45+ best free responsive wordpress themes 2021


Barter is a great không lấy phí WordPress theme that comes with a wonderful thiết kế và marvelous features that help you to lớn extkết thúc your website’s functionality khổng lồ the next cấp độ. The template is light & clean. However, it loads wonderfully on every major devices & browser.

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As compared to lớn the other themes the Barter is more visually appealing & retina-ready. It offers you some functionality to phối up a complete woocommerce store in just a few clicks.

It is truly conformable with few slider plugins that make your website’s header section more beautiful và impressive sầu.

However, the template is ready with social truyền thông icons so non-technical people can integrate social media accounts very easily and showcase them on your website.

The sản phẩm page is kept very clean so that you can highlight your products lớn divert maximum user attention.

Some of its other pages such as categories, about, blog, and contact us page are also kept simple but clean so that your visitors can find useful content without struggling.

With SEO-friendly nature & SEO plugin integration, you will be able lớn influence more users khổng lồ get engaged with your website’s nội dung.

However, the barter has tons of features khổng lồ enhance the functionality, charm of your store, và visibility on tìm kiếm engines.




You should choose SKT Software if you are looking for a WordPress không tính tiền themes with kiểm tra content khổng lồ create a website for professional or IT industries such as digital marketing companies, software and web development companies, corporate agencies, business consultancy, & so on.

SKT Software is more popular because it provides complete support lớn drag and drop page builders. Thus, the basic features of SKT Software are mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, cross-browser compatible, RTL ready, etc.

Some features that make SKT Software different from other templates is that it is coded with clean code which makes this theme bug-không tính phí. Also, the theme is made full supportive with third-buổi tiệc nhỏ plugins.

Also, the theme is coherent và works well with elementor & other page builders. By default WooCommerce plugin is integrated with the template so that you can enjoy the full eCommerce features.

Activism Lite



My Dog Lite is the best không lấy phí WordPress theme with thử nghiệm nội dung which will be very useful for a non-technical person to get started with their website quickly.

If you are a non-tech person then you just have sầu khổng lồ import the nội dung và start modifying the content and you are ready with your trang web to go live sầu.

But if you are a technical person và looking for some more functionality then you can utilize some premium features provided by My Dog Lite such as integration of third-buổi tiệc ngọt plugins, 1000+ Google Fonts options, widgets, sidebar, footer section, full-width screen, social truyền thông icons, social sharing feature và many more.

My Dog Lite is actually best suitable for some NGO’s and non-profit organizations such as pet care, pet medical, pet grooming, pet store, etc. Your trang web will be supported with a donation, analytics, tương tác form, web forms, calendar, và appointment booking plugins.

Pin Sạc Charity Lite


Library Books is the animated WordPress themes không tính tiền tải về with browser compatibility and 100% responsive sầu layout. It is the most striking theme that will allow you lớn create a website for a number of business niches. You can start creating a trang web as you want.

It comes with the homepage test nội dung that is actually optimized for tìm kiếm engines, performance, & speed.

Library Books supports the drag và drop functionality so that you can perkhung some additional improvements. You can even add visuals to make your website more attractive sầu.

The theme supports third-buổi tiệc ngọt plugins so that even you want lớn add new functionality in the future you can add it seamlessly. The integration of third-party tools will make your simple looking trang web an expert website.

You have complete control over fonts & colors so that you can ensure your website design is perfectly attractive from every aspect.

Herbal Lite


Eco-Friendly Lite is developer-friendly that is specially created to lớn target environmental-related organizations. This theme will definitely help you lớn create a website as per your vision as it supports all new WordPress plugins & plenty of customization options.

You can consider this template is the category of green WordPress theme lớn take your offline business to another màn chơi.

Eco-Friendly Lite is much clean và responsive sầu template that makes sure your text content looks amazing. Eco-Friendly Lite is fully compatible with major browsers & devices.

If you love nature and would lượt thích khổng lồ explore your surroundings then Eco-Friendly Lite is the best option for you. It also works best for gardening type business as you have khổng lồ showcase high-chất lượng images without worrying about speed and performance.

Bistro Lite


Another best highly adaptive sầu WordPress theme with kiểm tra nội dung is Correct Lite. This template suits best for all sorts of different business niches.

Even if you are starting a new business then also this theme is just the perfect option for you. Correct Lite follows the lachạy thử trends & all user requirements lớn ensure that it works well và provides a top-notch user experience.

If required you can also add some more functionality to lớn your online presence to lớn make take your business khổng lồ the next màn chơi.

On other h&, if you just lượt thích the chạy thử and would like lớn cài đặt the same looking trang web without modifying any functionality or design then one click import option is for you.

Full permission is given lớn add high quality content to lớn grab more attention. Also you can add Hotline lớn action button, text, fonts, colors of your choice. You can earn more visitors by sharing your website nội dung on social media platforms.

Martial Arts Lite


Babysitter lite is another flexible template that has demo nội dung for more than 4 pages. The inner pages can be edited with any of the page builders including elementor, SKT, WPBakery, etc.

