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Sahifa is a popular premium magazine-style theme with plenty of options for customization, no coding necessary. Developed by TieLabs, Sahifa is a best-seller on Themeforest. Read our Sahifa Review lớn find out all the features of this powerful WordPress theme, and whether it’s the right theme for you.

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About Sahifa

Sahifa is a magazine-style theme designed khổng lồ use for news sites, digital magazines, và general blogs. It has many flexible thiết kế options, allowing you khổng lồ create a unique look for your site.

Sahifa is developed by TieLabs, creators of several WordPress themes & plugins. A few of their premium plugins are packaged in with the Sahifa theme for không tính phí (more on those below).

Features of Sahifa

Sahifa has plenty of features to lớn enable you to create an eye-catching site. Here are the highlights:

Customizable Design

After installing the theme, you can navigate to Sahifa » Theme Settings khổng lồ customize your site’s appearance.


There are a lot of options for customizing the header, including changing the alignment of your hình ảnh sản phẩm, & enabling or disabling the date, tìm kiếm, social icons, và “breaking news.”

Under Post Settings you can choose whether or not to display post meta, author box, next/previous navigation, sharing buttons, related posts, etc.

You can enable either a right or left sidebar, and choose pages to disable it on. You can also set custom sidebars for the homepage, archives, or single posts.

For footer widgets, you can choose from a variety of column settings:


And under TypographyStyling, you can choose your fonts & colors.

Page Builder

When creating a new page, you can cliông xã the Page Builder button beneath lớn title lớn access Sahifa’s built-in page builder tool.

First, select a template.


Then scroll down to see more options.

You can enable a slider or grid of your posts, & mix animation & tốc độ options. At the bottom, you can even select custom colors just for that page.

Built-in Ad Integration

Under Sahifa » Theme Settings » Ads Settings, you can easily phối up Google Adsense or other ads in different locations around your site, và even create 2 custom ad shortcodes.


Custom Sliders

Sahifa comes with a built-in feature to create image sliders.

If you navigate lớn Custom Sliders » Add New, you can get started creating your slider.

Name your slider & clichồng the Add New Slide button to add your first image.

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Then you can upload a new image, or choose an image from your media library.

Once you’ve sầu selected your image, you can add a slide title, liên kết, và caption.


Once you’re finished, click Publish. Your slider will look like this:


The images will stretch to fit the slider kích cỡ, which is 660 x 330 px.

You can now use your slider either as your main homepage slider or in a post or page.

To display it on any post or page, go lớn the Sahifa – Page Options box and select Post Head Cover Layout. Under Display, select “Slider.” Then choose the name of the Custom Slider you built.


To use your slider on your homepage, you can vì the same thing on a new page. Use whatever page template you’d like. Then under Settings » Reading, set that page as your static front page.

(If you need more advanced options to create better sliders, kiểm tra out the Soliloquy plugin.)

Includes Premium Plugins

Immediately after installing Sahifa, you’ll be prompted lớn install several plugins.

Unfortunately, nowhere in your dashboard or in the documentation does it explain what these plugins are or why they’re recommended, so it takes some searching lớn find out.

The “required” plugins are all developed by the creators of TieLabs, and include:

InstaNOW: An Instagram feed pluginTaqyeem: A WordPress đánh giá pluginTaqyeem Buttons Addon: Adds buttons khổng lồ your Taqyeem reviewsTaqyeem Predefined Criteria Addon: Allows you to create custom Review criteria

So, if you’re not planning on displaying an Instagram feed or publishing nhận xét on your site, you don’t need to lớn install these.

Sahifa also recommends Liên hệ Form 7. In our Contact Form 7 đánh giá, we found the plugin to lớn be tricky lớn use with a clunky interface, và lacking in many features. We recommover using the much more user-friendly WPForms plugin instead.

Sahifa also comes with the Arqam Lite plugin. Arqam is another plugin by TieLabs that displays your social truyền thông media followers count. The premium version (not included with Sahifa) adds more layout options và more social media platforms.

Documentation and Support

The documentation for Sahifa covers the basics of getting your theme set up lượt thích in the kiểm tra, and using the main features.

TieLabs has a knowledgebase on their website that also offers answers khổng lồ frequently asked questions & solutions for the most common issues.

If you need more detailed information or help with any issues that arise, your purchase of the theme comes with 6 months of tư vấn from the developer. There’s also an option to lớn extover tư vấn for 12 more months. Support is available via a private ticket system.

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Our Score

Sahifa is a well-designed theme that is igiảm giá khuyến mãi for news sites and digital magazines. It has plenty of options to customize the look of your site.

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