How to use tagdiv composer

The Composer is Newspaper Theme’s front-end page builder that lets you design & edit the page through its drag-and-drop functionality. Each module, each element has its own settings and can be modified in a few clicks, no coding skills required. Find out more about its amazing features below.

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Important Notes

Please vì not use both the Composer và WPBakery page builder simultaneously on the same page.Please vày not edit a page with the Composer if that page was originally built with another page builder.

Welcome to the Composer basics

When you create pages or edit templates with our theme, you can use our custom-made page builder called the Composer. This handcrafted page builder comes with the drag-and-drop functionality khổng lồ facilitate ease of use.

This builder is a powerful tool specially crafted to lớn help you style your pages using custom-made content blocks and grids. You can access the Composer when editing a page by pressing the “ Composer” button:


The theme immediately switches into lớn front-over edit mode:


You can see the front-kết thúc pnhận xét of your page & the Composer on the left of the screen. The builder has a top control section that offers the following options: Add Element, View Page, Save Changes, và the Cchiến bại button.


The title of the page can also be changed from this section by pressing the edit button next lớn the title.

Drag And Drop

Let’s start with the Add Element button. Press the button, and a drop-down danh sách of all the elements appears. You can add any of them khổng lồ the homepage.

Drag-and-drop any of these elements lớn create the layout you desire. However, you must first start with a row as the Composer works with rows & columns. You can add a row by dragging the row inhỏ in the space on the page. By mặc định, the first row is already on the page.

The row

If you cliông xã on the row of the page, a settings panel appears on the left side of the screen. This functionality applies to lớn every content or structural element, not just rows.


After you dropped the element on the page, in the top left corner, you can access the row settings:


The row settings allow you khổng lồ select the layout of the row meaning you can have sầu a mix number of columns in different styles. The row can be split in one of 6 possible column layouts so you can style your pages creatively.


The General row settings also include a column gap, alignment, background, YouTube đoạn phim background, opacity, và the stretch row option.

The General tab also includes the viewport options which allow you to lớn phối options based on the user device. Use this khổng lồ have sầu separate settings for each device selected.


The second tab under the row settings allows you to place dividers between rows in quality styles. You can select the type of divider for the top or bottom of the row, & you can adjust their width, height, colors, shadows và so much more.

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The CSS tab is an essential part of the page builder as it allows you lớn change the position of the row và adjust the margin, padding, và border for your rows. You can also mix background images or colors, shadow, color overlay as well as hide a particular row for specific viewports. Use this to lớn show or hide a specific element on a particular device.


Delete elements

If you want to delete a row or element, you can grab it from the top left “Row” button. Then, drag it lớn the bottom right of the screen in the “Drag here to lớn DELETE” box, or select the row & press the delete button on your keyboard. Moreover, with the help of the right-clichồng menu, you have access to lớn different commands for deleting elements, too.

Inner row

The row can also be structured in a sub-division called an inner row if you want to lớn create a more complex structure of rows & columns for better control over your content.

Bloông xã Elements

Bloông chồng elements are the nội dung elements you should use to lớn present your content inside the rows.


Once you add a bloông chồng to the row/column of your choice, you can see the actual nội dung rendered live sầu. Changing its settings also changes the live sầu representation of the page making it easier to see what every setting does.

Deleting an element is similar lớn removing a row. Merely drag the element to lớn the bottom right of the screen or just hit the delete icon found on the top right of the block element.

Important note: Shortcodes & ads are not rendered in the live pReviews of the composer screen so, lớn see them applied lớn your page, you have sầu khổng lồ press the save sầu button và view the page itself on the front-kết thúc.

Full Width Content

If you need lớn increase the width of your content to lớn get a more stylish look for your website. The stretch row option allows you to lớn change the row width to lớn different sizes making your nội dung full width or a fixed width selected from the available row sizes:


One page site

Sometimes you need to lớn create a site that features just a presentation for your company that does not require multiple pages và different articles. You only need the one page where you can present your business objectively and to the point. The multi-purpose elements allow this kind of implementation with different sections of content you can style creatively.


By default, WordPress sets the blog page as the main page, and this isn’t what most of us want, we need custom pages. To change WordPress mặc định settings you have to:

Step 1 – Create a new page, go to Pages -> Add NewStep 2 – Set the page title, configure the page by editing it with the front-over Composer. Add the desired elements and select the desired page template.Step 3 – Go lớn Settings -> Reading and set the newly created page as a homepage.

Landing Page

A trang đích cần seo is a standalone website page, created specifically for kinh doanh. It’s where a visitor “lands” when they have sầu clicked on an ad of your site for example. The theme allows you to create an entirely blank page without headers or footer in the way for this exact purpose. You can find the blank template in the page template section.

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With unlimited customization options, the Composer is the first step towards easy designing and amazing layouts. Take it for a spin & create a page with it. Add elements, drag-and-drop, cliông xã on one lớn open its Settings Panel and modify each option to lớn create the perfect bloông chồng khổng lồ display your fantastic content. Don’t stop there! Hop on over to Composer multi-purpose elements and find out more about how versatile our front-end page builder is.

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