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Impreza is a popular & highly rated premium theme that gives you lots of customization options to make your site chất lượng. Developed by UpSolution, it also includes WPBakery (previously known as Visual Composer) & Slider Revolution premium plugins. Read all about the theme in our Impreza đánh giá.

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About Impreza

Impreza is aao ước the most popular và highly rated themes on Themeforest with over 16,000 sales.

Impreza is developed by UpSolution Themes. As developers specializing in WordPress themes, they also have two other highly rated themes available on Themeforest.

Features of Impreza

Impreza is focused on customization features, so you can easily create a quality site without knowing any code. Here are the main features that set this theme apart.

Easy Setup With Demo Content

Impreza comes with the option of installing test nội dung for various types of sites. This can be a useful shortcut for setting up your site, if one of the demos is similar khổng lồ the style you want khổng lồ achieve.

After installing and activating the theme, you’ll see this welcome screen:


You can clichồng the Go khổng lồ Demo Import button here, or navigate lớn Impreza » Demo Import from the main menu.

There are seven demos available:

main test (mặc định design)one pagecreative agency


After clicking on the thử nghiệm you’d lượt thích to import, you can select whether you’d like to install the nội dung, theme options, and/or revolution sliders.


Customizable Design

If you already have sầu your own nội dung set up, or if you want lớn modify the demo nội dung, there are plenty of options to lớn vì so.

Under Impreza » Theme Options, you can adjust many of the site và kiến thiết settings.


You can choose a full width or boxed design under Layout Options, và also phối the width of the nội dung, sidebar, etc.

Under Styling, you can enable or disable rounded corners to lớn your theme elements, choose whether to lớn underline links, and either choose a predefined color scheme or enter your own colors.


There are lots of options for customizing the site header, và you can also create your own with a drag and drop editor – more on how that works below.


Under Typography, you can choose any Google Font and also phối the fonts kích thước and weight for any element.


There are also 6 different blog layouts, with the option lớn customize each one.

Parallax Effects

When creating a new page, you can phối up parallax effects for the header background image.


Take a look at the Title Bar Options section & choose a background image. Below that, you can select a Parallax Effect:

Vertical Parallax: background image scrolls down at a slower tốc độ than the pageVertical Reversed Parallax: image moves down instead of up as the user scrolls downHorizontal Parallax: image moves left or right opposite mouse movement on hover

5 Widget Areas Plus Unlimited Custom Areas

Impreza comes with five sầu built-in widget areas: one for your default sidebar, & four for the footer.

There’s also an option to lớn create your own custom widget area.


Just type in a name for your widget area và cliông xã Add Widget Area, & then you can add whatever widgets you want khổng lồ it.

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There are two ways to use your new widget area:

display globally on certain types of pages (blog posts, portfolio items, etc.)display it on a specific page in the Sidebar box when creating or editing the page

You can phối the first option under the Theme Options menu.

When editing a page, you can only choose one sidebar, but you can position it on either the right or left. So, your custom sidebar will replace the default (you can’t display both).

Impreza also includes a number of custom widgets:


Header Builder

Impreza comes with a Header Builder plugin you can install via the Impreza » Addons thực đơn.

The header builder allows you lớn create a unique custom header using a drag and drop editor.

There are 3 rows & 3 columns you can add elements lớn.


Header elements include text, images, menus, tìm kiếm fields, social icons, etc.

Premium Plugins

Impreza comes packaged with a few premium plugins at no extra charge.

Firstly it includes WPBakery (previously known as Visual Composer), a drag và drop visual editor you can use to create your pages and posts. See how it works in our WPBakery Đánh Giá.

It also includes an addon for WPBakery called Ultimate Addons, which adds many more elements you can place on your pages. It also allows you to add parallax effects and animations to your elements.

The Impreza documentation recommends disabling the Ultimate Addons plugin if you’re not using it, since it can slow down your site.

Impreza also includes the Slider Revolution plugin, which allows you to lớn create complex sliders. Read our Slider Revolution Review for more details.

Try Before You Buy

Impreza has a feature that lets you try the theme out before you buy it. You can actually migrate your existing site content over to the thử nghiệm site, test compatibility with other plugins, và try out all the features to lớn see what your site would look lượt thích using Impreza.


Blank Child Theme Included

For more advanced users, Impreza also includes a child theme for you in case you want khổng lồ implement your own customizations without losing them when the theme updates. This is a big time saver for those who lượt thích lớn customize their themes.

Documentation và Support

Impreza has thorough documentation that goes over how khổng lồ use all the features, plus a FAQ.


It’s searchable so you can find the information you need.

Support is available via tư vấn forums for registered users. A response takes up to lớn 36 hours Monday through Friday, with no support available on weekends. Your purchase includes 6 months of tư vấn with the option to extkết thúc for 12 more months.

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Our Score

Impreza is a well designed, modern-looking theme with plenty of options for customization. It’s easy to use with a user-friendly interface. The chạy thử nội dung feature makes it easier to get started with designing your site.

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