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Real Homes is number-one selling real estate theme in WordPress themes market và it contains almost all the features a standard real estate agent could need. It is frequently updated with new features and improvements based on customers feedbaông chồng.

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Advanced và Fully Customizable Search Form

You can choose which fields you want lớn display & what data will be displayed in those fields. You can display multiple location fields to lớn provide search behavior like State > City > Area. In short you can change almost everything in tìm kiếm form.

Google Maps Integration

Real Homes theme comes loaded with Google maps tư vấn that enables you to lớn display Google maps with properties markers on tìm kiếm results page, properties display pages, property detail page, home page page & taxonomy archive pages.


Easy khổng lồ Use Interface

Real Homes theme provides a rich mix of meta boxes on property add/edit page, To make it super easy for you khổng lồ add/modify information và media files.


Facility lớn Add Additional Details

If you have certain type of information about your property that cannot be added in standard input đầu vào fields provided. Then there is a flexible form available in property add/edit page in which you can provide that additional information. This additional information will be displayed on property detail page.


Add Property Floor Plans

Real Homes provides a very easy khổng lồ use interface to add floor plans related to lớn a property. You can provide separate title, area, beds, baths & price for each floor plan.

Spam Prevention Using Google reCAPTCHA

Real Homes theme comes with Google reCAPTCHA API integration tư vấn for all tương tác forms, This effectively protects you from spam messages.

Front End Property Submit Template

Real Homes theme provides a front end property submit template and related customizer settings. So you can restrict certain cấp độ of users from accessing administrator dashboard & provide them an interface on front kết thúc lớn submit properties. Later on website administrator can Reviews & publish the submitted properties. You can also configure the settings lớn auto publish a property as soon the user pays a certain fee for it using PayPal.

My Properties on Front End

Real Homes theme provides a template khổng lồ display properties created by currently logged in user on front kết thúc. This template can be used to pđánh giá pending property, edit property, make a payment for a property or even removing a property. A user can pay through paypal to lớn get his submitted property published. Payment feature can be enabled or disabled from theme options.

Favorite Properties

A visitor can add a property to his favorites so that he can visit the favorites properties page later on và find his short listed properties. Later on he can also remove a property from his favorites collection. A visitor vì chưng not need khổng lồ login khổng lồ use this feature.

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Front End Profile Edit

Real Homes theme provides a front end protệp tin edit template. This template enables a loggedin user to edit his protệp tin information without going khổng lồ dashboard.

Detailed Documentation

Real Homes theme provides an easy khổng lồ underst& yet detailed documentation. It will guide you at almost every step, Either it is a configuration OR adding some sort of contents OR installing a compatible plugin.

List & Grid Layouts

Real Homes theme provides page templates to display properties in các mục layout & grid layout. These templates are also supported with meta boxes khổng lồ filter và sort properties based on your requirements.

Multiple Gallery Templates

Real Homes provides multiple templates lớn display your properties in the form of a gallery. Each template contains a quiông xã filter based on property statuses.

Easy to Use Customizer Settings

Real Homes theme provides a wide range of customizer settings that will help you configure and customize a lot of stuff around your website. These extensive sầu settings makes Real Homes a very easily customizable theme.

Property Attachments

You can provide various types of files ( pdf, office documents, images etc ) as an attachments to lớn a property & visitor can tải về those attachments with one clichồng.

Similar Properties

Real Homes theme provides similar properties module on property detail page which displays properties similar to current property. You can show or hide this module from settings.

Parent & Child Properties

Real Homes theme provides a sub properties module on property detail page to lớn display any sub/child properties ( like apartments in a building ). Each child property works as a fully independent property.

Login, Registration and Forgot Password

You can provide user registration, login & forgot password features on your website to let users access thành viên only features, Like front over property submit.

Filterable FAQs Support

Real Homes theme provides FAQs support, So you can add FAQs in various groups & later on display them on your website using a group based filter.

Translation Ready, RTL Supported and WPML Compatible

Real Homes theme is translation ready và you can translate it to lớn any one language ( LTR or RTL ) without the need of a plugin. But, If you want lớn build a multi language trang web then you can use a plugin lượt thích WPML.

Child Theme Included

Real Homes theme's main package contains a ready to use child theme khổng lồ make it easy for you to lớn get started with modifications và keep updating the parent theme whenever the new update becomes available.

One Cliông chồng Demo Import

Real Homes theme provides one clichồng kiểm tra import feature to lớn help you quickly setup your site lượt thích the theme demo và learn all the things by observing how those are done on chạy thử site.

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Various Custom Widgets

Real Homes theme provides various custom widgets lượt thích Advance properties search widget, Feature properties widget, Featured properties related to a particular agent và property types widget.

So, What are you waiting for? Install Real Homes and take your trang web to next level.

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