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JavaScript has been dominating the space of website development in the past years. This is nothing strange, as all of the effects và interactive behavior we’ve seen comes from the code of JavaScript. WordPress & Elementor haven’t had an answer to this for a very long time, at least not an easy one.

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Crocoblocks steps this up by adding an easy way khổng lồ manipulate the effects and elements’ behavior. Meet JetTricks, an easy lớn use và intuitive sầu tool to give sầu your websites their souls.


Customizability, Features & Ease of Use

We have all seen those cool, fresh changes to lớn the websites, where different elements pop up the different ways when scrolling. JetTricks does this but in an easy way.

In a matter of clicks, you will have sầu mastered the technique of building different animated effects for your objects or blocks. There’s an option lớn change different properties & parameters, such as scale, color, or position, as well as adding different breakpoints.

How this essentially acts is that once an object is clicked, hovered or user has just scrolled a portion of the page, the objects change their properties. By doing so, you can make hidden menus, pop up animations, sticky objects, parallax scrolling, & many more.

Everything that can be changed is split into lớn three main categories. There are Layout, Style, và Advanced. Different categories open different possibilities, thus leading towards adding custom animations and particles. Most of the impressive sầu 3 chiều effects are done through the advanced panel, where you can import all of your custom code.

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Layout & Style, on the other hvà, give you an ability lớn change the essential features of any object or blochồng. But it does not necessarily mean that you will create interactive sầu nội dung. Creating static objects is simplified as well, making it easy khổng lồ make sticky panels, headers, footers, và menus!

Widgets are included, too, & we are going to be concentrating on Sticky Columns, Hotspots, Tooltips, Unfolds, Satellite, and Scroll Parallax Effects primarily. Sticky Columns stay in their position on each position of the page, such as a menu or a subscription field. Satellite allows for overlapping different elements on top of each other.

Scroll Parallax Effects give users a different feeling when scrolling, making some appear, or move faster or slower. Similarly, unfolding objects expvà their view fields, while Tooltips provide further information when hovered over.

Everything sounds quite appealing already, but the actual potential is unleashed once these are combined. This is just what JetTricks allows you khổng lồ bởi. Make different elements appear in different motion while adding them a Satellite effect, & you’ve got an innovative yet easy khổng lồ make the bloông chồng.


Pricing và Support

Crocoblocks has been known for having one of the best support centers on the market. It is no different with JetTricks. Once we ran inlớn a problem, all we had to vày is sover a short tin nhắn. The reply from tư vấn arrived in just a few minutes with a proper solution.

Pricing, though, is a different story. Being one of the not so comtháng Crocoblocks products that could be bought as a standalone package, it starts at $15 a year per trang web. We vị not think this is a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá, except in the situations where you are sure you need animation effects only. Paying $35 more gets you a handful of plugins, themes, và templates, which are all designed to work well together.

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Combining all the features, premium tư vấn, & ease of use, we cannot recommkết thúc it enough. It is not quality by any means, and we think that there are better options around, but if you wish khổng lồ combine it with other Crocoblocks products, there is no better way khổng lồ spover your money.

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