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George wpuonline.comhael, lead singer of the 80s b& Wham!, died at age 53 over the holidays. As his popular 1984 tuy vậy, "Last Christmas," aired on stations across the country, listeners soon learned of his untimely death. Daily Beast writer Kevin Fallon describes the timing as "a morbid way lớn learn of the British pop star and gay icon"s death." He added, "Then again, maybe it was poetic, even beautiful."

According lớn the Guardian, wpuonline.comhael"s partner, Fadi Fawaz, found the singer dead in his home page in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom on Christmas morning. wpuonline.comhael"s manager, wpuonline.comhael Lippman, said that the singer is thought to have sầu died from heart failure.

wpuonline.comhael"s "Last Christmas," which remains the biggest-selling Christmas song not khổng lồ reach the top spot on UK charts, is a more nuanced pop single than it may appear. Here"s a brief look at the heartbreaking narrative.

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George wpuonline.comhael was found dead on Christmas Day, năm nhâm thìn.DP/AAD/STAR MAX/IPx/AP

The lyrics

Here are the full lyrics to "Last Christmas" according to Lyrics Freak:

Last Christmas, I gave you my heartLast Christmas, I gave you my heartOnce bitten and twice shyI wrapped it up and sent itLast Christmas, I gave you my heartLast Christmas, I gave sầu you my heartA crowded room, friends with tired eyesA face on a lover with a fire in his heartLast Christmas, I gave sầu you my heartLast Christmas, I gave sầu you my heartA face on a lover with a fire in his heart

The meaning

"Last Christmas" is not a jolly number — BuzzFeed"s Tracy Clayton ranked it as one of the saddest Christmas songs of all time in 2013 — and it"s not even really about Christmas, at least as it"s traditionally viewed.

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It"s a song about a relationship that didn"t make it & the sadness that the holidays trigger because of it. But that acknowledgment of loss và longing is probably the reason for the song"s popularity. Unlike most tunes that air this time of year, "Last Christmas" pays tribute lớn just how miserable the holidays can be for some people. Not every Christmas ends with a kiss under the mistletoe. 

Fallon writes, "It"s unafraid lớn address the melancholy feeling of even the most joyous holidays. Lost lovers, loved ones, and memories haunt even the happiest of Christmases."

And in case you were thinking it, Jenny Hollander of Bustle writes quite plainly that George wpuonline.comhael "Last Christmas" jokes are definitely in poor taste: "There"s a time và a place, và this isn"t it."

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