It has a good looking layout design that can be used to lớn create a website for caretaker, babysitter, nanny, kindergarten, child care, baby care, nursery, etc. You can also use this template lớn start a blog based on childcare niche.

The template consists of some amazing features such as appealing interface, fresh look, responsiveness, live sầu customizer, different layouts for posts và pages, Google fonts, WooCommerce ready, translation ready, & more.

SKT Winery Lite


SKT Industrial Lite is a không tính phí WordPress themes that is created for multipurpose use. One can use it lớn build a website for a construction, maintenance services, industrial services, or corporate services.

Also, it can be used for eCommerce, blog, or portfolio websites. The template has a modern thiết kế structure with beautiful & effective animations. Every section has created an interactive sầu way so that you can gain more user trust và attention.

The highlighted feature of a template is supported with parallax effects, flexible responsive layout, multipurpose, eCommerce ready, mobile-friendly.

The template is supported with typography and color picker option. Shortcodes are also compatible with the template.

Butcher Lite


Modeling Lite is a good looking template created for bloggers so that they can start a blog on modeling, fashion, lifestyle, etc or one can use it as a photography trang web khổng lồ add the lakiểm tra photo shoots of models.

With an easy design and dynamic layouts, you will be able lớn boost your business sales.

It has a modern interface so that a beginner can navigate throughout the website very easily. The template will be suitable for small as well as a large business even online shopping is possible by using this theme.

WooCommerce plugins will work great along with all the features. The main highlighted points are a color option, Hotline to action button, & compatible with page builder, Google font’s tư vấn, and more.

Exceptiomãng cầu Lite


Ele Wedding lite is a wedding or event template made with one of the most demanded features i.e. elementor page builder.

It is compatible with full-screen slider, beautiful animations, user-friendly, cross browsers, and more khổng lồ give a professional & dashing look to your website.

The template is dedicated khổng lồ the wedding niđậy but can be used by the event managers lớn manage different events with a single template in ease.

The template has a beautiful interface and a modern design which also consists of colorful sections. More than 3 sections are allowed lớn add in a free template. Translation ready and multilingual friendly are the most important feature that it comes with.

Ele Fitness Lite


SKT Architect Lite is a clean và modern không lấy phí WordPress themes created for builders, interior designers, construction services, architecture lớn get their valuable online presence so that they can make their services và portfolio available khổng lồ each and every one.

The template has a beautiful and elegant look that comes with so many colors và beautiful sliders lớn get more clients attracted.

The template has a multipurpose design that can be used by companies khổng lồ present their services in a professional way.

SKT Architect provide you chạy thử content for different pages such as trang chủ, liên hệ us, services, etc.

You can use some other plugins khổng lồ make your website more functional lượt thích you can add gallery or portfolio plugin khổng lồ showcase your past work, you can add testimonial bloông xã lớn showcase review, etc.

Chocolate Lite


Ele Fashion Lite is build with WordPress that is completely không tính tiền themes. With this template you can promote your business services related khổng lồ the fashion industry in various methods.

You can use some tools lớn enhance the features of an Ele fashion Lite. You will get free access khổng lồ the elementor page builder lớn personalize the trang web in the way you want.

You can access lớn widgets, sliders, & different components. You can use some plugins to optimize the speed and performance for your site. It also has navigation menus for personalizing website.

It is compatible with full width, boxed & fluid layouts. Makeup artist, cloth store, lakiểm tra accessories và other fashion stuff can be listed out on it.

Local Business Lite


Instead of paying lớn other theme companies you can kiểm tra the theme highlights of Ele Agency Lite. This is a completely không tính tiền WordPress themes that will manage you lớn make a delightful site for your business such as small agencies, ecommerce blog, health blog, wellbeing sites and ecommerce store.

For startup businesses, this theme has so many attractive layouts lớn exhibit your business stuff like lượt thích video, audio, images, animations và more.

Smartphone phone responsiveness feature has been tested and it has been approved by saying the theme is Smartphone friendly too. Because of elementor page builder you can add tương tác form, testimonial, tin nhắn subscriber khung, blog page and more.

The theme can be utilized for making an individual blog or a site. Interestingly, it is completely improved for SEO purposes.

Ele Store Lite


Ele Spage authority Lite is a miễn phí responsive ecommerce themes for WordPress users. The theme will match lớn any business specialty however impeccably suits the cosmetologist, hair salon, cosmetics craftsman, Spa, plastic medical procedure facilities.

Dermatologist, & wellbeing focus và beauty related sites. This theme share some most advance feature like it make your trang web compatible with some useful plugins such as SEO plugin, security plugins, tương tác size plugins, slider plugins và more.

You can even add pricing plan plugin to distinguish pricing structure for different types of services. You can create team section, testimonial section, portfolio section and more to lớn exhibit about your business stuff.

Free accesses are given khổng lồ typography, colors picker, slider, plugin and more powerful features. This is a multipurpose site that gives you some restricted choices for customization.

Ele Product Launch Lite


Poultry Farm Lite is created for organic food lover who are hoping lớn impart their experience to lớn the world & hoping khổng lồ produce income from it.

