If you need any help or technical assistance, you can write in comments on Themeforest (more fast answers) or in private messages on our Support Hub

We can support only users with actual support. To be sure that you have actual support, login in your tài khoản on Envato lớn and open page with our theme If you will see that you have “Expired” – you must renew your tư vấn. Example of expired support of sản phẩm which you purchased early


We don’t provide technical assistance for buyers without support. We don’t provide help with features of theme for buyers without actual support. The only thing which you can expect if you have sầu expired tư vấn is help with possible issues and bugs. However, you still can use theme, get updates & find answers on many questions in docs below (you can also use search)

Before you have sầu any question, we recommover you to kiểm tra our guides 

Table of Contents

How khổng lồ write to our tư vấn if you need technical assistance

We are surprised the number of buyers who don’t understvà how khổng lồ write to tư vấn for technical help. Sometimes, I have some thoughts that buyers think that our support team has David Copperfield, but we don’t have sầu. We also don’t have any magical sphere for reading your thoughts. So, if you need technical help or have sầu any issues, provide us next info

Link on page with your issue. DIRECT link on page, just link on your site is not enoughInformation how we can reproduce your bug. It must be clear and with full mô tả tìm kiếm. Don’t write something lượt thích “open site & see”. The best way khổng lồ explain your bug is creating screenshot which point to lớn your issue or explain us how lớn reproduce it. There are many services & even apps which allow lớn create screenshot và get links of it. We use for this, but you can use any other service. For example, Firefox browser has inner system lớn save sầu and mô tả screenshots (right click on any page và choose “Save screenshot”)Information about your plugins & settings. If you have sầu issue on page which created one of plugin, provide us info about your plugin & screenshot of settings. For example, if you have issue on vendor store page, we must know which vendor plugin you use.

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Information about possible issues after your actions. For example, if you have sầu any customizations. Or use custom plugins which can affect some parts of theme. To be sure that it’s not bug of your custom plugin, try to lớn deactivate plugins one by one và kiểm tra your issue. Also, try to lớn provide us full information what you did before you got issues. You can also try lớn activate default wordpress theme và kiểm tra issueTest accounts. If your issue on inner pages of site, you must provide us all demo accounts khổng lồ get access lớn such pages

Be sure that your issue is not because of cađậy. It’s very comtháng question from buyers that they have sầu troubles after theme update, but problem is just because they use cabít plugins (so, sometimes code of page will be from new version of theme, but your site will have sầu css và js files from old version of theme). So, don’t forget lớn clean cabít after each theme and plugin update.

If you have sầu any fatal errors (page is totally broken or white) – try khổng lồ enable debug by yourself & provide us error code which you get

Don’t Do this

Don’t write next messages without explanation and full details

“I have sầu problem, help me”. We don’t know what problem you have sầu, so don’t know how to help“My site has issues, help me”. We don’t know what site has issues, so, can’t help

Don’t create several topics for the same issue. Creating more topics will not help you lớn get answer more fast. Wait answer from tư vấn team. Average time for answers in themeforest comments – 12 hours. Average time for gmail support – 24 hours. You will get answer more fast if you follow our recommendations above sầu & give us full information in first message.

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Support for plugins

Please, don’t write lớn our tư vấn if you need any technical assistance or special functions for your plugins. Each plugin has own author, we can’t give you help for products which we didn’t create.

We can make some help with bundled plugins (Visual Composer, Content Egg, Woocommerce, RH Frontover PRO, etc).

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We can also give sầu you help with some plugins which have sầu advanced compatibility with theme (Buddypress và some vendor plugins), but only about customizations & pages from theme. If you need some advanced functions or customizations for plugins, ask authors of plugins about this.


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