupsTurbo(Up To 20X Faster)5X More ResourcesMoney-Back GuaranteeKey Features
2XResourcesUnlimited WebsitesFree Server Rewind Data Backup ProtectionPerformance Plus Traffic Spike Protection OptionUnlimited DatabasesUnlimited Email Accounts
Up To 20X FASTER Page LoadsImproved Conversion RatesHigher SEO RankingsLower tỷ lệ thoát RatesHandle Up To 9X More TrafficUp To 40% FASTER AMD EPYC CPU PerformanceUp To 2X FASTER To First ByteNVMe Drive sầu - Up To 3X FASTER Read/Write SpeedLiteSpeed Speed Enhanced Web Server

Here are just a few of the cPanel Hosting benefits you'll experience with usthat make A2 Hostingthe very best!

Up To 20X Faster Turbo

That means better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates và higher conversion rates!

Guru Crew Support

Free Account Migration

Our team can move your site to A2 Hosting for không tính tiền in most cases!

Money-Bachồng Guarantee

Give our high tốc độ hosting service a try completely risk-free!

99.9% Uptime Commitment

A2 Hosting is the host you can depover on with ultra-reliable servers!



Short for Web Host Manager, WHM is included with our Reseller accounts allowing your customers to access cPanel"s backkết thúc. Its features include letting you create và manage user accounts and establish sản phẩm pricing.

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Softaculous is a tool found in cPanel lớn auto-install hundreds of the most popular software application. Setup WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop and more with just 1-cliông chồng.



Ajenti is a Python-based control panel. Ajenti provides its users with an excellent alternative sầu lớn both commercial và open source control panel options for managing an account.


SEO Panel

SEO Panel makes it easy for you lớn manage your search engine optimization for all of your websites. SEO Panel includes backliên kết checks, keyword position kiểm tra and more!



Plesk is a user-friendly control panel used lớn manage Windows Hosting accounts. Use Plesk for the easy management of your files, sites, emails, databases & more.


cPanelhosting empowers a website's owner with a wide variety of options and a high màn chơi of control, all with an easy to lớn use và approachable graphical interface. If you're a web developer looking for a deeper màn chơi of information & control than simple content management systems or website templates,cPanelweb hosting is an excellent option for you to lớn consider.

cPaneloffers access to lớn and control over a site's attached tin nhắn accounts (including autoresponders, filtering, gmail authentications, and spam filters), privacy và security options (including banned IPs, password protection for directories và files, & several other built-in security features), và tên miền management (including subdomains, parked domains, addon domains, và redirects). cPanel web hosting also offers the user a wide variety of third-các buổi party apps - of which there are plenty, considering that cPanel has been consistent, widespread use since 1997.

Easily accessed, modified, & managed files, including a simple and straightforward file browser, và site statistic logging are also built into cPanel. With these highly useful features, you'll be able to not only control the files you put up for the world to lớn see, but also be able to lớn view the data on the users who work with those files.

Besides the features above sầu, cPanel also gives webmasters control over their data và content via MySQL and PostgreSQL database management. User-created and user-submitted nội dung is often one of the main factors in developing a website that keeps users coming baông xã repeatedly, and direct database management through cPanel is a highly useful feature of our hosting service.

Besides this basic functionality, cPanel offers its users access khổng lồ a large number of third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ apps that can either automate tedious, repetitive sầu processes or exp& upon cPanel's already versatile capabilities. You'll be able to customize cPanel khổng lồ offer the services you want lớn see when managing your trang web easily this way, ensuring that you can spend the bulk of your time on the website itself rather than back-kết thúc features that users will never see.

cPanel hosting is a tried-and-true method of managing a website. Constant use has honed its functionality down khổng lồ the most powerful tools available while at the same time making the presentation easy to understand và master. cPanel gives you, the webmaster, ultimate control over the nội dung và presentation of your site - you can get your hands dirty in databases themselves, tap inkhổng lồ the inner workings of your site, or leave it to more experienced hands via outside apps while at the same time holding on to the final say.

When you work with cPanel, you're working with a choice - your website becomes & stays yours, enabling you to work with its nội dung & presentation as much or as little as you want. Devote your time where you want to lớn vị so, not where you have sầu to. Where other web management software forces you lớn learn its inner workings in order khổng lồ be able to perform the simplest of tasks, cPanel's graphic nature và intuitive presentation ensure that you won't have sầu khổng lồ constantly be referring to documentation và message boards khổng lồ accomplish the tasks you want.

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We offer the faskiểm tra hosting services at some of the lowest prices available! We are a cPanel host that offers SSD hosting, providing a massive boost to your site's speed, as well as several available data centers, ensuring that you're not sending nội dung around the world & baông chồng again to lớn reach local users.

A2 Hosting is a cPanel host that combines the strength and versatility of cPanel itself with the blazing fast connection tốc độ, extremely helpful customer service and support, and a broad danh sách of powerful features that those other web hosts in the world can't provide.