This theme is best for natural food-related organizations since we have included all the ideas that are required for this kind of business.

The theme will work for organic food or organic restaurant business plus it will work for any small business trang web.

In the blog section you can upload organic recipes or healthy meal information that should be intake lớn maintain healthy & fit toàn thân.

Moreover it has a one click installation option lớn tải về the complete content on your website. You can immediately start selling your products with WooCommerce integration.

With premium theme installation you will have sầu an option khổng lồ access all mega menus and lots of advance features.

Ele eBook Lite


If you are energetic about sparing creatures & our temperament or you wish to step forward to protect our clean air và delightful environmental factors then you should try completely không lấy phí WordPress blog themes i.e. Ele Nature Lite.

This theme is created with elementor page builder so you don’t need khổng lồ bít tất tay over designing & development stuff.

Very easily you will be able to lớn promote your blog or a business services to lớn your large number of audiences. It has a multiple page and single page layout.

It has not involved with coding stuff just drag the element và drop it that’s all. Due lớn SEO advanced component you can intrigue bunches of guests towards your business.

If you are a premium thành viên then you can ask for customer support and the complete documentation.

SKT Bistro Lite


Organic food is the most slanting business in food category. Because organic food is difficult to lớn get at every coffe, restaurant & at home therefore it is better opportunity if you create a trang web with best completely không lấy phí WordPress themes i.e. Organic Lite.

It will give sầu a cutting edge look lớn your online business. The topic is incorporated with lovely sliders, fresh background, attractive sầu fonts, colors và animated effects.

It is also incorporated with WooCommerce so that you can sell organic food, drinks, dishes, vegetables or anything anytime you want. The template will give sầu you complete interface lớn sell products, receive payments & integrate payment gateway options.

The template is already integrated with page builder so that you don’t need lớn add any code lớn create any type of website. You will not face any technical issue if you even want lớn create trang web for vegetables, fruits, và other organic food trang web.

Juice and Shakes Lite


If you have sầu decided to lớn give sầu an online presence lớn your small business, then you might be looking for a platsize that will provide you không lấy phí access to the features including some readymade website services.

Drag và drop features và more plus you would not want to lớn invest money on developers và designers then you must try Flat Lite.

You can make an igiảm giá little site for your business utilizing không lấy phí completely customizable WordPress themes.

The trang web created using this totally không lấy phí WordPress themes will look proficient without taking huge efforts in customization.

The template has some inbuilt highlights that will assist you with creating a few private company site including new businesses, organizations, corporate enterprises, outsourcing sites startups, agencies, and freelancing websites.

You will find that with no issue you can make a hotline lớn action buttons on the header plus you can different services on the banner area.

SKT Contractor


High Tech Lite is most well known completely không tính phí responsive ecommerce themes for WordPress. That can be used to style your magazine related websites khổng lồ use it for multipurpose.

The theme also can be additionally can be utilized for specialized enterprises including IT organization, portfolio of developers và designers, IT blog and more.

If you’re more focus in on technologies at that point you can improve your site by expanding usefulness utilizing WooCommerce plugin.

It is true that while sing High Tech Lite you can extover the ecommerce functionality by just integrating some desired tools for it. You can start selling some electronic gadgets, for example, equipment parts, PCs, tablets, cell phones & more.

This theme will assist you with giving any ikhuyến mãi look that you need. You can get enormous number of visual advantages by utilizing advance topography và fonts options.

Junk Removal Lite


Ele Pet Lite is a không tính phí WordPress theme that will be used lớn create an online store related to lớn pets. With this theme you can sell some pet’s sản phẩm such as pet’s accessories, belt, toys, and different animal feeds.

It is highly responsive that will look awesome on every devices plus it is cross browser compatible. The theme is useful for other Pet business such as dog grooming, cat grooming, wash, training, and more.

It also has functionality khổng lồ book an appointment online along with the social truyền thông integration to lớn connect with more people.

SKT Cafe


SKT Full Page is the most trending WordPress theme in the web market. It helps you lớn build an eye catching & beautiful blog, eye catching portfolio & websites.

This template is useful for developers, artist, cà phê owners, and different business trang web owners because it is very easy lớn personalize. It is also perfect for portfolio and photography trang web.

The theme will suit every type of small and big trang web. Thus, the template is compatible with every website browsers, devices & operating systems.

IceCream Lite


The restaurant owner or a food owner will surely appreciate the thiết kế of không lấy phí responsive sầu WordPress themes with a kiểm tra nội dung option that will help you to drive more user attention.

An owner can explore their catering service in a beautiful manner. Your trang web will appear more delicious and overwhelming because of retimãng cầu ready feature supported.

With some available features, you will be able to lớn change the hình ảnh sản phẩm, content, multitruyền thông media, slider và more. Upto 4 sections can be added on the homepage.

Expvà your business visibility by adding social truyền thông media icons. Google Map, thực đơn option & pricing plans are supported with the theme.

One can offer some foods, drinks, fruits, sweets & different services in a proper format. PSD of the homepage is given lớn give sầu you an idea of how your website will look like after designing and development.

Catering Lite is the perfect solution for branding and creating a unique identity.

