Metronic responsive bootstrap admin template

When it comes to lớn admin templates, the options available online are numerous & it tends to lớn get a tad confusing when the time lớn makes a decision arrives.

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Here on, we have sầu been through numerous such templates in our Review, & today is the day for another one. We will be taking a more detailed look at Metronic, a responsive sầu admin dashboard template by Keen Themes.

If you have been in the market for a new admin template or this is the very first time you are looking for one, we will be walking you through all the details of this particular template & give you a better idea as lớn how things work.

Metronic is currently one of the best selling admin templates on Themeforest, with over 65000 sales as of this month. It also comes with one of the highest ratings, which speaks volumes as lớn how this template performs và its usefulness.

It’s now time to get down to lớn business và take a look at its many features!



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1. Versions

Admin templates, much like any other template, are constantly being updated by the creators in order khổng lồ ensure that they run smoothly on any device & that everything is on par with the lakiểm tra developments. Besides, newly added features usually focus around simplifying the usage of these templates, so that they get much easier khổng lồ work with as time goes by.

Metronic was originally created in February of 2013 & its lathử nghiệm update, at the moment of writing this article, was made quite recently, on September 2018. The current update is the v5.5 release, which has removed the jQuery dependency of the template & has integrated the Angular 6.1.1 version as fully native sầu.

It does, however, still utilize classic jQuery & includes Gulp.js, Sass, Yarn and NPM, as part of its Static and Angular versions. All of these are powerful build tools, which help in managing your projects & reducing the time and effort spent on them.

PSD files are also included, as well as Sketch, which make the template compatible for use across platforms, when it comes to lớn creating & implementing different web designs.

2. Features

Design và Layout

Being a best-seller admin template is mostly due to lớn the thiết kế. Regardless of how many quality features a template is packed with, if the thiết kế is messy & confusing to lớn work with, it completely defeats the purpose of why such a template was originally created for.

As such, Metronic’s thiết kế is quite clean và easy khổng lồ go through. Everything is laid out simply, the menus & components are well-organized & you will quickly be able to get the gist of how lớn use this theme.

Metronic was originally built using the Twitter Bootstrap 3 & AngularJS 1.4 frameworks, và currently it runs on the Bootstrap 4 framework.

There, are of course, standard layouts included from which you can choose from và set up your website in a very short time, but one of the best features of this admin theme is the Metronic Layout Builder.

This layout builder makes it possible for you khổng lồ quickly and simply create customized layouts that best suit your project & requirements.

While this can be done on other admin templates, too, you’d usually have sầu khổng lồ work with the code itself to achieve sầu this, whereas in this case, the HTML code can easily be exported after you are satisfied with the layout created.

However, if you are on a more advanced màn chơi and would lượt thích to lớn get your hands in the code, there is full documentation available to lớn help you out, and the code itself is clean & simple.

The layout is Fully Responsive, of course, which means that it can be used and viewed across different web browsers và screens, including mobiles & tablets. It also supports RTL writing.

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Components and Plugins

Metronic comes with numerous plugins and many different components, including widgets, buttons, charts, maps and icons.


You can easily create different tables, adjust alert và notification buttons to be reminded or notified about different occurrences on your website, manage the way that the contents are listed as, such as in Accordion mode or Stack, và many more.

You can also utilize different charts và business flows, by either using the already included ones or by creating your own using the builder tool.

There are numerous icons available, too, which come from Flatibé, Fontawesome 5, Lineawesome và Socicons.

Another available feature is the Portlet, which allows you khổng lồ receive different requests and đầu vào from the visitors or clients of your trang web.

Timeline designs are also something you can make use of, which will keep you up to date with the number of users joined, different events, và most importantly, a to-vày menu that will help you stay on top of things.

Templates và Forms

We have said this for other themes as well, but Metronic is definitely the least one lacking in the number of templates. There are thousands of different templates lớn utilize and each with several different features.


As for forms, there are two main categories, the Forms và Controls, where you can modify and implement different forms for the visitors và clients khổng lồ subscribe to lớn the trang web, và the Metronic Wizard, which is a multiple-step khung.

There are Radio buttons included, the Base Inputs where e-mail address và name are registered. Form Widgets, where the datepicker, timepicker, Google reCaptcha và other features are included.

Form layouts provide different options such as the Default, Multi column forms, or the Basic & Sticky Action bar.

The Metronic wizard, as we said, is a multiple-step khung that is used for clients, guiding them through the registration progress và finalizing it with the Billing thiết đặt and the Payment confirmation. These forms guarantee security and make the entire subscription process quicker & user-friendly.

Of course, there are also different pages, including the Error and User Pages.

3. Demos & Previews

Metronic comes with 10+ Demos, a number that is regularly expanded as new launches are added. Here are some of them:

Demo 1: Backend System


Demo 2: SASS Application


Demo 8: Futuristic Dashboard


4. When To Use It

Metronic is an admin dashboard template, as such, its purpose is that of managing a trang web or web application. With it you can create the backend of a CMS or a CRM for one of your sites or for your clients.

What that means is that an admin dashboard makes it easier for you lớn traông chồng different metrics, such as trends, statistics, data and so on, or add new nội dung, create new pages, etc. These are essential for all websites, but even more so for business ones.

As you saw in the features that we mentioned previously, you can use Metronic lớn allow user login, client subscriptions, manage payments, track the number of visitors and also include different tasks và objectives for yourself or your clients, in order to know exactly what needs khổng lồ be done và when.

However, that’s not all, as admin templates also allow you lớn create different layouts, as you saw, & add new components lớn your site, new nội dung, edit or remove previous ones và so on.

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5. Conclusion

Metronic makes site & business management easier. It is a powerful template, with a simple, modern & uncomplicated thiết kế that provides numerous features for a great administrator and user experience.

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