What are wordpress post formats and why they don't matter

Learn how to make gallery, Clip, audio, và other post types pop on your blog page withpost formats.

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If you’re looking khổng lồ change the template of a page, instead of a post, kiểm tra out this help document.

Post formats allows you khổng lồ add variety to the page that lists your blog entries.

For example, in the Baskerville 2 theme, your blog page would look lượt thích this with different post formats:


Not all themes support post formats; khổng lồ see if yours does, kiểm tra this các mục.

Editing Post Format

If you are using a theme that supports post formats, you can apply the format through the Post editor.

Edit a post, or click Add New lớn create a new post. Under Document settings on the right, open the Status và Visibility thực đơn. Select an option from the drop down in Post Format.Either Publish or Update your post khổng lồ see the new Post Format applied.

Some themes will offer all nine formats, and others have fewer. Pick a format, add nội dung khổng lồ the post the way you normally so, & publish! Depending on your theme, you’ll see some stylistic differences between this post and your posts with the mặc định Standardformat.

If you start a new post containing a gallery, Clip, audio track, or quote, your theme may automatically apply the related post format. You can always choose “Standardif you’d prefer the default layout.

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What bởi Post Formats Look Like?

The appearance of post formats varies based on yourtheme. Here’s how anImage post appears in a number of themes (clichồng to lớn enlarge):

Baskerville 2 Theme with Gallery Post Type
Rebalance Theme with Gallery Post Type
Pique Theme with Gallery Post Type

There’s quite a bit of variety in the way themes employ post formats. If you want to lớn pđánh giá how a certain theme will handle formats before switching to lớn it, you can check out the theme’s Live Demo from the Theme Showcase.

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UnderstandingPost Formats

You can put any kind of nội dung you’d normally publish in a post in any of the post formats, but they were designed with particular kinds of nội dung in mind:

Quote highlights your blockquote text in a bolder way than standard posts typically do.Aside for brief snippets of text that aren’t quite whole blog posts, such as quiông chồng thoughts & anecdotes.

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Status for a quick update about what you are doing right now.Chat khổng lồ highlight memorable conversations you have sầu with friends, both on- và offline.

What if you love the look of your theme’s Video post format, but you want lớn use it lớn highlight a gallery? Go for it! There are no rules here, only guidelines.

If you don’t see the Post Format module, then you are likely using a theme that does not use post formats.

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Themes Supporting Post Formats

Several of the themes at wpuonline.com allow blog authors to decide what format each of their posts should be displayed as. The use of this option is completely miễn phí, và you vày not need to lớn purchase the Custom CSS Upgrade in order lớn change post formats.

View all themes that support post formats or visit the showcase & clichồng Feature → Post Formats.

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To learn more about each format, visit the Post Formats tư vấn page.

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More Information

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