Jevelin theme review: a creative multipurpose wordpress theme

Jevelin is a recently released & newly updated multi-purpose WordPress theme. As well as being built for business, personal, & commercial websites, Jevelin has also been designed to lớn take full advantage of the powerful WooCommerce ecommerce plugin. This means that in addition to using this theme lớn produce a trang web for your lachạy thử project, you can also create a fully functioning online store with WordPress and Jevelin.

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If you’re looking for a change of thiết kế for an existing trang web or a theme that will help you launch a new website, then Jevelin aims to lớn provide you with everything you need. In this Jevelin theme Review, we look at everything that this product can do lớn help you decide if it’s the right tool for your project.

Jevelin WordPress Theme Features


As Jevelin is a multi-purpose theme, you can expect to lớn find multiple website demos as well as plenty of customization options and settings. Anyone should be able lớn make good use of this theme from bloggers and freelancers khổng lồ larger organizations and ecommerce stores. Let’s take a look at its best features next in our Jevelin theme reivew.

Multiple Website Demos

Like the best multi-purpose WordPress themes out there, Jevelin includes a library of pre-built demos. These demos not only show off exactly what this theme can bởi, but also how your trang web could look, in just a few clicks. As this is a relatively new WordPress theme, the demos are all fully modern & up to date. After you’ve sầu imported one of the demos, you won’t have sầu lớn make any changes to lớn their thiết kế if you don’t want lớn. It’s fair khổng lồ say they are all ready to go. To help you see what this theme can vì, let’s explore some of those demos in this section of our Jevelin theme review.

Corporate Jevelin Demo


There isn’t really an obvious default Jevelin kiểm tra. However, the corporate chạy thử does a great job of showcasing what this theme can bởi và is a good place lớn start. If you choose khổng lồ import the corporate kiểm tra into lớn your WordPress trang web, your project could feature a full screen slider.

The rest of your homepage can also include client logos, team member profiles, excerpts from your portfolio and completed projects section, skill graphs, a Google Map, và much more. Of course, the entire kiểm tra is fully customizable. Therefore, if there’s anything you’d lượt thích to change, it shouldn’t be a problem. We’ll look at the customization options soon in this Jevelin theme Đánh Giá, suffice it khổng lồ say, they won’t disappoint.

Basic Jevelin Demo


The Jevelin basic kiểm tra might not sound like an exciting option, but it’s another demo with a solid homepage design. After your visitors have sầu checked out the homepage slider, they can scroll down the rest of the page to lớn find out more about your business.

All the best homepage elements are in use with the basic Jevelin thử nghiệm. This includes social truyền thông media feeds, pricing tables, the lathử nghiệm blog posts, icon grids, and more. You can easily add or remove sầu elements và sections from the homepage, giving you a quick way to personalize this website kiểm tra.

Jevelin Online Shop Demo


Thanks to the Jevelin theme’s full tư vấn for the popular WooCommerce online store builder plugin, no matter what kiểm tra you choose, you’ll be able lớn danh sách products online and collect payments from your customers. However, if you want to create a dedicated ecommerce trang web, then this chạy thử is the obvious choice.

The Jevelin cửa hàng demo includes a great selection of stylish sản phẩm templates. There’s also a good amount of online store layouts khổng lồ help you present your inventory in style. It doesn’t really matter what type of products you want to sell online. With this ecommerce thử nghiệm, you can quickly modify your store lớn match your company vision.

Landing Page Demo


There are actually two different trang đích demos in the Jevelin theme package. Whichever one you choose, you shouldn’t have sầu any trouble turning more of your visitors inkhổng lồ customers or clients, or forging some other relationship with them.

If the homepage lead generation size doesn’t fulfill its role of generating more leads, the rest of the trang đích chạy thử homepage is focused on answering any remaining questions your visitors might have sầu. Customer testimonials, client logos, và portfolio nội dung can all be used to help persuade your visitors khổng lồ take the next step.

Creative sầu Jevelin Demo


As well as catering to corporate customers, the Jevelin theme is also well suited to creative websites. Freelancers, consultants, businesses, & any other type of organization working in the creative sầu sectors should be able to benefit from using this chạy thử for their website.

Again, a feature-rich homepage layout is used to lớn great effect. With this chạy thử, it won’t take long to build a creative trang web lớn showcase your best work. If you want khổng lồ present your creative sầu side with the least effort required, the Jevelin creative sầu test is a good option.

Jevelin Blog Demo


Although WordPress has transcended its origins as a blogging platkhung, Jevelin hasn’t forgotten the roots of this popular website builder software. There are in fact three different blog demos khổng lồ choose from. Depending on how you want to present your nội dung, each of the Jevelin blog demos has something different lớn offer.

Whichever blogging chạy thử you choose, you’ll have a selection of different page layouts and designs khổng lồ work with. Furthermore, you’ll have sầu all the other great features of Jevelin khổng lồ take advantage of khổng lồ build the perfect blog for your project.

Other Jevelin demos include a fitness kiến thiết, a wedding site option, an events kiểm tra, & a portfolio trang web.

One Cliông chồng Demo Content Importer


We’ll cover the kiểm tra content importer tool in more detail in the user experience section of our hands-on Jevelin theme đánh giá. However, in short, it’s an easy to lớn use tool that will help you import one of the Jevelin demos into lớn your WordPress trang web in just a few clicks.