SKT Plumbing Lite


SKT Recycle is the best không lấy phí WordPress theme with thử nghiệm content that will inspire people to love sầu and care for nature & try to recycle unwanted things as much as possible.

Creating and sharing a blog with this theme is very easy. The theme can be used for spreading awareness related khổng lồ the population and pollution that harms human beings & other living things badly.

More theme are available that can will help to market your non profit organization and trust. Donation plugin is easy lớn use with the SKT Recycle Lite.

The theme can be created with any page builder by mặc định the layouts are phối with the use of elementor page builder.

Along with the inspiring people, you will be able to lớn secure a challenging position on different search engines. Hence, your organization can have sầu a svào presence in the internet that will reach maximum people out of the world.

SKT Pottery Lite


The trang web created with the SKT Actor Lite will make your br& st& out in the competition. You will be able khổng lồ compete with the world by giving a chất lượng look lớn your website.

The use of social media, resume, performance video, clips will help more to reach the audiences.

Elementor page builder is trendy now a days hence we have sầu taken the help of this builder lớn creating appealing as a professional website.

Basically SKT Actor Lite is the best không tính tiền WordPress theme with some mặc định demo content. Contacting directly to lớn the actors is possible by integrating a gọi khổng lồ action feature.

Plus booking an appointment is possible by integrating some booking plugins. The profiles of an actor can be viewed on di động devices, laptop và computers.

The valid HTML CSS code is used for creating demo layouts. Apart from this tư vấn of WooCommerce is there that will make you sell any hàng hóa you wish.

Banquet Hall


SKT Filmmaker is a WordPress theme available with free kiểm tra content. SKT Filmmaker is the best advertising theme that can promote your acting, singing, dancing classes. Upcoming events can be listed in an appropriate manner.

By using its important features, a professional dancer or a singer can also create a trang web to lớn reach the globe.

Call khổng lồ action is invented at the starting sections of the homepage lớn make it visible to all users. To get more users through this theme you can use Affiliates Events Manager plugin that is very convenient và easy khổng lồ use.

This plugin is supported by grant commission, supports referrals, và records. Documentation is also made available in the paid version.

This theme can behave sầu as a single page that will be easy và uncomplicated to handle for new users. To run a chiến dịch you need a trang đích hence this theme will allow you to run a chiến dịch in a more effective sầu way.

SKT Complete:


SKT Handyman is one of the most speedy không tính tiền website WordPress themes that is primarily created for different business specialists lượt thích construction business, trang chính services, manufacturing business, renovation business, power supply business & far more.

As a speciadanh mục business needs a clean service section to lớn represent their particularized services. Hence SKT Handyman comes with the nice service layout that you can insert a number of services with slider option.

This theme gives a nice user interface by providing “we’ll tackle any problem” section that will help to lớn gain user trust. A user may also need a specialized person to lớn do professional work.

However, the user can just refer lớn the team thành viên section to view all team members determined area and can hire them according to their business needs.

Maintenance Services :


Security is the prior action that should be taken by every person to protect the family thành viên, institute, banks, the children from theft attacks.

SKT Secure is a sản phẩm điện thoại friendly WordPress theme free platform to get a security cấp độ high by using a sản phẩm điện thoại phone.

As Smartphone phones are a medium by which you can keep an eye on CCTV Cameras, IPhường Camera systems, etc. Different levels of security can be provided for example personal security, business security, home security, cloud security, office security, & computer security.

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Before hiring any staff member you will have full access lớn read the protệp tin of each security provider.

SKT Luxury :


Kitchen Design can be the dazzling selection if you choose to convert your hobbies inlớn the online market. You can prove sầu yourself by displaying your designing work.

You will able lớn sell your work designs around the globe. Moreover, you can sell furniture products that are useful for the living room, bedroom, kitchen room, dining room, office room, và lots more.

Kitchen Design is most favorable from completely free WordPress themes that have the feature of enhancement.

If you imagine having some extra features with this theme then just take some steps khổng lồ install the plugins that can fulfill your needs.

SKT Gym :


Laptop Repair is the most popular không tính phí WordPress theme because this theme has a feature of color customization. Free theme resides black & White color combination whereas paid one has the other color appearance through unlimited color picker option.

Social media have been integrated behind the footer section và at the topmost section. You can easily nói qua any image, Clip, blogs that have sầu been created recently lớn boost your trang web performance. To make an appointment, booking plugin is also integrated.

Hence, this theme consists of all the features that a business-lượt thích repairing center, service center, computer stores may need.

SKT Consulting :


If your business focuses more on Eco-friendly than SKT Solar Energy will be heavily convenient for your business.

This theme is the most popular miễn phí WordPress themes that permit you to access the features for re-establishing Eco balance. SKT Solar Energy ensures lớn use a green color combination with detailed information.

With a one-cliông xã installation, your trang web will be ready lớn promote your business online. Large firms Businesses related to organic farming, hàng hóa supplier, renewable solar energy & solution provider can look forward to taking this theme for a business website.

