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It"s important to lớn pair a well designed website with a great web host that will ensure the most reliable service. Ten Ten Studquả táo has years of experience matching a website project with the correct level of hosting based on a variety of factors: content management system (we recommover và develop in Drupal), expected volume of traffic, whether or not the site will need e-commerce features, etc.

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Contact us và we will be happy to lớn discuss your hosting needs for your specific project or read on for more information.

Shared Hosting

For lower-volume Drupal-based websites we have worked with two large shared hosting companies, AN Hosting & Arvixe cộ. While such a solution worked for us for many years, in the past 36 months we have seen shared hosting solutions from both providers become extremely unstable, to lớn the point where we cannot recommkết thúc either provider. More to the point, we simply cannot recommkết thúc low-cost shared hosting at all anymore. As such, we have developed our own VPS VPS (see below) that we use for our current and future clients. While this is still technically shared hosting in that the server"s resources are shared aý muốn our clients, the performance is much better as the resources are not shared aước ao thousands of sites, including those that are poorly coded or malicious in intent as is the case with typical shared hosting.

Our VPS is hosted by Linode, a company founded in 2003 as a platsize for developers khổng lồ use when building their websites and website applications. They dove head first into lớn VPS virtualization when most other web hosts were still deploying individual servers for their clients. Over time they have sầu steadily increased the performance of their servers to lớn the point where they are now on the cutting edge of technology, using solid state drives (SSD) for their storage khổng lồ provide the highest degree of stability & tốc độ. Rates for this level of reliable shared hosting are currently $đôi mươi per month.

Dedicated/VPS Hosting

Sites that expect higher traffic, increased database connections, or require additional layers of security (for example, e-commerce PCI compliance) are wise lớn look at dedicated or virtual private servers (VPS.) These options are a step up from shared hosting because your trang web does not have to lớn share (hence the term) the resources of the VPS with hundreds & perhaps even thousands of other websites. Furthermore, there is less risk of downtime due to another website"s poor code causing server slowdowns or other service interruptions.

A VPS is similar khổng lồ a dedicated hệ thống in that the site owner has full control over all facets of the server -- however, there may be several other virtualized instances running on the same physical machine. While this may sound a lot like shared hosting, the key difference is that each virtualized instance can not impact another. So if your neighbor crashes their virtual hệ thống, yours is not impacted. Plus, there are far fewer virtual servers on the same physical machine than would be on a shared hosting package.

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Dedicated servers offer the highest màn chơi of control, privacy, performance, và resources. Your website will be the only one on the server & you will have sầu full control over the hệ thống as if it were physically sitting in front of you.

Ten Ten Studtiện ích ios has partnered with Liquid Web for our VPS & dedicated VPS needs. We chose Liquid Web primarily because of their excellent service record. Prior khổng lồ launching our first VPS website we spoke with other clients of theirs and received glowing Review on Liquid Web"s uptime & their support system. Pricing varies depending on hệ thống specifications, but a solid, basic VPS costs approximately $100 per month.

Linode is a pioneer in the VPS virtualization space, founded in 2003 as a tool for website & software developers. They now host servers for major web content providers such as the satirical web newspaper, The Onion as well as the rights management consortium Creative Commons.

Liquid Web designs, builds, maintains, and owns three top tier data centers which are connected lớn the largest Internet backbones in the United States. They have sầu redundant power, cooling, and security subsystems for fantastic reliability.

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If you’re interested in a new trang web, website application, or database we’re looking forward to speaking with you. hotline us at (615) 461-0107 or use our contact khung.

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