Online Portfolio Ready


No matter which demo you choose, you can easily add a portfolio to your website with Jevelin. If the goal of your website is to lớn show off your portfolio, then the portfolio thử nghiệm could be a great choice. However, thanks lớn the portfolio templates, adding a portfolio khổng lồ your website is very straightforward.


In fact, with Jevelin, there are multiple options for publishing your portfolio. You can choose from a range of layouts & styles, as well as formats and appearance settings.


Of course, you can easily customize the appearance of the portfolio section of your website. Thanks lớn the integrated page builder & customization settings, you can ensure your portfolio has the right look and feel for your project.


Thanks to the use of WordPress custom post types, your portfolio projects can easily be managed from your dashboard area.


When it comes lớn adding new portfolio projects to your site, you can use a combination of the WordPress Editor & a custom control panel.


With Jevelin, creating a portfolio trang web with WordPress isn’t a problem.

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Website Customization Options

Jevelin includes a custom theme options control panel, powered by the Unyson framework. This panel gives you a lot of control over how your site looks & functions. These settings cover how the blog and portfolio content is organized, how your optional ecommerce store is configured, social truyền thông integration, and more.


As well as the theme options control panel, you can also modify your trang web through the WordPress Customizer. Through this intuitive interface, you can customize the site icon, colors, fonts, header và footer configurations, and a lot more.


While you’re changing your site through the customizer, you get a live sầu pReview of your adjustments as you make them.


Then, once you’re happy with your work, you can hit the Save sầu & Publish button lớn cốt truyện them with the world.

Other Features of the Jevelin WordPress Theme

As well as a wealth of customization options và pre-built website demos, Jevelin has a few other features to recommend:

Drag-and-drop Unyson page builder tool.Slider Revolution premium slideshow builder plugin.Library of video clip tutorials covering how to use the theme.Fully sản phẩm điện thoại responsive.Full WooCommerce ecommerce support.Over 40 custom shortcodes.RTL optimized for languages with right-to-left text.Adjustable mega menu navigational aid.Six blog post layouts.Selection of custom widgets.Support for video clip backgrounds.Parallax scrolling effect.

Plus lots more.

Jevelin WordPress Theme User Experience

Jevelin looks great on paper. But does it live up to lớn its kinh doanh hype? Let’s find out just how easy this theme is to lớn use in the user experience section of our Jevelin theme Review. After all, if you can’t actually create the website you want with a theme, no matter how impressive sầu its feature list, it’s probably not the right choice for your project.

Getting Started With Jevelin

After purchasing Jevelin, you’ll be able khổng lồ tải về the theme files before uploading them to lớn your WordPress trang web. Once you’ve sầu activated the theme, you’ll be prompted to install the recommended & required plugins.


However, with only four plugins recommended for installation, it won’t take you long to lớn get started.

Importing the Demo Content

You could just use the Jevelin theme as is. However, khổng lồ get the most from this theme, you should really import one of the demos, at least as a starting point for your own custom design.


Some themes make importing the thử nghiệm nội dung more difficult than it should be. Thankfully, Jevelin doesn’t fall into lớn this camp. In just a few clicks, you really can import one of the website demos into lớn your WordPress site. Once you’ve made a selection from the available demos, simply cliông chồng the appropriate button và the import will start.


To keep you up to lớn date with what’s going on in the background, the Jevelin importer will display a progress bar. However, as the whole process only takes a few minutes at most, you won’t be left wondering what’s going on for long.


Customizing Your WordPress Website

In just a few clicks, you’ll have sầu imported the Jevelin demo nội dung of your choice & laid the foundation for your new website. Now you can launch the WordPress Customizer và start making changes to lớn the appearance of your site.


As well as personalizing many aspects of your website through the customizer, you can also use the page builder tool. As mentioned, the Jevelin theme includes the Unyson page builder tool, a popular add-on for WordPress websites.


Using the WPBakery Page Builder

Thanks to lớn the drag và drop page builder, you can open up any of the thử nghiệm content in the drag-and-drop user interface.


You then have sầu the option of exploring the settings in the Jevelin control panel to lớn see how else you can customize your trang web. Once you’ve explored all the options, your site should be ready for launch.

Jevelin WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The Jevelin WordPress theme is available from the ThemeForest marketplace for $59. This is the standard price you’d expect lớn pay for a multi-purpose WordPress theme at ThemeForest. As well as lifetime access khổng lồ theme updates, the $59 covers six months of tư vấn from Shufflehound, the Jevelin creators. This support period can be extended to 12 months for an extra $17.

Jevelin Theme Review Final Thoughts


Jevelin is an impressive sầu multi-purpose WordPress theme. The portfolio templates are particularly impressive và provide you with an excellent way khổng lồ publish your past work and completed projects.

The Jevelin customization options should impress too. The good support for the WordPress Customizer gives you an easy way lớn personalize many areas of your site. The WPBakery Page Builder tool gives you a relatively straightforward way khổng lồ customize the kiểm tra nội dung to lớn ensure it matches your vision.

It would’ve sầu been nice lớn see a more modern WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder included in the package. However, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing from the best WordPress page builder plugins and adding your chosen tool to lớn your website. Furthermore, as the test nội dung looks so good, you might not even want khổng lồ customize any of it.

The best way to lớn find out if Jevelin is the theme for you is lớn check out the demos và see if there’s an option that would be suitable for your project. If there is, then you can choose Jevelin safe in the knowledge that you’re getting a high-quality WordPress theme for a fair price.

View the Jevelin trang web demos now.

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