Wordpress theme for building landing pages

Looking lớn get more subscribers? Social truyền thông followers? Or just increase traffic lớn your site? Whatever your objective may be, Landing theme can help you design an effective landingpage khổng lồ increase your site conversion. It comes with wpuonline.com"s drag và drop Builder which includes all the tools you"ll ever need to make beautiful landing pages. Each page can have different header kiến thiết by choosing from various header thiết kế options. To make it easier for you, the theme also includes 23 beautiful layouts which you can easily import to lớn your site. Visit the demo to lớn see what you can build with the theme.

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25+ Pre-designed Builder Layouts

Set-up a landingpage in minutes by loading any of the 25+ pre-built Builder layouts. Made for agencies, apps, events, ebook, products, weddings, portfolgame ios, shops, marketers, your own personal page, or even one simple full screen kiến thiết. Simply turn on the Builder, load any of the Builder layouts, edit the text & images, & you"re done! With the Pre-designed Builder layouts, designing a trang đích has never been this fast & easy!
Sample Landing Layouts:

Responsive và Retimãng cầu Ready

The theme design is completely fluid & responsive sầu that displays consistently on all devices và resolution.

Header Design Options

We"ve added various header design options that"ll give you more flexibility when customizing your page. These options allow you to lớn hide certain elements, choose a background type and designs, & choose custom header text colors. Chechồng out the screenshot below to lớn see some of the headers we"ve sầu customized with the new header design options.

Portfolio Post Type

Design your portfolio to lớn make beautiful masonry image layouts using various image sizes and arrangements.

Event Post Type

Simple Event post type khổng lồ promote tours, concerts, or any events in general. It includes a Google bản đồ view of the location, the date and time of your sự kiện, và a liên kết for visitors khổng lồ buy tickets.

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WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce is a popular FREE plugin that allows you to lớn easily add a full eCommerce cửa hàng on your WordPress site. We"ve sầu designed the Landing theme lớn work seamlessly with WooCommerce. Our Shop landingpage layout is an example on how you can showcase your products on your page.

Mailchimp Integration

Newsletter (mailing list) can be added using MailChimp, a popular service provider for sending newsletters. Mailchimp has a không tính tiền service which allows you to lớn sover up to trăng tròn, 000 subscribers for free (great for starters).

Requires: WordPress 4+Documentation: Landing Documentation

Switch & Get một nửa Off

If you are currently using another theme, switch lớn wpuonline.com to get a 50% discount. Cliông chồng here for more info.

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Standard Theme Features

All themes are powered with the awesome wpuonline.com framework. Below are some of the standard features included in every theme.

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