Ele MakeUp Lite:


Movers và packers is the next generation WordPress không lấy phí theme which has been primarily built to lớn suit industries with logistics, storage, godowns, warehouses as well as industries which are part of building và construction và other processes.

Industrial websites typically can benefit from the use of this multipurpose không tính tiền WordPress theme which has several options and plugin compatibility & call lớn action given which makes it a superior template và desired one by every user.

SKT Strong:


With more and more women entrepreneurs & feminine businesses it is high time we give them a website development tool which suits their preferences và choices as well as fits right into lớn what they always look for.

The 4 boxes in this không tính phí WordPress template surely rings bell into lớn women’s mind about the 4 important topics or pages that can be linked to lớn or the services they have sầu.

Blog is primarily featured in this nicely done light weight and faster template which is suitable for every kind of female bloggers as well since it has sharing plugins, tools, featured images.

SEO friendly coding và WooCommerce compatibility and thực đơn & recipe plugins compatibility which make it a better all round usable WordPress miễn phí feminine theme for all women businesses.

Naturo Lite:


Easily corporate houses and businesses can make use of this essentially complete & easy to use không lấy phí theme which suits any kind of & primarily business và corporate website styles with the green & black color.

The green color is changeable and can be changed lớn xanh or other colors & hence it makes sense to have a nice trang web as per your logo sản phẩm & color choices.

Simplistic in approach with 5 slides given on the top and with proper call to lớn action items like phone number & email given on the header và with footer having essential social icons as well as location address this surely is a suitable business không tính phí template.

Hotel Lite:


Consultants require trang web because in consulting business most of the times people have to lớn điện thoại tư vấn the consultant for availability & to lớn inquire whether the consultant will vì the work for them or not.

Also in most cases first the work required is to lớn be explained before requiring of the services and hence consultants can charge consultation fees later on as per the requirements.

Most consultants can make use of this không lấy phí WordPress theme with slider and grid layout which displays any personal information & resume style trang web nicely và effectively.

Ele Attorney Lite:


White template which is liked by most of the companies và individuals is an animated free WordPress theme & is liked by most of the users who have sầu seen this template.

Has been a very popular theme và template when it was launched and is a true multipurpose template which can be used by any kind of user as the theme options panel is very easy to use và simple to follow.

SKT Panaroma:


Most portfolio owners like lớn have a full wider experience of their photos for their clients and hence these type of portfolio owners and photographers tend to have sầu visually attractive websites.

Which can attract more users and can get their minds boggling because it emphasizes fully on the images và not on the information here.

Galleries & slideshows look stunning and inner pages based on background images with transparent areas look really good and the content & images appear lively on top of them.

SKT Construction Lite:


Designers & design agency require something creative sầu & lớn bring their creation on web front is a hard task in itself và hence we kept a simplified không tính tiền WordPress template which can bring out their creations in the most simplest way.

By presenting the images nicely in this White template và yet have fancy font which suits their creative sầu minds. Creative people require gallery to lớn showcase their talent.

Hence this không lấy phí template is compatible with nextgen gallery, nimble portfolio amongst other slider & gallery plugins to showcase their portfolio in the easiest possible manner.

Ele Restaurant lite:


Magazines and newspaper style blogs are in demvà và are mostly created when the content or blog has too much of content và hence they want lớn display various topics in the nicest manner possible.

Most bloggers who have bigger blog vày not want to use không tính tiền WordPress blog and magazine theme but the ones who are just starting or for blog which has so many nội dung và still isn’t making much money.

Can opt to choose this kind of a newspaper or magazine template to showcase their content in the best way possible.

Bloggers và blogging is still not dead & there are several bloggers who still make millions in money & hence these type of không lấy phí WordPress themes are still in use and are in high demvà.

Interior Lite:


Crafted with care this one is yet another multipurpose one which has been coded by SKT Themes & designed to lớn suit the styles and requirements of anyone looking lớn have a professional approach khổng lồ their website.

So anyone with a team of people và working in any kind of service industry or consulting business can effectively use this one of the best không tính tiền WordPress themes và can make use of it.

We have the best in the class design for this which looks attractive and the slider given on top which is fully wide can surely give the right impression needed for customers lớn stay longer on your website.

Beauty Spage authority Lite:


Bakery business has lots of services like cakes of variety of styles, wedding cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolates, cupcakes, donuts & several other services related lớn bakery items. However each cake shop has speciality.

It can be cupcakes or donuts or wedding cakes & hence lớn display their services properly và to lớn write about them and how old they are và lớn display tương tác information properly they need a trang web.

Thus a không tính tiền WordPress template which is suitable for bakery and cupcake shops is the most desired by them & this one does the task nicely.

Clean Lite:


Fitness experts and fitness trainers and gyms & health clubs around the corner need some way khổng lồ display themselves online so that customers who are nearby may know about them.

And can liên hệ them for their services & what better way than to have sầu it displayed in the form of a website so that it gets displayed in Google business listing.

Maps as well & people can give them Google đánh giá as well as Facebook nhận xét and the website integrates all of the social profiles.

