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Are you looking for an affordable web hosting package from a reliable provider? CTI Networks offers you inexpensive business packages for both small & large businesses.

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Everyone has different expectations và requirements for their website. Which is why we provide different website hosting plans.

Our hosting packages are efficient và a great value. You"ll get the best service for a fraction of the cost.

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We ensure your website is up và running with the most reliable and stable network possible. Our servers provide Network redundancy and 24/7 monitoring to ensure everything runs smoothly, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your website is in safe hands with our network professionals.


The Internet is accessible to lớn everyone & since it is becoming the preferred method of conducting business. It means that the need for keeping your information safe has never been greater. You"ll still be responsible for keeping your trang web software up khổng lồ date. However, on the hệ thống level, our data center uses robust security technologies with frequent backups khổng lồ ensure your information is safe from exploits & other security threats.


Bandwidth means the data transfer rate or the tốc độ of transferring data. Some companies may restrict your data speeds, or charge you extra. CTI Networks Hosting Services provide unlimited bandwidth at no additional charge. We ensure your website data loads quickly each và every time.

Get website hosting built for performance và reliability

If you are looking for a hosting provider that offers secure và cost-effective web hosting solutions. We offer website hosting packages that can meet the specific needs for your website.


Starting at $10 per month Unlimited Bandwidth Company Branded Email addresses FREE Technical Support Secure connections Off-site backups I want lớn learn more

Server Space Allotment This is the kích cỡ limit that we allot for each plan. If you get cthất bại lớn exceeding your alloted space. We can add an additional 1Gb for only $5 more each month.

Unlimited Bandwidth Unlượt thích other hosting providers, we vị not limit the bandwith speeds of our servers.

Company Branded Email addresses get customized business Thư điện tử addresses that help make your business look more professional.

Google Analytics Setup If you"d like lớn traông chồng your website visitors behavior. All you have lớn bởi vì is sign-up for a Google account và we can incorporate Google Analytics inkhổng lồ your trang web. There is an additional fee if you"d like a more customized thiết đặt with conversion tracking goals.

Supported Applications

Our web hosting servers use the lakiểm tra & most secure versions of software. We have been hosting websites for a long time, & we know how important your trang web is to you. We choose secure, & relable software that ensures your site is safe, easy lớn manage and always online.

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Ready to get started?

Do you have questions, need help or you"re ready khổng lồ get started? Our website hosting experts are ready to help you!

Which plan are you interested in? Please choose a plan... BASIC (500 Mb) - $10 per month STANDARD (1 Gb) - $15 per month PREMIUM (2 Gb) - $20 per month I need more than 2 Gb of space

Give sầu us a call

Speak with a hosting representative sầu today!

Harrisburg: (717) 975-9000 Toll-Free: (877) 726-3848

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FAQ about Web Hosting

If you can"t find an answer khổng lồ your question below, Please Liên hệ US. We"ll be happy khổng lồ answer any questions you may have.

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What is Web Hosting?

When you create a trang web và want other people lớn see it. You"ll need to lớn publish (or upload) it with a web hosting service.

Web hosting services work by storing your trang web files in high-powered computers (web servers) connected to lớn a very fast network. When someone types in your website address (such as www.yourtrang web.com), the Internet connects to lớn the web server holding your website files & then transfers your website information baông chồng khổng lồ their computer. From there they can surf và view the pages of your website.

When setting up your first trang web it"s not uncomtháng to get confused between domain registration & web hosting.

Your tên miền name is the name of your site or your url (www.mynewcompany.com) It is very similar khổng lồ a street address. Your Website is comparable khổng lồ your physical structure lượt thích a house. Web Hosting is physical storage space needed for your trang web. This is comparable lớn the land that your house is built on.

If you have any questions about website services, Please Liên hệ Us for more information.

If you are a start-up, very small business, blogger, etc. Then the Basic plan of $10 a month may be right for you. If you feel that you will have a website with a lot of images, documents, etc. Then choosing a plan with more disk space may be right for your needs. If you aren"t sure & would lượt thích khổng lồ speak to a website hosting expert. Please Liên hệ Us to lớn learn more.

Our hosting plans are designed so that the diskspace allocated for each package should be sufficient for most websites. If you feel that you are likely lớn exceed your allocated diskspace. Then please liên hệ us và we can tăng cấp your plan to lớn the next level.

If you need more storage space, or need khổng lồ make updates lớn your current plan. Simply tương tác us via Thư điện tử, or give sầu our Web Hosting experts a gọi. We can quickly make the necessary changes for you.

Our servers are located within a secure facility in Mechanicsburg, PA. For more information, please Liên hệ Us.

We always pride ourselves with being up front about pricing & fees associated with our services. For Domain/Hosting Services, the following fees apply:

Domain Registration is $15 per year with DotSter if you"d lượt thích to manage renewals yourself. If you"d like us khổng lồ manage your renewals for you, it is $35 per year. If you"d lượt thích us to thiết lập WordPress for you on your new website hosting space. We charge a one-time fee of $50.


5170 East Trindle Road, Mechanicsburg PA, 17050

(877) 726-3848

(717) 975-9000

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