Journal theme is arguably one of the best OpenCart themes available in the market today. Launched in 2013, it is now amongst the best selling and highest-rated OpenCart themes.

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Thousands of eCommerce stores build on the OpenCart platform have been designed with the Journal theme, & while purchasing any OpenCart extension, marketers or website owners vì ensure that it is compatible with the Journal theme.

At, we also have some modules that are made compatible with the Journal theme and we will be adding more to lớn the list in the future.

So, if you are looking for some OpenCart extensions with Journal theme support, kiểm tra out-

1. OpenCart Gift Card



OpenCart Gift Card extension helps you incorporate a gift thẻ section on your website. The extension offers multiple pre-existing gift card templates for various occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc. These can be customized or you can add new ones if you want. You can also create gift cards of different values.

Do kiểm tra out this module for more features và benefits.

2. OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro



OpenCart One Page Checkout extension replaces the mặc định checkout of your website with single page checkout. The extension offers various features such as Guest Checkout, Social Login, Checkout customization, multiple shipping và payment methods tư vấn, etc., thus encouraging a quiông chồng checkout and increasing your conversion rate.

3. OpenCart Marketplace

OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace helps you easily convert your store inlớn a fully-functional marketplace that enables you to add more sellers. By adding more sellers to your marketplace, you can offer more variety of products lớn your customers and also earn commission on each transaction of your sellers.

OpenCart Extensions not dependent on store theme

We often get queries from our visitors and customers about extensions that are not dependent on the store theme. So, here is a list of them.

1. OpenCart thiết bị di động App Builder

OpenCart sản phẩm điện thoại App Builder is one of our best-selling modules that helps you build a native Smartphone tiện ích for your trang web without any requirement of coding và other technical stuff, và improves your di động conversions.

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It offers some amazing features such as trang chủ Page Layout Optimization, Social Login và Fingerprint và OTPhường login, Unlimited Push Notifications, Zopyên ổn and WhatsApp Chat support, Simplified Checkout, Multiple Payment and Shipping tư vấn, Real-time synchronization.

It is also compatible with our Marketplace module.

2. OpenCart Accelerated sản phẩm điện thoại Pages

Independent of any store theme, the OpenCart Accelerated mobile Pages or simply Amp extension improves the loading tốc độ of your sản phẩm điện thoại web pages, hence reducing your website’s bounce rate khổng lồ a certain extent.

The extension provides various customization options such as home page customization, sản phẩm page customization, category page customization, helping you improve your website’s performance on Mobile devices.

3. OpenCart Abandoned Cart

OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension helps you reduce the cart abandonment rate on your store. The extension provides pre-existing discount and non-discount email templates through which you can not only remind shoppers about the pending items in their cart but also entice them to lớn complete the purchase by offering a discount coupon code inside the tin nhắn.

4. OpenCart eBay Integration

OpenCart eBay Integration extension helps the store owners to integrate their OpenCart store with the eBay marketplace. This helps them save time and effort. This extension automates the product listing process with the help of which store owners can danh sách their products on eBay under various categories. Store owners can các mục the products in bulk & also manage the eBay orders easily.

5. OpenCart Etsy Integration

OpenCart Etsy Integration extension helps you integrate your OpenCart Store with Etsy Marketplace. This extension provides an effective way to các mục your products on the Etsy marketplace from the OpenCart store itself.

With the help of this extension, store owners can create multiple profiles for listing their products on Etsy Marketplace. Store owners can change their hàng hóa prices, auto-renew their products, và easily manage their orders using this extension.

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6. OpenCart Walmart Integration

OpenCart Walmart Integration extension helps the OpenCart Store owners to connect their store with the Walmart marketplace. With the help of this extension, store owners can upload products in bulk using the profile-based listing. Store admins can manage their orders & inventory from OpenCart admin panel and admin can also maps OpenCart attributes with the corresponding Walmart attributes at the time of product listing. offers 3 months of không tính tiền tư vấn for each extension purchased from the Knowb& store. If you encounter an issue with the installation or find it difficult lớn configure the module, feel không tính tiền lớn tương tác us at support

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