Our fitness lite theme meant for fitness clubs & trainers is the best choice in this category with several features wrapped into lớn this template in the size of plugin compatibility with pricing tables, tương tác form, class schedules and social profiles.

Bizness Lite:


Wedding couples often need a trang web to lớn tell everyone how they met & how they got hitched to lớn each other.

A wedding trang web is nowadays very comtháng because there are several occasions và celebratory days going to lớn happen and hence RSVP.. is important which can be checked by your guests at any point of time.

They can also kiểm tra out the various other details và most importantly bride and groom can display the kind of gifts they would want from their guests so that the gifts bởi vì not get wasted.

Their previous pictures before the wedding happened can also be shared lớn have some sweet memories. About the families of both of them can also be displayed.

With a nice pink design this surely suits any kind of wedding website around the world & of course the pink color can be changed.

Complete Lite:


If you’re thinking of creating a charity website or website for a NGO then this SKT Charity theme can help you out by giving you the best layout in this genre.

One of the factor important for generation of the revenue could be by selling the services lớn the viewers which can be possible by the Woocommerce plugin which this theme fully supports.

This totally không tính phí WordPress themes has been designed according to lớn the lachạy thử standards issued by the WordPress và can be used with the lademo version of the WordPress.

One can change the colours of the theme as per their liking và taste. The theme gives enough room for creating a unique trang web as is required by the user.

Restaurant Lite:


SKT Build lite renders a great chất lượng experience to the construction business & industry as well as real estate và other industries.

This theme supports Customizer API so that you can feel the changes on the webpage in the real time. Changing of colour of the theme’s background is very simple and doesn’t require any prior knowledge related to this field.

This không tính phí WordPress theme with slider has 5 slides by default which can be increased by opting for pro version.

There is some laông chồng of shortcodes in this free WordPress theme but if you’re looking for a simple and not too professional trang web then this theme can do the job for you very easily.

It supports all important plugins lượt thích woocoomerce for all the ecommerce activities as well as nextgen for creating galleries as well as portfoltiện ích ios và liên hệ khung 7 and can be run on the lademo version of the WordPress.

Healing cảm ứng Lite:


As the name suggests I Am One is single page theme recently launched by SKT. The theme has parallax slider & has different section of drop down menu which can be customized very easily.

This theme supports lightbox plugin by which you can create the galleries of your previously done work. The main page of this theme has three section which can be customized according to your needs và taste viz.

About us, stats, gallery. It has many different templates by which you can create more content for the inner pages. You can always more pages on the top of the navigation bar with this elegant theme.

All the main social media has been integrated in the theme for increasing the traffic and this theme is also mobile friendly as well as it has also passed the cross browser thử nghiệm.

It supports all the popular plugins lượt thích woocommerce for

ecommerce & online shopping experience as well as contact form 7 for making arrangements with the clients. It supports the drop down thực đơn navigation up to 5 levels.

SKT Coffee:


If you’re a nature lover and the content of your website is about nature or organic thing then this theme is perfect for you because it has an essence of the nature in all the areas of it lượt thích menu, header, footer etc.

By mặc định, this theme comes with 5 slides which comes with 4 transition effect. Standard pages like 404 not found, blog template are also included with this theme.

It has the compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and supports all the imperative sầu plugins which are needed lớn enhance the experience of the viewers.

Example: Nextren khổng lồ create portfolquả táo with galleries, woocommerce for all the ecommerce activities you want khổng lồ pursue via your trang web. It has been coded with HTML5 và CSS3 so if you know anyone of them then this theme can vì your job.

SKT Launch:


SKT corp is specially for corporate houses because of its professional layout & its versatility.

This free WordPress theme has been tested on all the mobile platforms as well as other gadgets. This theme is a SEO friendly theme and supports various plugins like woocommerce.

Which can help anyone if they want lớn sell their services, nextgen plugins can be used to create portfolio comprising of different examples in the khung of pictures.

There are more features of this theme in pro version lượt thích changing colour of slider and many other features but that doesn’t mean that the không tính tiền version is of no use it can be suffice for the use of beginners & can satisfies their needs.

It also supports translation of the webpage with the help of qTranslate X plugin. All standard pages lượt thích search, 404 not found are available in the theme.

The App:


SKT Black is a one of the responsive sầu theme among mỏi the các mục of brilliant free WordPress themes and if you lượt thích black colour it’s a perfect option for you.

It’s a multipurpose theme & can be used for personal blogs, businesses website as well as photography websites too.

This theme also comes with slider where one can add up lớn 5 slides. It has passed the Google điện thoại friendly demo & can run on all platform without any lag whatsoever.

With the tư vấn of woocommerce it becomes one of the darkest eCommerce website và if you’re looking to phối up online shop then this theme can vị wonders for you.

Nextgene plugin is also supported with this beautiful dark theme which can help you to create portfolio in galleries style lớn give sầu an idea about your sản phẩm lớn the viewers.

It also supports tương tác khung 7 so if the viewers may have any doubts or feedbachồng he can give it khổng lồ you by filling liên hệ khung given with this theme.

SKT Biz:


This theme has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the photographers as well as photo loving persons. This theme is best for them who love sầu to lớn show their photography style or want khổng lồ phối up an online siêu thị of their photos.

