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Theme Junkie


Theme Junkie has been around since 2009 & today they are servicing over 30.000 customers. They are famous for their low prices, but stylish designs that are supported by team that is very professional. But usually, if you pay more you can get more. So will this boat be a canoe, yacht, or a wooden peddler with more than one hole in it? Let’s find out.

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Setting up

Theme Junkie keeps their process of making an account one of the simplistic we’ve ever found, anywhere. All you have khổng lồ bởi vì is type in your email & you will be taken to your dashboard. Of course, you will be sent an email with randomly generated password, but you can change that easily. After that you can browse through themes, decide if you want lớn buy just one or the whole membership and after you tải về a theme, all you have to lớn vì is upload it in .zip format khổng lồ your WP site and you are ready to go.


User Friendliness and Functionality

Right off the bat, you will get a suggestion in your WPhường dashboard if you want to lớn install the plugin và import thử nghiệm content. While there are other theme providers that can bởi this and there are instructions, we found that Theme Junkie is the only one that will save you the hassle of finding where the heông chồng you can find chạy thử nội dung.


But what Theme Junkie is absolutely killing are their prices. While some clubs will offer you their single theme for around $100, here you can get their all themes for half of their price. We were honest gobsmacked và we thought that their themes will crash and/or burn. But no. Even the lifetime membership will be lower than some of competition’s single theme. You will probably pinch yourself once or twice, but there is no waking up from this dream

However, where they fall short is customisation. You will be left to lớn your own WPhường devices because there are no official tools that will allow you to lớn adapt the theme khổng lồ your own tastes. There are no builders that are even suggested as third party solutions so if you want khổng lồ build from. All of their plugins are miễn phí, but there is also just 6 of them. It is a small number but we guess that it really is more money, more problems, but also more options.


But if you are HTML and CSS savvy, you can tải về their themes in HTML. Which is not always an option. So if you are a developer, vì not run away, you will have sầu a nice little sandbox that you can play in. If you are not, everything will be served nice and ready with easy khổng lồ underst& instructions. Even their members area is simple to use & you really can’t get lost. You can even get a few bucks extra via their affiliate links, which is always a nice welcome.

Design & Graphics

54 themes were available during our đánh giá. We were happy to lớn see that they were quite diverse with their themes and options. From e-commerce, to different businesses like tech, art or medical themes, we can’t say that you won’t find your pichồng. We just might see the first traces of themes getting old. While there are gorgeous themes, some like Beginner or FreshLife are all little too familiar. It is maybe just us, but a fresh coat of paint wouldn’t hurt.

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But there are plenty of themes that are fresh & modern looking & they keep up their fonts & graphics clean. From robust Featured theme khổng lồ minimamenu Creatively theme, they are very versatile. When you factor in their prices which are cheaper than the competition on almost every instance, we are willing khổng lồ cthua one eye occasionally for some themes. Or just keep looking at better ones.


Support for Theme Junkie is a bit lacking, or khổng lồ say non existent when it comes lớn non paying customers. They have FAQ that is not too helpful with the technical side of things & Forums that are available only to lớn paying members. There is no ticketing, social media or live support. Which means that you will get a bit slower response than usual, which was the case, considered their competition. But their team was. relatively, available 24 hours during the workdays. All of our problems were solved in a professional manner, even if they are not necessarily WP. related. Additionally, if you buy lifetime package, you will get a lifetime tư vấn và the pricing is much cheaper than the rest of providers. We just wish there were more channels for help & support.



There are three pricing categories.

Single theme will cost you $39. You will also get 1 year of updates & support.

All Themes Package $49. It will give you access khổng lồ all current themes và 1 year of updates và tư vấn.

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Lifetime Package will cost you $99. It will give you access khổng lồ all current và future themes và 1 year of updates & tư vấn.


absolutely affordablevery professional supportunlimited use on websites


lack of diverse support channelsno trang web builder solutionlimited customization options


Theme Junkies are aces when it comes to pricing. No one in the field could match them và if you find anything cheaper, you are probably on the không tính tiền theme provider’s trang web. True to lớn be told, we were a little disappointed when we saw their FAQ và that there are just tư vấn forums but with their level of professionalism & support, we were not surprised to lớn see that they are one of the most appreciated tư vấn teams out there. Things are generally user-friendly & although not all themes had documentation those that did not have it are really straight-forward to lớn phối up và start working with. However, we could appreciate in-house website builder or a theme that is versatile, customizable và all encompassing but there are other providers that offer that. Of course for a bigger price. So we would really recommend you ti try out Theme Junkie if you are on a budget because no one can beat them in that area. If you have more money khổng lồ spend, maybe some other provider is a more suitable match for you

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