Physical memory usage

My computer is having a memory usage problems. My physical memory usage is 50 up lớn 95. i didn"t open anything but it automatically rises up. I have sầu only one RAM (Intel(R)Vi xử lý Core Duo 2 2GB)

Please reply asap.

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Do you actually have sầu a problem? If so, what is it?

You could open the Task Manager, then clichồng the Processes tab. When you now add one of the several memory columns (e.g. the "Working Set") then you can see what"s eating up your memory.

Please provide us with a mô tả tìm kiếm of your computer

notebook/desktoptotal RAM installed (what does one RAM mean?)programs installed (all please)Make/modelAgeWindows 7 32 or 64 bit

Why vị you think your computer has memory usage problems? Is there a performance issue or error messages. Please be far more descriptive sầu.

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My computer is a desktop type.

I only have sầu one RAM. (2gb)

My programs are:

Hitman Pro

AVG Tech.

Adobe Shockwave/Flashplayer/acrobat 2013

Google Chrome

ADWARE remover( for detecting malware including the other antimalware programs)


Malwarebytes Anti - Malware

HP.. Printer/Scanner/Photo lớn Creations/etc

Playhome Memories

Unity Web Player

my monitor is dell, the system unit is Focus FR

its 5 yrs old

And the os is Windows 7 32 bit

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Its says there that the Google Chrome has the highphối processes in all programs. because i always use it and i use the ie once a week. but my father uses ie.
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And also its not the virus. i only just want khổng lồ know why my computer is always rises it memory usage. but i disable the other programs that the computer required.
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First, 2 Gigabytes is barely enough. If you have sầu a serious problem, consider adding or replacing memory. In a desktop it is not terribly expensive or difficult. Your 32 Gigabyte system can only use 3+ Gigabytes, but in order khổng lồ keep the memory pieces balanced, you may need khổng lồ move sầu from 2 lớn 4.

Google Chrome is a known memory hog

Skype installs by default khổng lồ be always running, và is using resources. Go to lớn the options section và change it so that it does NOT start when Windows starts, & when you are finished using it QUIT Skype

I recommend you remove: Malwarebytes, Adware remover, and Hitman Pro. They will compete with AVG which is not an efficient Antivi khuẩn software lớn begin with. Your system is so busy trying to protect itself, it has little resource left for you to lớn use.

After removing those, install a high quality effective sầu Antivi khuẩn ONLY sản phẩm. Run ADWcleaner Adwords cleaner is a malware removal tool that is không tính phí và very effective. It is not a constantly running program but one you occasionally tải về & run. Do not use any other protection system.

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Now, this is a controversial topic, but your choice of AV software may be something you want khổng lồ take a 2nd look at. I suggest you visit this website site khổng lồ get a sense of which AV software does the best job, depending on what kind of user you are: This is a non-profit that has been around for a long time & I trust their results.

When you interpret these results, keep in mind the difference between a sản phẩm that detects 95% and another 99% of infections, is actually 5 times more likely lớn allow an infection.

I look after about 140 Windows PCs and have sầu for over 13 years. Up until last September, the only AV software I would allow my clients to use was Norton Antivirut. Please note well that that is not the same as any other Norton product such as 360 or Internet Security.

Last September Symantec (owner of Norton) decided lớn no longer sell such a hàng hóa. After a lot of retìm kiếm, I decided on Bitdefender Antivirus 2015+. I have installed it on over half those PCs so far và there has never been a problem. Actually I think it is a better sản phẩm than even Norton. One of the things I lượt thích most about it, is it silence and unobtrusiveness. It is also not expensive.

My clients know well that if they install any "Internet Security" hàng hóa, I will not work on their computers until it is removed. I learned very well the hard way that the other components in these IS products (other than the AV itself) caused more problems than any benefit they bring and mostly work by shutting down the Windows component that does a very good job of that particular task anyway. My problem was that when I started to work on a computer with an IS on it, I could spkết thúc hours trying to diagnose the problem, only khổng lồ discover that by removing the IS product, the problems became much clearer and easier lớn solve sầu. I think the IS hàng hóa is actually hiding the problem.

Like I said. This is a controversial topic và you will find a lot of very svào different opinions. I just know that mine is based on a pretty large sample over a long period, and these are typical consumer Windows consumers.

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Something else that you should know: You can not fully remove sầu most any AV software by simply using the standard Windows 7 uninstall tool. Most of the majors also publish a "removal tool" that gets the rest of it. If you vì chưng not completely remove it, it will cause very hard lớn understvà & diagnose problems.

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