Your A2 Hosting trương mục is loaded with features all designed to lớn make your life easier! Below is a breakdown of just some of the features included with your account!

Files Features

File Manager- View và manage all of the files in yourcPanel Hostingtài khoản. Use the File Manager khổng lồ upload files, add folders, copy files, move sầu files, upload files, tải về files, delete files, restore files, rename files and edit files. There is also an HTML editor within the File ManagerImage Management - Gives you the ability to edit và manage all of the images included in your hosting tài khoản. You'll find a number of image tools including:Thumbnails - Generate thumbnails within your image directories.Image Scaler - Edit the size of the images in your image directories.Image File Converter - Update the file type for your images including .jpg image files và .png image files.Directory Privacy - The directory privacy feature enhancesthe security of your hosting account.When enabled, the directory privacy feature users who attempt lớn access specific directories will be required to lớn enter a username and password.Disk Usage - View the amount of disk space that is being used by each of your hosting accounts' directories.Web Disk - A Web Disk account gives you the ability to lớn edit, upload, view và tải về files on your hosting account.FTPhường Accounts - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to manage your web hosting account's files with FTP clients like Filezilla. Create và manage your FTP accounts within cPanel!FTPhường Connections - View who has accessed your trương mục via FTP & stop connections from unwanted users.Backup - Download all of your hosting accounts' files khổng lồ a zip tệp tin. It's a good idea khổng lồ download your site from time lớn time. That wayyou have sầu a backup in case you make a mistake on your site và need khổng lồ revert it to a previous version.Backup Wizard - Gives you another option to download your site or restore it from previously saved backup files.Git Version Control - Do you have sầu multiple users working on your account? Version control allows you to lớn save sầu your site's files và keep trachồng of any changes that have been made to them.

Easily install the most popular software to your trương mục with a few clicks of your mouse. There's no need khổng lồ upload or tải về files. Softaculous will just walk you through installing the software with a few simple clicks of your mouse. Easily install solutions like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magenkhổng lồ, OpenCart và more lớn your trương mục. Just some of the options included are:

Blogs - WordPress, Nucleus, b2evolution & moreCMS - Joomla, Drupal, MODX, Concrete5 và moreeCommerce - AbanteCart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magenlớn, osCommerce và moreProject Management - Mantis, eyeOS, Feng Office, phpCollab, Traq và moreFrameworks - Laravel, CodeIgniter, yii, Booststrap, CakePHP.. & more

Manage all of your account's databases in cPanel! Here are all of the database features available in cPanel.

MySQL Databases - Create databases,modifydatabases and tìm kiếm your databases.MySQL Database Wizard - The MySquốc lộ Database Wizard will walk you through the thiết lập ofyour databases. Use the wizard khổng lồ create a database, create database users and adding users to your databases.Remote MySQL - Allows you khổng lồ add adomain name foryour visitors khổng lồ connect to your MySQL databases.PostgreSQL Databases - Create and manage PostgreSQL databases.PostgreSQL Database Wizard - Use the Wizard khổng lồ create PostgreSQL databases, setup PostgreSquốc lộ database users andadd PostgreSquốc lộ users.phpPGAdmin - Use this tool specifically designed for themanagement of your PostgreSQL databases.

You can manage all of your domains with the domain features found in your cPanel tài khoản.

Site Advertiser - Choose a template and quickly kiến thiết a site with the built-inWYSIWYG editor. While you can use the Site Publisher khổng lồ thiết kế your permanent site, it's also a great tool for generating a temporary site. That way you can announce your online presence & your audience can find your tương tác information. That's a lot better than a "Coming Soon" or "Under Construction" page.Domains - Create new domains, manage your domains và thiết đặt email!Addon Domains - The perfect way to host additional domains on your account.Subdomains - A subtên miền allows you to create a new trang web without using a new domain name. "subtên miề" is an example of a subtên miền. Create new subdomains by selecting the domain you want lớn use.Aliases - A domain name alias allows your domain name to be viewable from a different domain. For example, a tên miền alias would allow to lớn be viewed on - A tên miền redirect permanently moves one domain name khổng lồ another. This is often important for SEO purposes. For example, if you wanted to permanently move sầu khổng lồ, you would use the redirect tool.DNS Zone Editor - The Domain Name System (DNS) converts your domain name name into lớn IP addresses that can be read by computers. DNS zone files configure your tên miền name with the correct IP address. Manage your A Record, CNAME Record and MX Record for each of your domains with the DNS Zone Editor.

cPanel is loaded with tools lớn help you get the most out of thetin nhắn hostingfeatures included with your A2 Hosting account!

