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Edit Your Haravan Theme Locally (deprecated, Stop tư vấn since 2020) Requirements Install haravan_theme on Mac El Capitan Install haravan_theme on Windows: Configuration Setting up Haravan Theme The config.yml File Here is a Breakdown of the Fields: Commands Tips và Tricks Edit and PĐánh Giá Inactive Themes Comtháng Problems SocketError or SSL Certificate Validation Error on Windows Important Notes Prsự kiện Resetting of Theme Settings Sass Compilation
Edit Your Haravan Theme Locally (deprecated, Stop support since 2020)


The Haravan theme gem is a comm& line tool that allows you to lớn manage & edit theme files directly on your computer. This allows you to lớn use your preferred code editing software opposed to lớn the built in code editor available in the “Edit HTML/CSS” page of your store. Files can be manually or automatically uploaded, downloaded, và synced. Depending on how you develop themes và your personal preference, this can allow for a more enjoyable & streamlined workflow.


This gem works with OS X or Windows with Ruby 1.9.

Install haravan_theme on Mac El Capitan

$subởi gem install haravan_theme -n/usr/local/bin$emang lại "gem: -n/usr/local/bin" >> ~/.gemrc

Install haravan_theme on Windows:

First time installing Ruby on Windows? Try Rubyinstaller .

Run rubyinstaller-2.5.0-1-x64.exeWhich components shall be installed? If unsure press ENTER <1,2,3> 1Which components shall be installed? If unsure press ENTER <1,2,3> 3Which components shall be installed? If unsure press ENTER <1,2,3> 2Which components shall be installed? If unsure press ENTER <1,2,3> EnterAll Programs -> Ruby 2.5.0 -> Start Command Prompt with RubyC:Userslublue>chcp 65001C:Userslublue>gem install haravan_theme


Setting up Haravan Theme

First, you will need lớn phối up a new private app to lớn generate an API key and password. Go to lớn your_store.com/admin/apps/private in your web browser.

Cliông xã on “Create a Private App” khổng lồ generate the credentials for a new phầm mềm. You will need the API key & the password of this newly generated app:


Navigate khổng lồ the directory where you theme files live, or where you"d like them to be, & exeđáng yêu the following command:

theme configure api_key password store_domain theme_id

Important: enter the store_domain with no http://.

In your directory you should see a file named config.yml with your credentials. If you want, you may also edit the config.yml file directly và paste your API Key & Password in the appropriate area.

The config.yml File

The config.yml tệp tin contains the information needed for Haravan khổng lồ authenticate requests & edit/update the theme files in the manner specified. Here is an example of what the contents in a typical config.yml file would look like:

---:api_key: 7a8da86d3dd730b67a357dedabaac5d6:password: 552338ce0d3aba7fc501dcf99bc57a81:store: lublue.myharavan.com:theme_id: 1000026676:whitelist_files:- directoryToUpload/- importantFile.txt:ignore_files:- config/settings.html
Here is a Breakdown of the Fields:api_key

The API key generated in your private ứng dụng.


The password generated in your private app.


The address of your store (note there is no leading http:// or https://)


The theme id of the theme that should be responding to lớn commands. If no theme id is specified, the currently active theme will be modified.

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Specifies which files and directories should be responding to changes. If nothing is specified, the assets/, config/, layout/, snippets/, templates/ & locales/ directories will be modified according lớn commands entered.


Specifies which files should be explicitly ignored & not affected by any commands entered.


theme download

(For MacOS use: $sudo theme download)

Downloads the theme files from your store khổng lồ your computer.

theme upload path/to/file

Uploads a single tệp tin to your store. You can also upload directories by using the wildthẻ character. The command theme upload assets/* will upload all files in the assets directory.

theme remove path/to/file

Remove sầu a single tệp tin from your store. You can also remove directories by using the wildcard character, similar lớn the theme upload comm&. The comm& theme remove assets/* will remove sầu all files in the assets directory.theme replace

This commvà can be destructive sầu so it should be used with caution.

This commvà replaces all store files with local files; it ensures the store theme files mirrors the files locally. If you are familiar with FTP.. or SFTP lớn upload files lớn a VPS, this is similar but not exactly the same. In addition to lớn transferring files, it will delete any theme files in your store that are not present locally.

theme watch

Once this comm& is entered, it continuously monitors files for changes. If a change is detected, it automatically uploads that tệp tin to your store. This is similar lớn grunt watch. To stop theme watch press CRTL + C.

Tips và Tricks

Edit and Previews Inactive sầu Themes

In many cases you may want to lớn work on a theme behind the scenes while your current theme is still active sầu. To accomplish this there are two steps:

Utilize the theme pđánh giá option in your Haravan store. This is a built in feature of Haravan outside the scope of Haravan theme.You can find your theme ID by looking at the URL:


Comtháng Problems

SocketError or SSL Certificate Validation Error on Windows

If you receive a SocketError or SSL certificate validation error when you try lớn run any theme comm&, your install may not have any valid SSL certificates.

In short, you can solve sầu this problem by downloading this file and placing it in C:RailsInstaller. The file should retain the name cacert.pem. Once this is done, run set SSL_CERT_FILE=C:RailsInstallercacert.pem. The Haravan theme commands should be working now. This technique will need to lớn be repeated each time your computer boots up. For a more detailed & permanent solution check out these resources:

Important Notes

Prsự kiện Resetting of Theme Settings

In some cases you may want to add config/settings_json.js khổng lồ the ignore_files các mục in your config.yml tệp tin. When you save sầu your the theme settings for your store, Haravan stores the current values in this file. If you upload your local copy of config/settings_json.js your current settings may be reset lớn mặc định values if it does not contain the current settings data.

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Sass Compilation

There is no need lớn compile your .scss files locally when using Haravan theme. They are automatically compiled upon upload & available as .css files on the website page, retaining the same filename.

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