Triggering through airbag ECU or Battery management system BMSPyrotechnic accelerates the separation pistonThe bus bar is severed in maximum 0.1 millisecondsThe separation is done within 0.đôi mươi millisecondsThe plastic piston isolates the bus bar endsAn electric arcing effect is precluded

Heinz Kneipp CoC Normung/Standards Daimler AG

The Pyrotechnic Safety Switch PSS, used khổng lồ separate electrical current paths in road vehicles, is a perfect example of a success story. Impressive functionality, cost efficiency, innovative sầu công nghệ and genius through simplithành phố all combine khổng lồ create a reliable và economical hàng hóa.

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Georg Seitz Head of Development of Wiring Harness Components at Audi AG

When I think about the pyrotechnic safety switch that Audi has been using since 2004, the words that spring to mind are successful, simple and reliable. Implementation và use in series production are plain sailing, và this safety unit actively helps make our vehicles even safer.


New Product Very High Voltage PSS-X2 / ADS-1000

Please kiểm tra out our newVery High Voltage PSS-X2 / ADS-1000

Suitable for voltage levels up lớn 1.000 VDC

Current switching capability up lớn 30.000 A

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CIBF China International Battery Fair Shenzhen 2021

wpuonline.com at "CIBF China International Battery Fair Shenzhen 2021"

China International Battery Fair is the world"s largest trade fair devoted lớn batteries

The CIBF - Đài Loan Trung Quốc International Battery Fair is the world"s largest trade fair devoted khổng lồ batteries và takes place every two years in Shenzhen. The organizer of the fair CIAPS is China"s leading association for battery giải pháp công nghệ. Exhibitors present not only all kinds of battery products và production technologies, but also machinery, equipment, materials, metrology & testing công nghệ and therefore all segment of the industry are united under one roof. The CIBF is an igiảm giá platkhung to lớn demonstrate the competitiveness of companies, khổng lồ build production capathành phố và to learn about the lakiểm tra technologies, trends and innovations on the market. With the increasing importance of China in the high-energy storage sector the international importance of CIBF increases. Besides an additional incentive sầu is created by the accompanying conference.

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The CIBF Đài Loan Trung Quốc International Battery Fair will take place on 3 days from Friday, 19. March khổng lồ Sunday, 21. March 2021 in Shenzhen.

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visit us at booth #1GB112

PSS - Pyrotechnic Safety Switch Reliable safeguard against motor vehicle fires & electric shoông chồng

In case of an accident, the safety switch is triggered by the airbag electronic và disconnects the battery from the starter-/alternator cable in less than a millisecond. This prevents from short circuits that might lead khổng lồ a vehicle fire. The wpuonline.com PSS is supplied khổng lồ premium OEMs since years. In 2017 the 25.000.000th device was produced - without any customer complaints.

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