It has tư vấn of plugins like WooCommerce as well as Nextgen which can be used in creating online shop and portfolio in the form of galleries.

Theme is SEO friendly and has passed all the important tests lượt thích Mobile friendly test as well as Google speed chạy thử and cross browser chạy thử.

The theme supports slider and comes with 5 sides which can help you in showcasing your phokhổng lồ galleries in a professional way which can attract more viewers.

It also has all the renowned social truyền thông integration in itself you don’t need lớn tải về any extra plugin for that feature.

This theme will surely increase the looks of your trang web as well as attract more traffic lớn your website because of its professional layout.

SKT Pholớn Session:


This free theme is best for corporate houses due lớn its professional layout but that doesn’t mean that other professional or bloggers can’t use this it’s a multipurpose theme.

This completely không lấy phí WordPress theme has been tested on all the Smartphone platforms as well as other gadgets.

This theme is a SEO friendly theme và supports various plugins like woocommerce which can help anyone if they want khổng lồ sell their services, nextgene plugins can be used to create portfolio comprising of different examples in the size of pictures.

There are more features of this theme in pro version like changing colour of slider and many other features but that doesn’t mean that the không lấy phí version is of no use it can be suffice for the use of beginners và can satisfies their needs.

It also supports translation of the webpage with the help of qTranslate X plugin. All standard pages like tìm kiếm, 404 not found are available in the theme.



If you’re a lawyer or an attorney và looking khổng lồ grow your professional talent to all over the nation then this theme can help you in every aspect.

This theme can work as a resume or CV & can help you lớn tell the whole nation about your skills as well as your successes who have achieved in your career.

This không tính phí WordPress theme caters the need not only lawyers & attorneys but also other professionals too. Why choose us option has other section in the drop down menu where professionals can tell the viewers about yourself & your achievements as well.

The theme has all the important social truyền thông integration & tương tác size by which if someone wants lớn connect with can bởi so.

It also has testimonial section where professionals can request their previous clients to lớn leave sầu their feedbachồng so that other can have sầu the idea about your services.

SKT Pathway:


SKT toothy theme is for professionals in medicinal lines & have their own clinics, or for hospitals as well others.

The theme has call to action on the top of the homepage which can help the viewers lớn make appointments và it has also social truyền thông integration by which they can interact personally with the professionals.

The slider has 4 slides by mặc định which can be increased to lớn more slides in pro version. Services of professionals can be explained with the help of pictures so the viewer can get to lớn know the speciality of the professionals.

The customization of the theme is very easy và no prior knowledge is required khổng lồ customize the theme according lớn the needs. With the assimilation of API in the customizer one can see the real time changes with going baông xã to the homepage.

All the important pages lượt thích blog, search, liên hệ us pages are available in this theme. Clinic as well as hospital’s photos can be shown by making the galleries of them.

It supports all the popular plugins like WooCommerce for eCommerce và online shopping experience as well as liên hệ khung 7 for making arrangements with the clients. It supports the drop down thực đơn navigation up to 5 levels.

SKT Wine:


It’s a multipurpose theme which is light weight and completely lag miễn phí with very few animations which boosts the experience of the viewers.

Theme doesn’t cater special group of individuals or professionals but everyone designer in general so if you’re blogger who blogs daily or a professional this theme will help you to achieve sầu your goals digitally. It has điện thoại friendly design with fast loading ability.

This miễn phí WordPress theme with slider has been tested with plugins like woocommerce which will help you in building your online store, nextgen can help you in building image galleries online và contact form 7 will help you in attracting clients from all over the globe.

The right sidebar can have customized to lớn widgets & you can add as many widgets as you want. Standard errors like 404 & blog templates are also included in the theme.

Our free multipurpose responsive WordPress theme also comes with 600 icons, attractive masonry grid, social media icons, font awesome integrated Navigation making it easy lớn have a wonderful navigation with similar icons which look really good.

SKT StartUp:


This one of the không tính phí WordPress themes supports multiple languages which means it’s a multilingual theme and can translate any foreign language with the help of plugins lượt thích qtranslateX which has been included by default in the theme.

Woocommerce support is also available with this by which one can render và create an online siêu thị. This Gutenberg compatible và GDPR-ready theme supports slider with up lớn 5 slides of texts.

After the banner the about us section welcomes the viewer with some overwhelming things about the business itself. The hotline to lớn action is also available on the top & footer area is widget friendly and one can easily add widgets according to lớn their needs.

The social networking websites integration is also available in the theme. It supports the lachạy thử version of the WordPress và has been tested with various SEO plugins as well as cabít plugins.

This theme has been tested with every platform available and it has passed the test it has also passed the tốc độ chạy thử by google and different browser thử nghiệm.

SKT Auto lớn Car:


SKT GymMaster is comes khổng lồ the completely không lấy phí WordPress themes but has features of pro.

It is very responsive sầu theme và has passed the google Mobile friendly thử nghiệm which makes it completely điện thoại friendly theme. It is compatible with all devices as well as browsers.

