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Introducing GoMedia

If you want khổng lồ create a magazine-style trang web with a layout & thiết kế lớn rival some of the biggest names in the online publishing world, GoMedia won"t disappoint.

With a flexible layout that displays liên kết to your content in a range of styles và formats, your readers will have plenty of options when they arrive sầu at your trang web.


Featured Content Slider

Use the featured nội dung slider lớn display your articles in an auto-scrolling slideshow.

Make it easier for your visitors khổng lồ find your best content, read more of your articles, and view more of your adverts or products. Setting up the featured content slider is easy, making this a powerful tool for increasing page views and potential website revenue.


Customization Options and Settings

Through the WordPress Customizer & theme options control panel, you can modify many aspects of your website.

With color options lớn play with, and layout và typography settings lớn modify, you should have no trouble giving your trang web the custom look it needs to lớn stvà out from the crowd.


Custom Widgets

This theme contains multiple custom widgets lớn help make the sidebars & other widgetized areas of your site more interesting and interactive.

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With featured nội dung widgets khổng lồ help your site generate more page views, to lớn social truyền thông media widgets that will encourage more sharing, this theme gives you plenty of options.


Great Value

You get all 60+ of our themes, including GoMedia for $49. A great way to build up a WordPress theme collection!

Personal Support

We"re here to help. After you"ve bought the theme, we"ll help you set it up, và make sure you"re completely happy!


Regular Updates

We"re regularly adding new features and improvements lớn GoMedia, & ensuring it works with WordPress updates.


Easy lớn Customise

It’s simple lớn make GoMedia your own, with a full range of theme settings and options.


Responsive Design

GoMedia looks great on a desktop, tablet, or phone. Pixel perfect, whichever device you use.


Advertising Ready

Choose from a range of different advertising slots, & easily add sponsors to lớn your trang web.


Powerful Slider

Add your own images, text, and liên kết to create a powerful, interactive slider that’s easy to customise.


Translation Ready

Wanting to lớn translate your site? No problem. GoMedia is ready to lớn translate out of the box.


Blog Layout

Display your content in a regular blog layout, with a sidebar, header, và footer.


Social Sharing

Let you visitors chia sẻ your posts & pages on popular social networks, khổng lồ spread the word!


Custom Menu

Specify exactly how you’d lượt thích your website menu & navigation khổng lồ work, right down lớn each link.


Custom Fonts

Choose your own custom fonts for headings, titles, và text from an extensive phông library.

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Custom Widgets

Choose from a range of different custom widgets, bundled with the theme, for extra functionality.


Custom Logo

Upload your own custom biệu tượng công ty graphic, & immediately add your branding with a few clicks.


Custom Colors

Change the look-and-feel of GoMedia with a range of different color options and settings.

This month only, you can save sầu an additional 75% on all packages in our March sale!


One Payment

Buy any package and get access khổng lồ all our themes for one low price. Use the themes forever, on unlimited domains, for personal and commercial use.

Immediately have sầu a library of powerful business, e-commerce, blog, & magazine WordPress themes to kick-start any website!

1 Year or Lifetime Support

Just choose whether you"d like one year, or a lifetime, of tư vấn and updates for your themes.

What vì I get when I buy a package?

You get immediate access to tải về all our WordPress themes. You can use them on unlimited sites, for commercial và personal projects, forever.

You get tư vấn, updates, and access khổng lồ new theme releases for either one year, or your lifetime, depending on the package you choose.

Can I keep using your themes after my year of tư vấn expires?

Of course. You can use your themes forever. If you want lớn continue receiving updates & tư vấn though, you"ll need lớn buy another one-year package, or a lifetime package khổng lồ access tư vấn và updates forever.

Can I previews your themes before purchasing?

All our themes have sầu a fully-functional test site. You can look through our full collection of themes, và try out all the demos, before buying a package.

Do your themes work with a page builder lượt thích Elementor?

All our lachạy thử themes work brilliantly with Elementor. Not all our older themes are designed to lớn work with a page builder though. Just look for the feature of "Drag-and-Drop Builder" on the theme page.

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Theme Junkie themes are very easy khổng lồ understand & use. I don"t have sầu any kind of design training, but Theme Junkie gives me a simple way lớn make a professional site. — Bilal Malik


Theme Junkie customer service is truly the best, & I would recommover your service any day, any time, anywhere. Thank you for making my life easier. — Vincent Caldwell

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