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The Tao of WordPress is the complete guide for anyone who wants to succeed with WordPress. This A-to-Z guide is packed with current techniques, practical advice, and plenty of real-world examples khổng lồ make everything crystal clear. But don’t take my word for it, kiểm tra out what readers are saying

From beginner lớn intermediate và beyond

If you’re familiar with surfing the Web, you have sầu the experience needed to succeed with WordPress. The Tao of WordPress guides you through the entire process of setting up, finding a good host, configuring, customizing, securing, optimizing, & beyond.

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WordPress makes your vision a reality

As the world"s number one publishing platkhung, WordPress has thousands of plugins and themes for creating just about any type of website imaginable. Discover some of the lachạy thử và greademo techniques for building awesome sites with WordPress.

Learn how to set up, configure và customize WordPress, from start to finish.Unfold the secrets of the Admin Area và learn how to lớn bởi more with less effort.Learn how khổng lồ secure your site against spam, bad bots và other threats.Learn how khổng lồ optimize your site for Smartphone visitors, tìm kiếm engines & everyone else.Learn how theme templates work và how khổng lồ customize your site exactly as you want it.Learn how to lớn integrate your site with social truyền thông like Twitter, Facebook and Google.Learn how lớn add chat forums, social networks, bulletin boards, e-commerce sites và more.
WordPress Zen

The Tao of WordPress shows you how khổng lồ use built-in settings, plugins, và themes to build awesome WordPress-powered sites. Learn how lớn get the most out of WordPress by using it for what it is, effortlessly & intuitively through the Admin Area.Take the journey, unlock the power of WordPress lượt thích a zen master & build anything you can imagine.

Learn more, vì more, in less time.

Skip the piecemeal searching and hit-or-miss tutorials. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage và learn WordPress in style.The Tao of WordPress takes you on a refreshingly relaxed yet concise journey through every step.Along the way, you’ll learn how to let WordPress work for you. So you can do more in less time.

More signal, less noise, you win.

Every drop of the book is carefully distilled, refined, & 100% focused on WordPress. From the “big picture” down to lớn the smallest detail, The Tao of WordPress explains the steps, tools và techniques required to lớn achieve your goals. Whether you’re a true beginner or experienced user, this book will help boost your skills lớn the next màn chơi.

Chapter Overview

The Tao of WordPress assumes only that you have some basic experience working online. The book begins by helping you get set up with all the right tools và the best possible hosting. From there, you’ll learn how to install, configure, secure, optimize, and customize WordPress to bởi vì most anything. Here is an overview of the chapters in the book:

For everyone

The Tao of WordPress is a guide for anyone who wants lớn roông chồng with WordPress: students, designers, enthusiasts, admins, experts và everyone. To get the most from the book, you should be familiar with surfing and working on the Web. If you have sầu a desire to build awesome sites & succeed with WordPress, this book will help make it a reality.

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Learn WordPress in style

Every page is meticulously designed & highly focused on making the most of WordPress. Every lesson is explained in simple steps, with the amount of complex code kept to an absolute minimum. It’s a stylish book with many great features.

The Tao of WordPress begins with the basics & slowly ramps up lớn more advanced lessons. Along the way, the book provides techniques, tricks và tips, and links lớn over 500 external resources. You get a complete, continuous journey focusing on WordPress essentials, & learn the best resources for additional options và details.

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Jeff Starr is a professional developer, designer, author, and publisher with over 15 years of experience. He writes books & tutorials, develops plugins, and runs his own business.


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