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Are you looking for the Best Free WordPress Blog Theme for your trang web or personal blog?

There are many miễn phí blog themes for WordPress khổng lồ pichồng from, sometimes its hard for beginner to pichồng the right one with so many different options. As a beginner blogger you will need a blog theme that is reliable và easy to lớn customize khổng lồ fit your needs.

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Once you have sầu your website hosting, now you will need khổng lồ install WordPress & follow our guide how lớn install a WordPress theme for beginners with step by step guide on how khổng lồ start a WordPress blog to get your site online quickly.

After installing and setting up your WordPress select one of the blog WordPress themes we recommover for WordPress users that are thiết bị di động friendly, well optimized for SEO with support & updates.

Best Free blogging sites will help you get your blog online for không lấy phí. Since we put the list of best personal blog themes for you it might help you narrow it down khổng lồ the few you like the best. Once you pick your blog theme check out the best không lấy phí blog plugins for any beginner blogger to lớn add some extra features or widgets. Some of the important resources is how to lớn find your WordPress login url? many new bloggers will get frustrated when they forget how lớn login to lớn their site.

1. Astra


Active sầu Installations:1+ Million| Rating:5out of 5 stars(4718 Reviews) | Performance:99%|SEO Optimized:Yes| mobile Friendly:Yes| Updates & Support:Yes| WordPress:5.3+

Astra is fast, fully customizable & beautiful WordPress theme suitable for blog, personal portfolio, business blogs trang web & WooCommerce storefront. It comes with many pre build templates and blog sections so its easy khổng lồ get started for beginner. With WooCommerce build in you can easily add online store your blog to help you sell your ebook, online tutorial videos, etc.

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What makes Astra the perfect blog theme is the simplithành phố và installation of the theme, you will have no problem installing & activating Astra, with their great tư vấn your blog site will be up và running in hours. All the theme options are available, such as uploading your own hình ảnh, fonts, changing colors adding images lớn your blog posts.

2. OceanWP


Active Installations:600,000+| Rating:5out of 5 stars(4206 Reviews) | Performance:98%|SEO Optimized:Yes| điện thoại Friendly:Yes| Updates và Support:Yes| WordPress:5.3+

OceanWPhường is the perfect blog theme for your project. Lightweight & highly extendable, it will enable you khổng lồ create almost any type of trang web such a blog, portfolio, newspaper trang web & WooCommerce storefront with a beautiful & professional kiến thiết. Very fast, responsive sầu, RTL và translation ready, best SEO practices, quality WooCommerce features khổng lồ increase conversion and much more.

OceanWPhường also comes with many pre build templates for you, so you can piông chồng the one that best fits your brvà or style. You can easily add author profile widgets, upload your logo sản phẩm, add social media icons to be part of the social truyền thông. It also includes many page & posts sections with full width, grid based or adding simple slider or news widget.

3. Hemingway


Active sầu Installations:đôi mươi,000+| Rating:4.5out of 5 stars(33 Reviews) | Performance:96%|SEO Optimized:Yes| Smartphone Friendly:Yes| Updates & Support:Yes| WordPress:5.3+

Hemingway is a clean, beautiful & responsive sầu two-column theme for bloggers. Features responsive thiết kế, retina-ready assets, Block Editor/Gutenberg tư vấn, full-width header image with parallax scrolling effect, custom accent color, custom biểu tượng logo upload, custom Flickr và Dribbble widgets, page templates, and editor styles.

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With Hemingway any beginner blogger will find super easy to add new posts, khổng lồ your blog. It comes with build in search khung khổng lồ help your visitors tìm kiếm for your most popular articles. You can also add sticky post, khổng lồ keep your most popular or important blog post up top this will help your new readers understand what your blog is about.

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