NoxPlayer is one of the most popular Android emulators for PC – it’s fast, stable, & developed with Android gamers in mind. Unfortunately, no emulator is flawless, and while NoxPlayer can be very stable and efficient, there are a number of things to lớn vày to lớn make it work much better when playing your favorite Android games on PC.

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In this guide, we’ll be going over some comtháng troubleshooting tips & also performance tweaks to get the most out of NoxPlayer.

Fix NoxPlayer Google Play “Your device isn’t compatible with this version in Android”

NoxPlayer comes with Google Play store pre-installed, but many users report an issue where Google Play gives that “device isn’t compatible” message when trying to lớn tải về apps. There’s a number of workarounds here.The first recommended solution is to lớn download & install a different version of the Google Play service.Now in NoxPlayer, go lớn System Settings > General > enable Root mode, then Save sầu Changes & allow NoxPlayer to lớn restart.Next, go to lớn NoxPlayer’s File Manager > System > Priv-app, then locate the tệp tin called “GmsVi xử lý Core.apk”. Long-press on that tệp tin và delete it.Now drag the Google Play APK file from your computer onkhổng lồ the NoxPlayer window – it should automatically begin to lớn install this new Google Play APK file.Try lớn restart NoxPlayer, and you should now be able to lớn tải về apps normally from the Google Play store.
If that didn’t work, we can try to change the device that NoxPlayer is emulating.Go inkhổng lồ NoxPlayer’s System Settings > Property Settings > thiết bị di động phone Model. Use the dropdown thực đơn lớn try different “phone models” for emulation – the mặc định phone model is Samsung SM-G930K, which is the Galaxy S7. You can try these other phone models for emulation:
SM-N950F: Galaxy cảnh báo 8 (Australia/European region)SM-N9005: Galaxy chú ý 3SM-G955N: Galaxy S8 PlusSM-N950W: Galaxy lưu ý 8 (Canadian region)SM-N935F: Galaxy lưu ý FESM-G925F: Galaxy S6 EdgeHuawei MLA-AL10: Huawei Nova PlusHuawei ALP-AL00: Huawei Mate 10Huawei MLA-L12: Huawei Nova Plus Dual

There’s a bunch of others in the dropdown menu, but it’s mostly Samsung devices – just try different ones and see if it fixes the Google Play store for you.

If you’re still unable khổng lồ properly tải về apps from the Google Play store, the likely culprit is the Android version requirement – despite whichever device you’re emulating, NoxPlayer itself is running Android 4+ KitKat. Thus, if the tiện ích requires a higher Android version, you won’t be able khổng lồ tải về it from the Google Store. You can try an alternative ứng dụng repository like ApkPure, and just tải về the APK files straight khổng lồ your computer and drag them onto the NoxPlayer window lớn install.

NoxPlayer lags và stutters during games

All right, here’s the thing about emulation – it is especially CPU & RAM dependent (VRAM, not so much). Modern smartphones are being equipped with octa-core CPUs and between 4B – 6GB of RAM on average. And while PCs can be much more powerful, you need to lớn give sầu a little headroom for the extra processing of emulation in itself.

If you have a svào PC though (quad-core CPU & at least 8GB of RAM), there’s a few things to tweak.

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Go into lớn NoxPlayer’s System Settings > Advanced Settings > Performance Settings.
Cliông chồng the “Custom” tab & adjust the CPU and Memory to what your PC is capable of. Typically, you want lớn allocate at least half of your computer’s CPU & RAM resources to NoxPlayer. 4 CPU cores & 4096 MB of RAM allocated khổng lồ NoxPlayer should be good enough, if you have at least 8GB of RAM and cthua kém all other programs while running NoxPlayer.However, if you encounter sound stutter or FPS micro-stutter during gaming, you may try lowering NoxPlayer from 4 cores to lớn 2. For some reason, many users report that this makes sound stutter disappear – again, this harkens bachồng to lớn allocating exactly half of your resources khổng lồ NoxPlayer.You vì not want khổng lồ allocate all of your RAM to NoxPlayer – you merely want to lớn emulate what a typical Android device would have. If you allocate all of your RAM, it would be a complete waste – the Android system và most Android games typically run fine on 2GB – 3GB of RAM.Next, in “Graphics rendering mode”, you can try khổng lồ switch from Compatible (OpenGL) to lớn Speed (DirectX). DirectX mode should be faster, especially if you’re using an AMD processor instead of Hãng Intel.Finally, try lớn limit the frame settings – many Android games run at 30FPS instead of 60FPS, so leaving NoxPlayer on 60FPS may in fact harm your performance.

Setting up Keyboard Controls for NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer has a built-in keyboard & mouse button editor that allows you khổng lồ map key presses lớn anywhere on the screen. This makes it particularly easy for playing Android MOBAs & FPS games, lượt thích Mobile Legends, Aremãng cầu of Valor, và PubG.

I will quickly show you how these buttons, using Arena of Valor as an example.


First, you’ll want to launch the game phầm mềm of your choice – this is so that you can easily test your keyboard buttons as you edit them & play the game. Keep NoxPlayer in window mode so we can easily access the menu panel on the right side of NoxPlayer.Clichồng the Keyboard Layout button circled in red in the picture below.Now use the panel on the left to create various types of buttons, & drag them over where you would normally press on an Android touchscreen.Give sầu your keyboard layout a name and save it.
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How khổng lồ Configure NoxPlayer for Android Gaming on PC

If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories & replace corrupt & missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due lớn a system corruption. You can tải về Restoro by clicking the Download button below.

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