Phần mềm acrobat reader 9.0 miễn phí

Work with Dropbox.

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Access PDFs on the go.Fill & sign forms.Store and access Dropbox files when you’re working in or on your desktop.Sync your documents and pichồng up your work right where you left off, across devices.Turn any document — paper or digital — into a PDF form. Then fill, sign, and skết thúc it.

What is included in this trial version of Pro DC?

The trial version includes all desktop features of Pro DC, plus a limited phối of Document Cloud services including the ability to lớn fill, sign, & skết thúc forms on a tablet device, store and mô tả files online và access recently viewed files across devices. A paid subscription is required lớn take advantage of other services including the ability khổng lồ get signatures from others; skết thúc & traông xã documents online; và create và export PDFs from a browser or mobile device.


How bởi vì I download and install my trial version of Pro DC?

After clicking “Get started” from this web page, you will be asked to lớn sign in with your Adobe ID. If you don’t have sầu an Adobe ID, you will be asked lớn create one by clicking “Get an Adobe ID”. Once you are signed in, follow the prompts to lớn complete installation. Additional instructions are available here.


When does the trial period officially begin?

The trial period begins on the first day you launch the software và continues for 30 consecutive sầu days. When the trial expires, you can still use khổng lồ view PDFs, comment and fill forms. To access all the features again, you will need lớn purchase

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I have an older version of installed on my computer. What will happen to lớn it if I install the trial version of Pro DC?

Installation of Adobe Pro DC trial by default uninstalls any earlier version of Adobe on Windows devices. If you choose lớn retain the existing XI on your machine, you need lớn change the default by unchecking the “Remove earlier version” option in downloader UI. If you have sầu uninstalled the previous version, then you can reinstall it when you are finished with the trial. Make sure you have sầu your original serial number and installation disks.

How bởi vì I convert my miễn phí trial to lớn licensed software at the end of my trial period?

If you purchase a paid subscription, select “Activate” in the trial status window at the bottom-right side of the tools pane, & follow the prompts.

If you purchase a perpetual license (one-time purchase), you will be given a serial number for your new Pro DC or Standard DC software. Once you have sầu it, you will need lớn tải về và install a different tệp tin. Click here to lớn download. If you have sầu an DVD, you can install it directly from the DVD.

Does it work for both Windows và Mac OS?

Yes, this trial is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Can I get technical tư vấn or help during my 30-day trial period?

To get tư vấn during your free trial, click here, where you can access a range of free information, including tutorials, forums, và expert advice.

Can I continue to use Adobe Reader during my Pro trial period? Pro DC will be phối as your mặc định PDF viewer, but you can reset Reader as the default by opening Reader DC application và going to lớn Edit > Preferences > General. Clichồng on the Select As Default PDF Handler button & follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I uninstall my trial software?

Windows: To uninstall your trial version on a Windows device, cthảm bại any open Adobe software on your computer, open the Windows Control Panel & double-clichồng Programs & Features. Click on Pro DC, & select “Uninstall” from the thực đơn.

Mac OS: To remove sầu the trial on a Mac, use the Uninstaller in the /Applications/Adobe Pro DC folder.

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What is the difference between the Pro DC desktop trial and the DC desktop software that I can buy?

Your trial of Pro DC desktop software receives the same updates that the subscription version of Pro DC gets. If you purchase the desktop only version after your trial, it may not have all the updated features you were able to lớn enjoy during your trial. To ensure all the same features of your trial, you can upgrade khổng lồ Pro DC with services which includes Pro DC for your desktop with all the latest updates, the Reader Smartphone app, plus online services.

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