Barracudomain authority Spam Filtering - At A2 Hosting, you can get enhanced spam filtering via Barracudomain authority. Barracuda will scan each incoming tin nhắn for potential scams, spam và potentially dangerous messages. Each day you will receive a summary gmail with the messages that were flagged by the Barracudomain authority filter. You can then view the messages anddecide if you want lớn have sầu those messages delivered.Email Accounts - Create email accounts, delete gmail accounts and check email.Forwarders - A forwarder automatically sends an incoming gmail from one account to lớn another. This is especially helpful if you have sầu multiple gmail addresses, but only want to kiểm tra one tin nhắn box.Email Routing - Configure the route of an tin nhắn message so it's sent to lớn a VPS that you specify.Autoresponders - Configure automated tin nhắn responses to lớn incoming messages. This a great way lớn stay in tương tác with anyone emailing you when you're on vacation or away from your computer.Mailing Lists - Senda message khổng lồ a single email address that sends lớn multiple email addresses.Global Thư điện tử Filters - Filters make it much easier to manage messagesyou receive for all tin nhắn accounts on your cPanel trương mục. Some of the available actions include automatically deleting the message, redirecting the tin nhắn lớn another address, sover khổng lồ a specific folder & more.Email Filters - Setup filters for individual gmail accounts.Thư điện tử Deliverability -Use this tool to lớn find any issueswith your email-related DNS records for each of your domains.The system uses yourrecords lớn ensuresother servers can trust it as thesender.Spam Filters - Our Spam Filters uses Apabít SpamAssassin. When you turn this tool on, emails with spam scores higher than 5 will have sầu headers updated identifying the message as spam. You can also setup Auto-Delete to lớn automatically delete those emails with high spam scores.Encryption- Use cPanel's encryption feature to lớn prevent your messages from reaching and being viewed by unwanted readers. Encrypted tin nhắn messages need a key lớn be able to be read by the message's recipient.BoxTrapper - Requires each person who sends you an gmail khổng lồ be on your whitedanh sách before the message is delivered. If the sender is not on your whitedanh mục, they must clichồng a links in a verification message.Calendars and Contacts - cPanel uses the CardDAVaddress book client allows you to share and access tương tác information on a server. cPanel also uses CalDAV, an mạng internet standard for accessing calendar data on a server.Thư điện tử Disk Usage - Delete old messages on your tài khoản to recover additional disk space on your account.Remote MX Wizard - Setup the MX records và other services for your email provider. For example, you can use G Suite with your tài khoản allowing your email service to lớn be hosted by Google.

Your A2 Hosting cPanel account is loaded with softwareto lớn help you build your tài khoản and maximize its performance.

CloudFlare - CloudFlare is a versatile content delivery network (CDN). When you useCloudFlare, you get access lớn features like:Global Caching - Improve your site's performance with content caching from over 100 global datacenters. Your site's static nội dung is stored in a data center hosted close lớn your visitor, decreasing latency.Enhanced Security - CloudFlare helps protect your site against DDoS attacks and other vulnerabilities.CDN Statistics - Get insights inkhổng lồ CloudFlare's performance including the number of security vulnerabilities it has protected you against & the amount of bandwidth saved.Site Performance - CloudFlare offers a number of tools lớn help you get the fastest site performance including image optimization & network connection optimizations (meaning third-party tools won't be able to slow down your site!).PHPhường Pear Packages - Find & install PHPhường extensions, allowing you lớn perkhung PHPhường tasks.Perl Modules - Find and install Perl Modules to help you with your Perl development.Optimize Website - Improve your site's performance by selecting content compression settings.DropMySute - Sign up foran enhanced trương mục backup solution complete with:Daily backupsInstantly download backups và restore your site on demandDatabase backupsSearch backup filesSetup Pynhỏ nhắn App - Create your Python apps using this tool!

A2 Hosting takes security seriously! In fact, we have our own exclusivePerpetual Securityfeatures that are always running on your account. Below is a breakdown of the security features included in cPanel, as a part of our Perpetual Security initiative sầu.

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SSH Access - Secure Socket Shell (SSH) provides secure file transfers and remote logins through your internet connection. Use the SSH Access feature in cPanel lớn manage your SSH Keys. These keys are used during the authentication process.IP Blocker - Designate specific IP addresses that you vị not want accessing your site.SSL/TLS - Create, view & upload your private keys, Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) & SSL Certificates.SSL/TLS Status - View the SSL status for each of your domains.Hotlink Protection - Prevents users from direct linking to lớn your site's files. For example, this would prsự kiện someonefrom displaying an image from your site on their own site using an tag. This featureultimately helps you save and maximize your account's bandwidth.Leech Protection - Stops your account's users from sharing or posting their passwords lớn your site. Any accounts that have sầu been compromised can be redirected lớn a URL of your choosing.Two-Factor Authentication - An excellent way khổng lồ prsự kiện unauthorized access lớn your tài khoản. With Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), not only vì chưng you need your password khổng lồ be able lớn log into lớn your tài khoản, but a chất lượng passcode will be generated on the smart device of your choosing when logging in. That passcode will also need khổng lồ be entered to lớn access your tài khoản. That means even if your password is compromised, unauthorized account access will be prevented because the malicious user will not be able lớn generate và enter achất lượng passcode from your smart device.

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