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I signed up khổng lồ Mat Bao, reviewed their chất lượng features, tested how easy they are khổng lồ use, checked with support on several issues, & tested the tốc độ of the live sầu site. When done, I tried to cancel my account và receive a refund. This is my experience with Mat Bao - I hope you can learn from it.May 13, 2019
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Vietnam-based web hosting provider Mat Bao was established more than 16 years ago. It focuses on the provision of website hosting solutions that include cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud servers, & tên miền name registration services. Mat Bao’s website is available in Vietnamese.

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Features and Ease of Use


Mat Bao’s web hosting solutions include the following standard features:

Plesk/WHM/cPanel control panelSSD storage disksSoftaculous one-clichồng installer with 400+ scriptsMySQL databases99.9% uptime guaranteePHPhường support (multiple versions)Unlimited FTP. accountsSSL certificatesCron jobs

Mat Bao’s servers are located in data centers in Vietnam and Singapore, which are equipped with high-end hardware configurations including enterprise-grade cloud servers powered by Supermicro. Moreover, these servers are built on Virtuozzo 7 & clustering technology for fast và reliable performance.

The cloud servers run both LinuxWindows OS platforms, & they use SSD storage for safe and super-fast data storage. For each kind of hosting – Linux và Windows – there are six plans: Cloud Host 1, Cloud Host 2, Cloud Host 3, Cloud Host 4, Cloud Host 5, and Cloud Host 6.

The most basic Cloud Host 1 package is designed for individuals with small websites. It comes with 1 GB (HDD or SSD) disk storage, 15 GB monthly bandwidth, 3 subdomains, and hosting for one website.

Mat Bao offers không lấy phí Acronis backup services to lớn its cloud VPS customers, which means that users have access to full backup and restoration services for quick recovery of data files in the event of a disaster.

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Although Mat Bao has included không lấy phí SSL certificates in its hosting solutions, clients who want more advanced trang web security can purchase other SSL certificates (from GeoTrust, Comovì chưng SSL, or Symantec SSL) as a separate package.

Pricing và Support


Mat Bao’s hosting plans are reasonably priced, especially considering they come with advanced cloud-based hosting features. You pay monthly in Vietnamese dong, và you get an unconditional 30-day money-baông chồng guarantee plus a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

There are two types of support: miễn phí support & fee-based advanced technical support. Free support queries take longer khổng lồ answer on a first come, first served basis. For faster 24/7 support, you may be better off paying the fee. That said, I got some good answers via live chat as a prospective sầu customer with no formal support contract.

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Although there are a few FAQs, there is no formal knowledge base for self-tư vấn as far as I can see.

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