This không lấy phí fitness WordPress theme also has been built on a very light Customizer API which means you can vị changes and also simultaneously check the changes happen in real time. It is a light weight API và comes default with WordPress installation.

Simple and easy khổng lồ set up homepage sets itself up with mặc định nội dung. Easy to manage the homepage boxes content as well as the slider. The slider has 5 slides và more slides are available in Pro version.

SKT GymMaster is a free fitness WordPress theme which is compatible with a large number of plugins namely all the gallery plugins which can be used for showcasing gym or fitness trainer photos, team member plugins, liên hệ form 7 for appointments and contact khung as well as social media và sharing plugins.

SKT Blendit:


SKT simple is light weight theme good for the beginners who are starting their first blog and targeting traffic which is age sensitive sầu like children.

It has social truyền thông media lượt thích Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube & twitter integration in it with all the important pages like 404 not found, search and blog are available with the theme.

It supports all the popular plugins lượt thích woocommerce for ecommerce and online shopping experience as well as tương tác size 7 for making arrangements with the clients.

It supports the drop down thực đơn navigation up lớn 5 levels. It has also passed the google Smartphone friendly test and supports all the available platform these days.

If you’re looking for a simple as well as attractive sầu không lấy phí multipurpose theme for WordPress which would increase your traffic, then this theme is perfect for you.

SKT Handy:


It’s a multipurpose theme which is light weight and completely lag free with very few animations which boosts the experience of the viewers.

Theme doesn’t cater special group of individuals or professionals but everyone designer in general so if you’re blogger who blogs daily or a professional this theme will help you to lớn achieve sầu your goals digitally.

It has thiết bị di động friendly design with fast loading ability. The theme has an intuitive sầu thiết kế and layout.

This không tính tiền WordPress theme with slider has been tested with plugins like WooCommerce which will help you in building your online store, nextren can help you in building image galleries online và tương tác form 7 will help you in attracting clients from all over the globe.

The right sidebar can have customized to widgets & you can add as many widgets as you want. Standard errors like 404 & blog templates are also included in the theme.

Our không lấy phí responsive sầu WordPress blogging theme also comes with phông awesome integrated Navigation making it easy to have sầu a wonderful navigation with similar icons which look really good.

Ele Luxury Hotel lite:


SKT Towing is one of those miễn phí WordPress themes which have sầu been created to lớn satisfactorily provide ample opportunity for those who are in towing and pickup business.

Although with proper call to lớn actions present và with proper template done which allows user to have a blog, a nice website showcasing services and content.

A page template with sidebar widget friendly to showcase tương tác form and plugins compatibility ensure that this template is also multipurpose & can be used for local business websites as well.

Yogi Lite:


Hair salon tóc & small spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp websites always require a website so that locals can tìm kiếm them online via Google maps và can go to lớn their website khổng lồ check the rates and pricing as these services range in various pricing range & to book an appointment.

Regular users can book an appointment with their favourite hair dressers & can get proper service.

Massage parlours often need websites lớn get paid, to lớn provide service information & for rate charts và how to find them location friendly maps and liên hệ form & information display.

Spirited Lite:


Free WordPress theme for corporates so that corporates can easily use this website which appears really professional.

The màu xanh is changeable and hence this forms a nice template to display the important info lượt thích business hours, contact info và content và just like the above templates is compatible with a string và array of plugins making it desirable for every corporate website.

Here in this case we try lớn find out why considering Free WordPress themes is the best option

Why Consider Free WordPress Themes?

Below given are the common features và factors which lead an user to choose miễn phí WordPress themes and templates above premium ones as the benefits seem khổng lồ be more.

1. Totally Free:

Free WordPress templates và themes are obviously miễn phí and completely miễn phí since they are now released under GPL license and hence can be used by anyone anywhere và for any type of trang web.

Lets say they can use it for their personal blog which is for personal purposes or they can use it for their clients or their company websites so basically commercial purposes as well.

Hence totally free WordPress themes are getting more & more significance & prominence as starting a business needs an online trang web và since social profiles và websites like Facebook are miễn phí people want a website also for không tính phí just for the start till the time they can allot money & then spend it on having a great website done either by a developer or by using a premium template from SKT Themes.

2. Good Features:

Good features lượt thích having the better sliders and also having services section highlighted on the homepage and with header having phone number etc. Also having them selected via pages so that any novice person who is dealing with websites can also use it & make use of the theme to lớn build their website.

3. Limited Support:

Limited support is offered everywhere for không lấy phí WordPress themes however most people want more support và developers definitely want better support and hence they choose lớn purchase templates rather than using the miễn phí ones.

4. Documentation:

Documentation of any WordPress không lấy phí theme is done properly và hence one can easily follow the step by step guide of how to lớn phối up themes và then set up their maiden trang web easily without taking help of a developer or trang web designer.

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Also documentation makes one underst& how to lớn download, install, start using, recommended plugins of translation, eCommerce etc. Plus limited tư vấn means one can ask some questions in case they don’t get their answers from documentation.

5. Single Color Scheme:

Single color scheme has been provided for th
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