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Porkhổng lồ is simply the best choice for your new website or eCommerce store. The theme is several years aý muốn the most popular in the world. VIEW MORE

Porto is simply a better choice for your new trang web or ecommerce store thiết kế. The theme is several years ahy vọng the most popular in the world, being constantly improved và following the trends of thiết kế và best practices of code. Your search for the best solution is over, get your own copy & join tens of thousands of happy customers.

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The new generation of WordPress themes is here.

A complete suite of tools designed to lớn make life easier for beginners and advanced developers.

Porto lớn has a huge variety of options và settings lớn manage your site, we organize all these options perfectly so you can quickly modify something and see it in all pages và posts. Be impressed by how easy is khổng lồ use our intuitive sầu visual nội dung editor.

What is WPBakery?

WPBakery Page Builder which is known as Visual Composer before is drag và drop page builder for WordPress. Porto lớn is fully compatible with WPBakery và extending functionality continuously. Porkhổng lồ has made 70+ WPBakery elements.

#1 WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Full Support for WPBakery

Build a responsive website & manage your nội dung easily with intuitive WordPress Front end editor. No programming knowledge required – create stunning và beautiful pages with award winning drag & drop builder.

Intuitive Inline Frontend Editor

Experience true inline editing with award winning front end editor. Instantly see changes you make with the most popular WYSIWYG editor on the market.

Award Winning Backkết thúc Editor

Use one of the most beloved WordPress editors. Quickly build your pages, posts & custom post types with Backover editor. A perfect solution for content rich layouts which you would like khổng lồ view in schematic mode.

Templates builder using Porto

WPBakery is just page builder. This means that you can design only the content area of your page with this. Porto added the Templates Builder in 6.0 which enables you build header, footer, bloông xã, single hàng hóa, siêu thị, etc as well as page using WPBakery, Elementor and Visual Composer.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is the world"s leading WordPress trang web builder. Already millions of people have been very satisfied by this page builder and the number is growing more và more. Technology is developing, requirements are increasing. Porkhổng lồ has made 30 new widgets và even enhanced existing elements.

The World"s Leading WordPress Page Builder

Full Support for Elementor

Create Any Website You Can Imagine. With Porto and Elementor Designers, developers, marketers, và entrepreneurs. Create stunning pages, design a blog, customize your online store.

Drag & Drop Editor

Elementor has the faskiểm tra, most intuitive sầu editor in WordPress. Simply drag, drop and customize.

Responsive Editing

Switch to sản phẩm điện thoại view, and tweak every element khổng lồ make it look perfect on any device.

Template Settings

Control all global elements of your site from one convenient place.

Templates builder using Porto

Elementor không tính tiền version is just page builder. This means that you can thiết kế only the nội dung area of your page with this. Porto lớn added the Templates Builder in 6.0 which enables you build header, footer, blochồng, single hàng hóa, cửa hàng, etc as well as page using WPBakery, Elementor và Visual Composer.

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Next Generation of WP. Bakery Page Builder!

One of The Most Advanced WP Site Builder

Full Support for Visual Composer

Visual Composer makes page building in WordPress fast và easy. User-friendly and straightforward drag và drop editor coupled with premium templates, blocks, elements, và extensions - all you need khổng lồ create a trang web.

The Best Drag and Drop Builder

Create any layout fast and easy with the powerful drag và drop website builder. It has never been easier to build a website.

Real Front-End Edition

Live sầu Frontover editor, Inline editor, và Tree view allows you to lớn make changes instantly và see end-results before publishing.

Elements and Templates

Use nội dung elements & kiến thiết the page you want. Customize anything you want with easy-to-use element options. It doesn"t matter how experienced you are.

Powerful Design Options

Give sầu your site a unique look by creating eye-catching sections & elements with powerful Design Options.

Templates builder using Porto

WPBakery and Visual Composer free version are just page builders. This means that you can design only the nội dung area of your page with them. Porto added the Templates Builder in 6.0 which enables you build header, footer, block, single hàng hóa, siêu thị, etc as well as page using WPBakery, Elementor and Visual Composer.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is the WordPress mặc định editor included in WordPress 5.0. The Gutenberg editor adds content blocks and page builder-like functionality lớn every up-to-date WordPress website. Gutenberg replaces the previous WordPress classic editor that used TinyMCE(WYSIWYG) as the default content editor for posts and pages.

With Porto lớn your satisfication is guaranteed.

We have selected the 6 top reasons khổng lồ choose Porkhổng lồ. Chechồng below:

Optimized ForSpeed Performance

Choose Porto & make your site at high performance, "A" class on any tốc độ testing result.

ULTIMATEWooCommerce Feature

Porkhổng lồ comes with exclusive eCommerce features, anything for your professional store.

WORKS FINE ONLow Level Servers

Compared to lớn other themes, Porto"s chạy thử import engine works fine on low cấp độ servers too, even shared hostings.

ALWAYS KEEPTheme Updates

Lifetime regular update makes Porto always "best" compared khổng lồ other competitors.

PortoStudio is a Giant Library of pre-defined layouts, elements and sectionsready to lớn be used in your Porto based site.

Porto Studio Usage Example:

One of the coolest & easiest things khổng lồ bởi with Porkhổng lồ Studio is to merge parts of different demos. You can take a slider from test X, a baner from kiểm tra Y and another section from demo Z và create your own customized page.

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Porkhổng lồ has high performance framework base, all structure are focusing on performance as main point. Porlớn also comes with exclusive sầu tốc độ optimization wizard that makes your site super fast compared to lớn other themes.

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